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Minagrace Drake works with individuals who struggle in relationships and constantly find themselves ending up in the same ruts. She supports clients as they transform their seeming low points in life into their greatest moments of personal triumph. Contact her at minagracecoaching@gmail.com.

Embracing Pain: Life’s Gifts Often Come Wrapped in Sandpaper

“The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.” ~Unknown

“How did you get so wise?” My friend’s voice on the other end of the telephone line was genuinely curious.

I took a moment to think, wanting to be just as sincere in my response as she was in her inquiry. I felt the words climb up from the depths of my heart and ride a breath of truth as they passed through my lips.

“I cry a lot,” I finally responded.

Believe me, I wish there was another way. On my personal journey—and there are …