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Francesca Tulk is the Tasmanian Minimalist. She blogs at http://www.tasmanianminimalist.com and teaches 9 and 10 year old children. Her aim in life is to have a completely decluttered home and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean waves. You can find her on twitter @tasmanianm. She lives in Tasmania, Australia.

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Forgive Yourself and Change Your Choices

For almost four years I held onto a feeling that I had somehow done something wrong—that I hadn’t tried hard enough, that I had somehow failed my daughter.

In May 2008 my daughter’s father had arrived home after staying out all night. He told me he no longer loved me, found me attractive, or even fancied me, and that at eight years younger than him I was “too old.”

I was completely stunned.

While our relationship had many of the usual flaws, we had never fought, and I’d believed him one month prior, after we bought a new home together, …