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Mary Wilmer is a passionate advocate for living life with an attitude of gratitude. As co-founder of Gratitude Perks, she’s on a mission to help everyone discover the power of appreciation. Her commitment to helping others live their best lives is unparalleled. Through fun online courses, retreats, and products, Mary makes it easy to enrich your life and unlock the potential that comes from connecting with your gratitude. Follow her on Instagram at Gratitude Perks.

How Replacing Worry with Gratitude Turned My Whole Life Around

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” ~Willie Nelson

You know you’re not living the life of your dreams when you’re doing mundane things like brushing your teeth, doing laundry, getting dressed, or preparing a meal, and your constant thoughts are “Oh, we need more toothpaste or laundry detergent, but we can’t get either right now. Money’s too tight.” Or “We should get more milk and lettuce, but we have to put that money toward our utility bill so our lights don’t get turned off.”

This train of thought started to be the norm for me …