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    Hi Everyone,

    Hope you all are well.

    I am stuck in a rut , there is so much I want

    to do , have plans and structures in place

    but I don’t end up doing it , there is no fire

    I really want to be able to get on with things

    Unfortunately I struggle even with basic daily



    please help , how do I get on with things and

    be happy


    I feel like a zombie , not even alive , am on a different planet


    please help , I don’t want to waste time


    your help would be much appreciated


    Kind Regards



    Dear Sharon:

    Reads like you are depressed. For how long and how did it start?



    Dear Sharon:

    I thought that maybe I can offer something helpful even though you provided so little information and no personal details. You shared that you are stuck in a rut, having plans and structures in place, but no motivation to do what needs to be done, including basic daily tasks. You feel like a zombie, existing on a different planet, not even alive. The question in the title of your thread is: Why am I even alive?

    Like I mentioned, you didn’t provide any personal details in your original post. For ideas or tips in regard to the information you provided, you can easily google, if you haven’t so far, “how to get out of a rut?” and voila, in less than a second or so, you get a variety of links, one of which is to very well mind/ how to get out of a rut?

    It reads: “Here are some of the signs that you might be stuck in a rut. *Every day seems the same. * You feel like you’re just trying to get through another day… You don’t feel excited or inspired. * You feel unmotivated. You might want to take on new projects or engage in creative tasks, but it feels like your motivation has run dry. You just can’t seem to get started…  Sometimes these feelings may be more than just being stuck in a rut. Such feelings may be signs of something more serious, such as persistent depressive disorder…

    “Figure out what’s causing your discontentment before you make any drastic changes in your life. Consider working with a licensed counselor or cognitive behavioral therapist to help you with this…

    “Here are a few ideas on how to get out of a rut. When you feel stuck in a rut, combat it by taking care of yourself. Self-compassion is critical to mental wellness… sometimes feeling stuck stems from boredom. Look for ways to add different experiences to your day. Here are some things you might try. * Strike up a conversation. Talking to new people… * Have some fun. Spending some time engaged in an activity you truly love… * Try something newTry heading outdoors… Another study found that nature walks were associated with decreased depression, lowered stress, and increased mental well-being… Find your purpose…  Having things to look forward to and a sense of purpose are key ingredients for motivation… researchers have discovered that having something to look forward to helps people cope with troubles in the here and now”, and more.

    Here is something personal that you did provide: a photo of pink blossoms: I assume you like pink blossoms, that you think that they are beautiful. Maybe the photo is of a blooming cherry tree… The end of April is spring in the northern hemisphere. Spring and Blossoms are symbols of renewal, renewal of life that is. I hope that you soon experience spring on the inside, that you blossom, it can happen to you, or… you can make it happen!



    Hi Sharon!

    I’m sorry that things are difficult for you at the moment. If you want to talk about what is happening we are hear to listen!

    I have been in some dark places before and found it difficult to motivate myself to do every day activities.

    What helped me complete housework was considering reasons why I wanted to complete each task. This helped motivate me to do them.

    For example, I have dogs. If I don’t tidy up there would be trash lying around that the dogs would play with and potentially try to eat.

    Whatever reason that is meaningful to you is ideal.

    It was also important for me to prioritise tasks and goals. It can be overwhelming thinking of all the responsibilities, chores and goals you want to achieve in the future.

    Consider what you want to get done today. My husband sometimes says if you get 30% of what you planned to do done, that is a good day.

    It’s very important to forgive yourself if you don’t achieve everything that you want to do in a day.

    I think it’s important to gradually increase the number of tasks you plan to do in a day. Consider how many tasks and activities you are currently achieving in a day. Then try adding one more. Do that every day and when you are ready commit to achieving an additional task.

    Patience is really important because it can take a long time to achieve important goals. Punishing yourself for every day that you don’t achieve it is no way to live. Comparing your progress to others is never helpful either.

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    Hello Sharon,

    I agree that you do sound depressed. Something you said – about struggling with daily tasks – that’s often a sign of depression.

    It might help to go visit your doctor. But you may find some groups local to you that you can join, even online. Perhaps Covid has been a part of it?

    Motivation is really hard sometimes.


    How are you, Sharon?


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