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    This is continuation of the problem I discussed in this forum earlier. I would like to discuss it in detail for better understanding of the issue.

    My boyfriend is friendly with some women who are into indecent activities( into drinking and heavily partying, gossiping….may be I am conservative…but I feel they bring in lot of negativity in my life). These women are always a cause of argument between the two of us. My boyfriend says, this is the only social circle he has and why can’t I trust him when he says that he is not doing anything wrong. Why do I want to control everything from with whom he should interact to whom he shouldn’t. And in the process he wants me to be happy with all this…which I can’t. We fight often because of this. Now I am fed up with this issue. I think I should take a break from this relationship…untill…both of us ralise what we actually want. Because all said and done one’s value system doesn’t change.

    It’s like your instinct is telling you something but you somehow are too desperate to make a relationship work.

    What should be my approach in handling this issue….??


    I have to admit, there does seem to be some desperation in your words. I get the sense that there’s a holding or maybe even clinging onto something that doesn’t feel right for you.

    If whatever it is that you are experiencing goes against the core of your being and your fundamental values in terms what you believe to be healthy relationships between people, trust your instinct. There’s no need for you to be there right now and there’s nothing any relationship can offer you that you can’t find within yourself.

    Don’t ever feel like you to make it work for the sake of making it work.

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