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    Hi all,

    I am concerned that my partner is cheating…  We have an open phone policy however he is the type to give up one thing to hide another…  He doesnt use whatsapp… however i have been noticing that his ex and his best friend come (who never have met)  sign onto whatsapp at the exact same time after being inactive since the night before..  ( i can tell from the last seen status’s). He also uses gmail/or logs into google books at around this time as well… I was thinking they may be using google hang outs to talk possibly? Is there any way to find this out? Why else would two people whom do not  know each other be on whatsapp at the Exact same time multiple times a day… with the only common demoninator being him…

    Thank you in advance

    Naive non techy


    Dear Tara:

    I am “non techy” too, but I re-read your previous thread and you wrote there that you  an him moved to a new apartment September last year and you wrote: “I do see really big changes in him, he is no longer using drugs, he doesn’t party like he used to and seems content with our ‘new’ life together.. However now I feel like I am the one who is holding back, not trusting, causing the toxic fights between us… blow up on him randomly”-

    – I don’t know if his progress is still ongoing, is it? If it is, and you are carrying on the distrust from the past, still causing toxic fights  with him, and blowing up on him randomly, then you are now as toxic to him as he was to you. Maybe it is time for you to end this relationship, for your sake and his..?




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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