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Rebecca is a fully qualified therapist and experienced mindfulness teacher. She loves helping men and women feel good enough and less anxious in work and relationships through mindful self-compassion techniques. If overthinking your friendships is a problem for you and you want to learn how to break free, download her free “Break Free from Overthinking” guide. Or check out her website to work with her now.

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5 Things That Helped Me Feel More Secure in Friendships

“Our brains are wired for connection, but trauma rewires them for protection. That’s why healthy relationships are difficult for wounded people.” ~Ryan North

If popular culture is anything to go by, everyone has the perfect gang to hang with in coffee shops, engaging in witty banter. Or a BFF who knows them better than anyone else and will be there through thick and thin. So, if friendships make you anxious and you find them hard to navigate, it’s easy to feel ashamed and think it’s just you.

I had problems with friendships for most of my life, and it often …

How I Went from Approval Seeking to Authentic Living

“My life transformed when I stopped caring what people in the stands thought.” ~Brené Brown

One afternoon, I had coffee with a friend who told me that she and her family all have a garden campfire every Friday night and toast marshmallows. It sounded so rustically idyllic compared to our normal frozen pizza and movie tradition that I asked my husband if we could do the same that evening.

He sat down to pick up the remote control and casually replied that he was too tired to build a fire, then thought nothing more of it. But I felt devastated …