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    This is my first post here, but i’ve been a reader for a long time!

    My wife and i divorced lately after a tough relationship that lasted 17 years.
    We met at the age of 12, got involved in our early twenties and we have 3 kids.
    We both had a rough youth: we both lost our parents at a young age, our oldest has a handicap and we where battling pur way trough life, being both Emotional not that stable.

    My wife Said to me: i am pulling the emergency brake, we can’t live with or without eachother, and i need space.
    But the thing what keeps on confusing me is that she repeatedly says: for NOW this ain’t gonna work. We need to clear the past each on our own, you where my teacher and guide, and for NOW i’m going on this journey without you.

    What does she mean, i’m not sure, and need some thoughts.



    It probably means she is confused about who she is and what she likes, but knows that at least for now, she needs space. Like “I don’t know what the whole ocean looks like, but right now, I’m drowning and need air.” Are you recovering from an addiction? It may be a good time to take a deep breath and look around, find what healthy options there are that make Maverick happy. 🙂

    With warmth,


    She means what she says, perhaps she is bored doing the same things.
    Take a break from the usual expectations.
    In other words be independent of her personally.
    just do your thing without needing her, she may be taking you for granted.
    that may make her come around seeing that.
    Take care of the children try not to argue in front of them, this situation must not affect them.Things as usual for them, take them out, let them have fun with you.
    Just you and the kids unless she wants to come too.

    Take one day at a time,
    I wish you well and dont worry about the outcome.


    Thank you.

    She added: i want to, but i can’t. I need you to show me 2 things: that you are a good father, and that i can trust you again.

    That gives me hope and a mission, right?


    I must of missed something, what dd she mean when she said “trust you again”?.
    Did you cheat on her?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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