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William Sharkey is a professional poker player and an inspirational/life coach. His website, Thoughtlesswellness.com, is an attempt to guide others in allowing their experience of life to be filled with joy and contentedness. He aspires simply to having a simple and peaceful life.

How to Keep Our Thoughts from Making Us Miserable

“Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” ~William Shakespeare

I thought I knew what happiness was. I experienced it, and did so for a while—that is, what I thought was happiness.

What I was calling happiness was merely an emotion. Emotions, feelings that arise in the body, come into existence when we have thoughts related to them.

When I have certain thoughts having to do with anger, then I will feel, actually physically feel, angry. When I have thoughts that are positive, then I will feel the feeling, or emotion, that we call happiness.