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Ara D. has been fortunate enough to travel to nine different islands since graduating with an M.S. Ed in Education Policy in August 2014. The “go with the flow” mentality has made a mark on her that she won’t soon forget. She is a motivated advocate for underrepresented students and believes in a holistic and balanced approach to life, love, and work.

Gaining Freedom from Our Obsession with Possessions


“How pointless life could be, what a foolish business of inventing things to love, just so you could dread losing them.” ~Barbara Kingsolver

Approximately one month after graduating from a privileged institution on the East Coast, I was standing knee deep in rainforest on the Big Island of Hawaii cutting weeds with a small kama.

Here I was, with a brand new Master’s degree in Education Policy, genuinely confused as to whether I was cutting the right plant because my entire life before that had been about sitting on the computer doing mind work.

Despite my lack of experience, the …