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Meredith lives a simple life dedicated to her spiritual practice; traveling in her RV between Mexico and California doing workshops, talks and retreats, helping people find more inner peace. Sign-up for Meredith’s newsletter to receive Meredith’s free 6-minute guided de-stress meditation. Meredith is a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor, Certified Life Coach and has a Microbiology degree from Miami University.

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Life Is Far Less Painful When We Drop the Story in Our Head

“You will never be free until you free yourself from the prison of your own false thoughts.” ~Philip Arnold

Every meditator knows the dilemma of trying to find that perfectly quiet place to meditate, where silence is the golden rule and voices hush to a whisper.

Oh how perfect our meditation would be if only everyone would be quiet.

As wonderful as it sounds, we know it just doesn’t always work out that way.

And that’s what made this particular meditation experience so insightful. It gave me an opportunity to see how my judgmental thoughts can make life far more …