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Grete Howland is a writer, editor, and educator currently living in Portland, Oregon with her scientist spouse and formerly feral dog, Nellie. She writes about her experience growing up in and eventually leaving Evangelical Christianity at her personal blog, Weird Name, and also on Medium. Her work has been published on Across the Margin, and she is currently working on her first book, How to Leave the Church: A 7-Step Guide to Saving Yourself.

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Finding the Courage to Go After What You Want Out of Life

“Just because you’re not doing what other people are doing, that doesn’t mean you’re failing or falling behind. You’re charting your own course and staying true to yourself, even though it would be easier to join the crowd. You’re creating a life you can fall in love with instead of falling in line. You’re finding the courage to do what’s right for you, even though it’s uncertain and scary and hard. Give yourself some credit, because these are all reasons to be proud.” ~Lori Deschene

I wouldn’t call myself a laid-back person. I have anxiety that leads me to