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Warren Davies has studied psychology and positive psychology at the University of East London, focusing on the factors that affect well-being. He presently works at Mindlab, who provide mindfulness training to organisations, and his personal blog is at GenerallyThinking.com.

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A Scientific Perspective on Happiness: Rules in Your Head

“Happiness mainly comes from our own attitude, rather than from external factors.” -Dalai Lama

I’m now convinced that the above quote is true. Let me explain why.

When I was studying for my psychology degree, I came across an interesting module called positive psychology.

It’s a section of the field that looks at the positive side of life, including a scientific study of what makes people happy. So potentially, it would put concerns I already had about pop-psychology, self-help, and spirituality to the test. I immediately signed up.

The idea that happiness comes from our attitude is a popular one.