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Marilyn Briant is an author who promotes positive thinking and self-awareness through her writing. Her children's book, The Leopard and the Mouse published in 2011, was recently followed by, Arms Out…Kiano Sees the World, published in August 2015. Marilyn is now working on a book which shares her experiences and insight gained thus far, along her amazing spiritual journey.

We Don’t Need to “Fix” Our Appearance to Be Beautiful

“Kindness and awareness work together. Through awareness we understand the underlying beauty of everything and every being.” ~Amit Ray

We were in Yorkshire—my brother, sister, and I—driving along narrow, windy roads. Sometimes we would come up a steep incline and …

How I Found Inner Peace Despite the Drama in My Life

“Peace of mind is not the absence of conflict from life, but the ability to cope with it.” ~Unknown

Like many people, I lived my life for a lot of years failing to understand inner peace is a choice. I …