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Soozi is a writer, entrepreneur, and single mum to 3-year-old twin boys. At her website www.maternityleavers.com she inspires, motivates, and supports professional women on maternity leave to create a life and career that suits them and their new family.

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Finding the Strength to Leave: Run Toward, Not Away

“You don’t need strength to let go of something. What you really need is understanding.” ~Guy Finley

It was 11pm on a Monday night and yet again I was chatting online with my friend about the woes of my failing marriage. “I just need a knight in shining armor to take me away from all of this,” I said.

“Not real life,” she said, “but you’re bright and strong, and you’ll be fine.”

I didn’t feel strong. All I could see was a mountain of practical reasons why I had to stay in this relationship: our two-year-old twins, the …