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Matthew Alexander Sloane is a writer, artist, and brand strategist. His first book, Tulie’s Garden is a graphic novel about authenticity, vulnerability, and the dark side of being a man—as revealed through his own experience. You can help him self-publish this project via Kickstarter.

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How to Ask for Help from People You Respect

I’m in the middle of self-publishing my first book. Ever since college, I dreamed of publishing my work and now I’m enjoying the reality of going for it.

For weeks, I’ve gathered testimonials. As you may know, they are powerful tools, especially when the people providing them are recognizable to the target reader.

My challenge: how do I get testimonials from all these people I respect? Well, I’ll tell you what I did and how I failed before I understood what worked best.


The first answer to how one gets help is “by asking.” Yes, some people miss that …