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    Razwana Wahid

    With talk of a ‘recession’ and jobs being scarce, it is no wonder job vanacies receive hundreds of applicants. We’ve heard of the guy who created a billboard to sell his services, and multiple people creating online portfolios of their work.


    What unique method (or a traditional one that worked surprisingly well) have you used to find a new job?

    Joshua Denney

    This is a while back, before online resumes were common and blogs were still diaries. I once submitted a Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Hire Me ‘cover letter’ for a social/web/marketing position.

    It was over-the-top and relevant to the job, so I got an interview. The job ended up not being my cup of tea, but I was happy to see my boldness pay off.


    Dominique Young

    Though it takes a keen eye and is not for the faint of heart, I have found some great local jobs from craigslist. You have to be careful that the job is real (look up company beforehand, never give the company money etc) and you have to check the postings every day because so many people respond to jobs. Craigslist is great for admin/clerical jobs, and I have found some interesting writing internships to boost my resume from it. 🙂

    Razwana Wahid

    Craigslist is definitely not for the faint hearted, Dominique, and one that I think is also overlooked….but well worth a look!


    Joshua – that is really cool! I think people can apply that still.  Despite ‘list posts’ being all over the web, something like this can work really well for a covering letter.


    I have always been one to believe in hard work pays off. I had made posters which I posted around the town I lived in, I would actually make cold calls to neighours to see if they needed help with shoveling their driveway, cutting their grass, walking their dogs, helping them around the house/yard etc. Because I was in such a small town and my birth father was well known in the town it helped me tremendously with cold calls. Other ways have been going door to door with a shovel in the winter after a snow storm to see if anyone needed help clearing their driveway. Another method that had worked was going door to door to those who had dogs to see if they needed a dog walker or someone to help take care of the dog (grooming, doggy day care while people left town etc.)

    By the age of 18 I was really well known around my town and had built a name for myself so work came pretty easy. I will not say that the work itself was easy but it was definitely worth it. When you’ve live on your own at 16 you find unique and creative ways to make money to make sure you’re able to have a place to live and food in your stomach.


    Dear Ashley:

    How interesting: you brought up a thread from April 3, 2013, soon to be five years ago. This may be the oldest thread I am responding to. Glad you are here and have responded to threads today. Very admirable, how you looked for work going door to door by the age of 18. I hope to read more from you.


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