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Adam Fulmore is an Intuitive Energy Healer, specialized in distance healing.  Adam holds a diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has mentored with a Medical Qi Gong master and Native American Medicine Man. Adam has developed his own unique energy healing technique that is focused on healing the root causes others health issues.  You can connect with Adam Fulmore at www.IntuitiveHealthSolutions.com.

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4 Steps to Let Go of Stress, Negativity, and Emotional Pain

“It’s not the bite of the snake that kills you, it’s the poison left behind.” ~Tom Callos

Have you ever taken it to heart when someone said or did something mean to you? The likely answer is yes; most people have experienced negativity from another person—and it hurts.

But why did you take it personally? Because, like all of us, you want love. And we often assume when someone is mean to us that it means that we are unlovable.

Now, when a person is mean to me, I choose not to accept what they are offering. Also, I recognize …