Why do I feel so stuck about changing careers?

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    I began my work life really early in life, I have already been a sales person, a teacher and more, but when I came to choose a career, I don’t know really well why, I choose law.
    I graduated from a top College and have a very nice résumé. Although I always dreamt of changing careers and doing something I feel excited doing, something out of 9-to-5.
    I always feel bored to death in my jobs, but as soon as quit I feel immense fear and get myself back on the rat race.
    I don’t mean to be ungrateful as life has presented me with many opportunities, is just I’d like to work on something more flexible and in which I can demonstrate talent not only to receive a tap in the shoulder and a “maybe one day you’ll get promoted”
    I’d like to work when I feel the most motivated, but I always land in long hour jobs in which I go around the internet most of the day and dream away and after I get my work done quickly (and well).
    I keep dreaming about changing career, but when it comes to that, I simply froze. I feel like I need this secure job for life, and law can provide that when these other flexible career opportunities in which I constantly think about can’t.
    I feel like I could not put up with college once again, and also, what it is really difficult to earn the same in any other career.
    I feel very stuck in life. Maybe someday I’ll look back and feel like I’ve wasted my entire life dwelling on this.
    Has anybody been through this and made the change?



    Dear jackiesct:

    I didn’t go through your exact situation, but I have gone through fear, which you mentioned. I suppose a lot of people are on that rat race you also mentioned, because of fear, just like you. Looking for that secure job… and all along we, humans, regardless of the job we engage in, the paycheck, even the millions and billions for some (Steve Job, one example)- we are all approaching death- game over.

    We only imagine there is a thing like security, but other than having essential food stuff and shelter from the cold, there is no such thing as security.

    You asked why you feel stuck- I suppose because of that fear. Learn to live with that fear, learn to calm yourself, reach to others for comfort, and you can move forward regardless of it.




    Hi Jackie!
    What are the other career options you have been considering? It may help to scale down, start developing your career interests as hobbies first. Once you have some experience and contacts within your field of interest then you may feel more secure about transitioning.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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