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Dr. Mary Kate Roohan (she/her) is a licensed psychologist and drama therapist living in California. She uses techniques from a variety of therapeutic modalities, including ACTDBTEMDR, and creative arts therapy, to empower her clients to live how they WANT to live. Interested in more strategies to help you manage big emotions? Sign up for a free guide on how to be the boss of your feelings. You can also find Dr. Mary Kate on Instagram or YouTube.

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Emotionally Overwhelmed? 5 Simple Practices That Can Help

“Whatever you’re feeling, it will eventually pass. You won’t feel sad forever. At some point, you will feel happy again. You won’t feel anxious forever. In time, you will feel calm again. You don’t have to fight your feelings or feel guilty for having them. You just have to accept them and be good to yourself while you ride this out. Resisting your emotions and shaming yourself will only cause you more pain, and you don’t deserve that. You deserve your own love, acceptance, and compassion.”  ~Lori Deschene

One cry a day. I have used this four-word phrase to defend …