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    My elementary school-aged child goes to a fairly decent public school, but I still have never liked the run-of-the-mill school system. I am intrigued by a Montessori school that has such a lovely environment and where the kids have more freedom, where their creativity is nurtured, where they are challenged intellectually, and eat good food, and keep a garden, etc.

    My child did not have the opportunity to go to this school before due to financial reasons, but now the opportunity is there. My child has also faced some tragedies in the recent years, but is still a well-adjusted, happy kid overall.

    Now, the problem is my child does not want to switch schools. My child does well in the traditional public school routine, makes excellent grades, and has friends.

    It’s me who is intrigued by what the other school has to offer. I think my child would flourish in both environments. I would put her into the Montessori school in a heartbeat as I think it is a beautiful school and could get her away from some of the negative aspects of the public school such as sugar, uniforms, etc.

    In the Montessori school, she would be taught to keep the school clean, prepare food, etc., and so many life skills that I think would be a support system to me as a single mom with not many around me who have the same values as I am trying to instill, like healthy eating, freedom of mind, etc.

    But at the same time, her current school isn’t HORRIBLE, although I do have many criticisms.

    She is happy and comfortable at her current school, and her sorrow about potentially leaving is making it hard for me. I want to get her into this better environment at the Montessori school, but I also don’t want to break her heart, and there is nothing really wrong at her current school, like bullying or anything , although I definitely think she could stand to be challenged more academically, as school is super easy for her.

    Any advice for a struggling mama?

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    Dear kava:

    If you remove your child from her current school where she is “well-adjusted, happy kid overall.. does well in the traditional public school routine, makes excellent grades, and has friends… happy and comfortable”- if you remove her from there and place her in the Montessori school, she will see it as a punishment, as something bad happening.

    And so, all the things you value about the Montessori school, she will see those things as bad things, part of her punishment. You will be turning her against all the things you want her to value as positive things.




    Hi Kava!

    In my opinion, as much as you love the Montesorri school, I’d keep her where she is. As a teacher myself, I’ve seen situations like this before for the children’s parents and it is a tough one!

    She sounds like she is absolutely flourishing where she is, and sure she may do great in a new environment, but she also may not.

    I’m personally not a fan of Montessori.. these  schools, although they look beautiful, are a private business run model of education.. which means they have the money to splash out on nice aesthetics. You’ll find when it comes down to actual curriculum and students wholistic learning, it’s very similar to the average school.. add a few bells and whistles


    Thanks for the feedback. Definitely things to consider.


    I would add that there are aspects of the the Montessori school that intrigue my child. I took her there and she liked it. She would just rather not switch schools.


    Dear Kava:

    You are welcome. I am guessing that the Montessori school philosophy includes respecting a child’s choices, as long as the child’s choice is not dangerous or very impractical, correct?

    If your child would “rather not switch schools”, if that is her choice, then her choice being respected is a an excellent lesson for her to learn. It will encourage her to expect other people to respect her choices now and later on in life.


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