30 Things to Appreciate About You

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.” ~Buddha

Depending on where you’re from, you may celebrate Thanksgiving today. You might get together with your family over a massive gravy-drenched feast. You might celebrate with a chosen family of friends, with traditional food, vegan fare, or a nontraditional fast food spread.

Regardless of who surrounds you today or what meal you all share together, you’ll likely reflect upon your blessings, as we tend to do at this time of year.

You might announce them elocution style as you all take turns at the table; or you might blog about them, tweet them, or simply acknowledge them mentally in a moment of silent gratitude.

There are lots of ways to do this whole appreciation thing, and just as many wonderful things to be grateful for in life.

Today, as you take time to acknowledge all the fortunate parts of your circumstances—your health, the food you eat, the freedoms you enjoy, the job that provides for you, and the people you love—I recommend taking some time to appreciate something that often goes unrecognized.

Take some time today to appreciate yourself.

I’m not talking about appreciating the miracle of life, although it’s obviously an awesome thing. I’m talking about actually appreciating all the good things you’ve done for you and the world.

This may seem somewhat ego-driven, and out of place for a person who runs a site called Tiny Buddha. But take a minute to think about how valuable your actions are, both for you and other people.

All of our relationships depend upon our relationship with ourselves. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t possibly love someone else. If you don’t respect yourself, you likely won’t make respectable choices. If you don’t value your time, you probably won’t use your time in a way you might deem valuable.

The way you treat yourself dictates how you’ll treat the world around you. So today I say we should all recognize all the good we each do each day. While rattling off physical things and conditions that we deem to be positive, we should take a moment to celebrate the person who also weathers the negative.

Here are a few things to appreciate about yourself today:

The Good Things You Do for You

1. You let yourself learn new things, which helps you grow and contribute to the world.

2. You do good things for your body, like exercising and eating healthy foods (even if not always).

3. You honor your life by making healthcare a priority.

4. You take time away from work to simply be, which allows you to feel balanced.

5. You bounce back from bad days and disappointments.

6. You do what’s right for you, even if it’s not easy to say no to other people (and even if you occasionally people please).

7. You choose to be around people who make you feel good about yourself.

8. You work toward goals that make you feel passionate and purposeful.

9. You smile, which benefits both you and the people around you.

10. You give yourself the sleep you need to feel energized and balanced each day (even you sometimes need to get better sleep).

The Good Things You Do for Other People

1. You have good intentions.

2. You accept people for who they are and try to keep an open mind.

3. You make people laugh, whether you have a dry humor, an acerbic wit, or a caricature-like personality.

4. You listen to the people when they need an ear.

5. You’re compassionate toward other people.

6. You make selfless decisions to look out for the people you love, even if not always.

7. You forgive people when they make mistakes, even if sometimes it’s hard.

8. You vocalize it when you notice something you value, admire, or appreciate in someone else.

9. You help other people reach their potential.

10. You’re honest with people, even if sometimes vulnerability feels scary.

The Good Things You Do for the World

1. You care about your work, or something you do outside it, and you do it passionately.

2. You want to make a difference.

3. You vote to create positive change.

4. You recycle to preserve our natural resources.

5. You choose not to litter.

6. If you’re a parent, you’re shaping the next generation.

7. You give back, whether that means volunteering, donating old clothes, or simply helping a stranger in need.

8. You call for help when you see something potentially hazardous.

9. You teach something valuable to someone every day, whether you realize it or not.

10. You make positive changes in yourself—and being the change you want to see is the best way to change the world.

And one last one: You’re great, you’re wonderful, and everybody likes you. (Okay, so that one was Rodney Dangerfield, but it felt apropos!)

These ideas might not all resonate with you, but I’m sure the majority of them are true. Today, as you take inventory of all the things you appreciate, remember that you play a prominent role on many other people’s lists.

One final request: because you are that valuable person who does so many good things in the world, I would appreciate knowing you. It’s a funny thing running a blog. I know there are thousands of people reading, and yet there are so many people who have never commented.

I do this to connect with you. Knowing you makes it all worthwhile.

Say hello in the comments if you get a chance, and share a little something about you. I’d be grateful to make your acquaintance!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

*Update: Since I wrote this post, I launched a gratitude journal/coloring book that people seem to be really enjoying! If you’re interested, you can learn more here.

About Lori Deschene

Lori Deschene is the founder of Tiny Buddha and Recreate Your Life Story, an online course that helps you let go of the past and live a life you love. Her latest bookTiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal, which includes 15 coloring pages, is now available for purchase. For daily wisdom, follow Tiny Buddha on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram..

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  • Well you know who I am :p

    But I’ll say ‘hi’ to everyone nonetheless *waves* and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving from across the pond.


  • Alsonamedtiny

    Hello! I’m from Spain and even thought I don’t understand everything in english (there are always some words that I don’t know…) I’m really grateful for having found your blog! It’s just totally awesome and inspires me everyday. So get a warm “hola” from Spain 🙂 Gracias!

  • Amina

    Thank you!

  • Celine

    I just wanted to say Hello! And thank you so much for your website. I recently started reading it a few weeks ago after randomly searching on the web for things to appreciate in life (seemed desperate I suppose), knowing subconsciously that there were many things, yet for whatever reason I had been struggling to keep them present in my mind during the past few months due to emotional situations.

    I ended up finding so many articles that were eye-opening for me, and I passed many on to other friends and family. I am also a writer for a website, but more news related rather than looking at inner parts of life that if looked over can be extremely consequential. Remembering to appreciate ourselves is a prime example.

    Thank you so much again! I love the website…reading it every morning on my cell phone 😉
    – Celine

  • It’s serendipitous that I found your post today because this morning I made a decision to appreciate myself, to focus on myself and what’s important to me. I’m spending my day writing Thanksgiving emails and making phone calls to my friend and family. I almost spent the day with strangers because a friend insisted that I shouldn’t be alone on a holiday. But I don’t feel alone or lonely. In fact, I feel very joyful and grateful today, and your post has given me more to appreciate about myself. Thank you!

  • It’s serendipitous that I found your post today because this morning I made a decision to appreciate myself, to focus on myself and what’s important to me. I’m spending my day writing Thanksgiving emails and making phone calls to my friend and family. I almost spent the day with strangers because a friend insisted that I shouldn’t be alone on a holiday. But I don’t feel alone or lonely. In fact, I feel very joyful and grateful today, and your post has given me more to appreciate about myself. Thank you!

  • Meghan

    HI Lori
    I have started reading Tiny Buddha only recently and have it set as my homepage 🙂 I appreciate everyone’s posts and the quotes as well. It’s inspiring to read and comforting that others are going through similar situations. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to inspire and encourage others! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Tom Harrington49

    Hello, and thank you, Lori. I appreciate you and your good works in this world. You are an inspiration!

  • Tom Harrington49

    Hello, and thank you, Lori. I appreciate you and your good works in this world. You are an inspiration!

  • Reading this post brightened my day. Right now I’m a New Yorker studying abroad in Spain, and though I’m not doing anything extravagant for Thanksgiving, I’m thankful that I found people here who I connect with and trust and have fun with every day. I also appreciate how much I’ve let myself open up and grow. I’m thankful for learning to love myself a little more each day 🙂

  • Michele

    Hi, Thank you for your blog! One thing I thought about being grateful about is how being kind comes so naturally to me. I know for some it really isn’t easy and I always send my blessings out to them that they might feel more love and kindness from others.

  • Beautiful post, Lori! You always help me keep a good perspective. Have a blessed Thanskgiving!

  • rose

    Hello Lori,
    Hello and happy to meet you. I absolutely love your daily articles and rarely, if ever, miss reading one. Your messages seem to come at a time when it’s exactly what I need. I am very grateful for your wisdom, your beautiful way with words, your generosity. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Rose from Ohio

  • Tiffany

    I thank you for creating this amazing blog that brings light to my life. Keep up with the good work that has made a change in my life and I’m sure that I’m not the only one. Thank you…

  • Tiffany

    I thank you for creating this amazing blog that brings light to my life. Keep up with the good work that has made a change in my life and I’m sure that I’m not the only one. Thank you…

  • Tiffany

    I thank you for creating this amazing blog that brings light to my life. Keep up with the good work that has made a change in my life and I’m sure that I’m not the only one. Thank you…

  • Raok Raven (Kathy)

    I loved this! Thank you! I connected very well to what you wrote as I try to be that person everyday. Not because it’s “cool” but because it’s who I am! Loveeeed it so! Thank you & Happy Thanksgiving to you! Kathy aka Raok Raven! <3

  • Ceb4v1

    I’ve enjoyed your blog ever since a friend sent me a link a few months ago. Today’s post made me smile as I initially thought “how can someone I don’t know know 30 good things about me?” The list was a great reminder of how much we have in common just by being human. Thank you for your excellent and inspirational blog! –Catherine

  • Jenna

    Today I’m having Thanksgiving with my parents; my sister and her family; and my lover. We’ll be crowded around my parents’ kitchen table and the spread will resemble one from Real Simple magazine. My mother takes pride in the comfort of her home and it’s well-deserved.

    Where I live (which is also where this celebration is taking place) is in Northern Maine. As northern as you can get actually! In the town of Frenchville, we can look across the Saint John River and see Canada. Not off in the distance, not a speck on the horizon – it’s right there. I can see the color of the shutters on another nation’s home. It’s interesting; Canadians don’t celebrate Thanksgiving today (they celebrate it on our Columbus Day).

    I am thankful for many things and I am grateful that I read this post today. It’s easy to forget that so many people are in our lives because of how we’ve lived them. Thanks for the insight. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  • Annmillertx

    I just came across your tweet stream and your blog recently. Thank you for striking a chord in mu life.

  • Rebecca

    Thank you first of all to you for creating such an amazing blog full of beautiful intentions and optimism and to my friend for sending me your link! I needed to hear your words today on a day that I have so much to be thankful for as I celebrate everyday all that is good and difficult in life. When my troubles run deep I search words of wisdom, love and kindness in your posts. I struggle like anyone else and it’s serendipitous that you chose today to blog about appreciating one self too! I’m thankful for what I have and for what I don’t have!! My abundance of love runeth over and I wish to share that with the world by creating an environment of appreciation and honesty! Thank you again and may everyone be inspired by your words!

  • Acc5angels

    Thank you so much. I enjoy your blog immensely. Btw, I’m Christie: mother to five precious children, I home school them all, and we’re from US.:)

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  • I was inspired by to start my own blog – I started about a month ago ( it’s about interior decorating from finds, freebies and craft ) ,and then also linked up more to Twitter and found your blog which I think is absolutely great.You are so right that more people read a blogpost then comment on it- that remark really spoke to me :-))
    I notice this myself when I have a high amount of pageviews but not the same amount of comments!! it always makes me wonder when people decide to comment or not, and why..!!The ideas you discuss in this post certainly resonate with me ,maybe because I am now blogging about something that I am passionate , I am more aware of things !!

    Happy blogging and keep on doing your great blog-!!!

  • Ilsular_mente

    Hello. I just wanted to thank you for your blog, it makes life a little better for a lot of people.

  • Ilsular_mente

    Hello. I just wanted to thank you for your blog, it makes life a little better for a lot of people.

  • Kimberli

    I found TinyBuddha a few weeks or months ago (time has been crazy lately), and am so grateful for it. It reiterates my own thoughts and feelings and every post has been great! I have had a hard struggle to get to where I am now. I finally feel like I can be “me” without worrying about what others think (for the most part), and be proud of who I am, and do things to make myself happy. I do feel really lonely around the holidays though, so I appreciate this post even more. I do not have a family, and about to turn 40, so I am starting to accept that that’ll never happen for me. I am working today for the firs Thanksgiving in many, many years, but I am grateful for this new job that I love and am out of the last one which was sucking the life out of me. Happy Thanksgiving to you, TinyBuddha and thank you soooooo very much for your words of wisdom!!! 😉

  • Birthe

    Thank you, Lori! I live in central Europe where Thanksgiving Day isn’t commonly celebrated. However I feel especially grateful today and even more now after having read your words.

  • Katerina Rackova

    Hi from the Czech Republic. You have readers here too. Thanks for your site.

  • This is a lovely reminder to take of myself so that I am able to take care of others.

  • darina :)

    Hey Lori, really nice read!! Thank you…tinybuddha is awesome. Always something useful for me in every post.

  • aem

    So great to see this, especially because I’m spending Thanksgiving with myself this year. I am so thankful for other people in my life, but most importantly, I’m thankful that I’ve learned to love ME! This blog always speaks to me at the right moment.

    Happy holidays!

  • Thankyou for your site which is really uplifting and useful, I live in the UK and read regularly :). Even when I can be grateful about nothing else about myself, I am grateful that I never stop trying to be better! 🙂

  • Kisane

    Thank you for sharing! So often after I blog and chose my quotes and words of the day to focus on – that when I read yours that there is a sense of dejavue! So often the topics are similar and you give me the sense that I am on the right path due to the synchronisity I feel! Thank you for sharing, I am grateful for Tiny Buddah!!!

  • Mai

    Thanks for this. My name is Mai and I live in Singapore. I follow you on twitter and I just want you to know that you enrich my heart and mind and life. Thank you for all that you are.

  • Tom

    hello i’m from Austria and i like your Blog 🙂

  • Shurbajiht

    Thank you so much for the wisdom you share… Yours is a positive perspective on our life…

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Lori for the inspiration all the time. 😀

  • Rasmi

    This has been part of my life’s philosophy for a while now and it is awesome to see someone else put it into words. I’ve learned to love myself more as I’ve grown older and it is definitely true that if you don’t take care of yourself first, how are you supposed to take care of/ love someone else.
    Great blog 🙂 Keep up the inspirational work!

  • Hi Ami,

    I know exactly what you mean! There are times when I feel totally happy on my own, doing my own thing. And then there are times when I want to be surrounded by other people. I think it’s a very good thing to be able to find a balance. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you had a wonderful day!


  • Thanks Rose. Always nice to see your smiling face =)

  • You are most welcome, and thank you for being a part of the community here. I appreciate that. =)

  • Hi Tom! It’s a pleasure to e-meet you =)

  • That sounds like a beautiful Thanksgiving! I didn’t spend the day with my family, but I am looking forward to a similar experience around Christmas. My grandmother lives in a tiny apartment, and dozens of us crowd around the table despite the space limitations. Christmas Eve is always one of my favorite days of the year just because we are all together–in all of our Italian loudness. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  • Hi Mai! It’s a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for saying hi =)

  • Hi Celine!

    I’m so glad you enjoy Tiny Buddha. I also write for a number of websites, and I started this site to express the things I didn’t get to communicate through my other writing. I always appreciate that other people are happy to open their hearts and share their insights through the blog posts they submit/the comments they leave here.

    I hope you had a beautiful day =)


  • Happy Holidays to you, as well! I love that feeling when I can tell other people in different places, dealing with different circumstances can relate to the exact same things I am thinking. I appreciate your comment. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Hi Darina,

    Thanks for the comment! I’m so glad you enjoy Tiny Buddha, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the day =)


  • Fantastic Ruth! That was my intention, and I think writing this helped me carry the idea with me throughout the day.

  • Fantastic Ruth! That was my intention, and I think writing this helped me carry the idea with me throughout the day.

  • Hi there!

    Thanks for commenting. I’m glad this post made you feel extra grateful, and I hope you enjoyed the day, however you spent it. =)


  • Hi there!

    Thanks for commenting. I’m glad this post made you feel extra grateful, and I hope you enjoyed the day, however you spent it. =)


  • Hi Christie,

    Wow mother to five! It must be amazing to have a large family like that, and to be able to educate them. I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday together. Thank you for saying hello =)


  • Hi Catherine,

    It’s true–there are so many universal things we all share in common, and they’re all the most important things, I think. I hope you’ve enjoyed the day with your friends and family!


  • Hi Kathy,

    That’s fantastic! I’m sure the people around you appreciate all the good you put out there. Thank you so much for introducing yourself. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance!


  • Hi Rose,

    Happy to meet you, as well! It’s always a pleasure to meet a like-minded person. I hope you’ve enjoyed the day with family and friends. Thank you for reaching out =)


  • Thanks Nikki! I had a wonderful day and I hope you did, as well =)

  • Hi Bradley,

    How exciting that you’re in Spain! What an amazing adventure. I hope you’ve enjoyed the day with your new friends…and also that you had enough Sangria for the both of us =)


  • Thank you Tom! I appreciate your commenting. It’s a pleasure to meet you =)

  • Hi Meghan,

    That’s awesome! I’m so excited to know that you’ve enjoyed Tiny Buddha. Running this site helps me in so many ways, both because I enjoy the experience of writing, and because connecting with the readers and other writers makes a huge difference in my life.

    I hope you’ve had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  • Hola! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the site, and I’m pleased to meet you =)

  • Hi Sam!

    Always nice to hear from you =) It’s been a wonderful, albeit unorthodox holiday here in Lala Land. I hope you’ve had a wonderful day.


  • Thanks Rasmi! This is something I didn’t understand for a long time. It’s funny how it can be so easy to offer someone else love, compassion, and appreciation, and yet so difficult to offer it to ourselves. Thanks for reaching out, and Happy Thanksgiving!


  • That’s awesome! I’m so glad you enjoy Tiny Buddha, and I appreciate that you took the time to comment. It’s a pleasure to e-meet you =)


  • You are most welcome Katerina. Thank you for commenting. What an amazing time we live in that you and I can connect, miles and miles apart, thanks to the interwebs. I’m happy to know you =)


  • Hi there,

    Thanks for the note. I love running this blog, and the comments I’ve received today have been such an amazing source of joy. I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday with your family and friends!


  • You’re most welcome!

  • Hi Michele,

    What a wonderful gift! I’m sure you make a major difference in many people’s lives. I’m pleased to make your acquaintance =)


  • Thank you Tiffany! Lots of amazing people have contributed here, and I am grateful for their (and your) involvement!

  • Thank you for being a part of it!

  • Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for commenting! My troubles run deep on occasion, too, and I always enjoy reading posts that remind me to love and appreciate myself. I’m glad this post (and the site in general) have been helpful to you. Thank you for reading and being a part of it all =)


  • I am so grateful for Tiny Buddha! This has been the most trying, difficult year of my life and through it, the articles posted here have been so relevant and helpful. Several times when I have read the topic before I clicked the link posted on Twitter, I’ve had to just grin because it seems like someone can read my mind and post exactly what I need to read that day! I really look forward to the little break in my day when I get to come here and read a great post and have a few peaceful moments. Thank you (and all the contributors too)!!

    I don’t really know what to say to introduce myself, but I’m almost 40 and live in Colorado. I’m going through a huge amount of life changes, trying to keep sane through them all and still lead a peaceful and compassionate life. I’m planning to go to grad school to become a therapist and hopefully help others as much as my therapist has helped me. I love the little community on here and I hope Tiny Buddha will be around for many years to come! Thanks again, Lori!

  • Kim

    You’ve got a wonderful blog here . We all love ourselves whether we know it or not but it requires a big heart and broad mindedness to love and appreciate others .
    Here’s a link to a test , hope you and your readers will like it!
    This test below finds out how sensitive you are to other’s emotions.

  • Oana


    Thank you so much for Tiny Buddha. It’s an always spot-on reminder and oftentimes relief or guidance with the struggles I face daily. Shockingly difficult life events (my mom’s fairly unexpected death in a far away country and a divorce) was a painful awakening that left me raw, but open. Since then (it will be 4 years ago this December) I’ve been of a journey of healing, getting to know and befriend myself (as well as my ghosts and demons) and simply relax into what is. Along the way, I found buddhist teachings, a deeper yoga practice, the power of meditation, and Tiny Buddha <3

    For the past year or so, Tiny Buddha has been like a daily reminder of gratitude and awareness and openness and kindness … So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. <3


    PS Nice to meet you 😀

  • kaffer

    Hello! I’m from Sri Lanka. Love your blog! <3

  • Happy Thanksgiving from Holland, Lori!

  • John Abbott

    Hi, I enjoy your posts very much; they give a focus that is very helpful. I’m John,, I’m a Buddhist, I’m in the UK and I ‘picked you up’ (that sounds bad?) on Twitter.

    Keep posting,

    metta, Johnx

  • LadyDi

    thank you sooo much for reminding me to appreciate myself – which I so often forget to do. 😉 It’s such a pleasure to ‘meet you’ and have your light shine from my inbox with such awesome words of wisdom 🙂 hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving!

  • Uutruirtfd

    Thankyou for this blog post- insightful and much needed.

  • Jennifer

    Hi there,
    I’m from Canada here. 🙂 I look forward every day in reading what there is on Tiny Buddha! I have found piece in mind of a lot that I have in life to figure out or have already done. Love your work.. keep it coming! 🙂
    PS Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the USA! 🙂
    Your friend way up North ..

  • Greetings from Romania! Thank you for all these great posts; I’ve learned a lot from them.

  • Thanks for the reminder to have an attitude of gratitude…everyday, not just on Thanksgiving.

  • Morning Lori,
    Well now.. I appreciate the fact you have asked to get to know your readers individually a bit. That’s very unique and so here I am. :0)
    I really do love what you have done and are doing with this site. It’s refreshing to get posts that are insightful but also very honest.. I like how “real” you and the others are, who have contributed over the past few months. I read your post every morning before heading off to work. And I am thinking I might have a bit to contribute also, having been on this path for over 30 years this time round. Thanks for all you do and for reaching out into the global community. Very very well done. Lightblb51

  • Hi Ladi Di,

    You are most welcome–I forget sometimes, too! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was my first one with my boyfriend since we moved in, so it was an awesome day on many levels. I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving, too!


  • Hi Kimberli,

    Thank you! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed Tiny Buddha. I really appreciate that so many wonderful writers have shared their stories and insights. It makes it all the more fun and exciting to run the site. I’m also glad to hear that you love your job. It’s funny how sometimes lots of things fall into place after just one thing does.


    PS: My apologies if you see this comment twice. I thought I responded last night, but when I came on today I did not see it.

  • Hi Kisane,

    I notice the same thing with other sites! It’s so nice to know and remember we are all in this together and all dealing with the same things. Thanks for commenting. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  • Hi Judi,

    I’m so glad I did! It’s been amazing reading through all these responses and getting to know people a little. Thank you for the kind words about the site. This really is my greatest joy in life. I would love to read something from you to post! Whenever you’re ready, let me know =)


  • Hi Sarah,

    You are most welcome, and thank you for saying hi. It’s nice to e-meet you =)


  • Hello there! You’re most welcome. Thank you for reading and introducing yourself. It’s so cool to connect with people so very far away. Gotta love the internet. =)


  • Thanks Jennifer! I’m so glad to hear that! I hope you’re having a wonderful day =)


  • You are most welcome. Thank you for commenting. That’s an interesting name you have there. Do those letters stand for something?

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  • Hi John! It’s a pleasure to meet you. It doesn’t sound bad at all. I’m happy to have been “picked up.” =)


  • Hi Jeanelle!

    How wonderful that you had some new friends to celebrate the holiday with. I bet it was cool to be part of another culture for the experience. I hope you’re having a blast on your adventure–I’m sure you are!


  • Hi there! It’s a pleasure to meet you =)

  • Hi Oana,

    I’m so glad to hear that you’ve been healing after what had to have been one of the most difficult times of your life. It’s quite inspiring to hear how you’ve connected with yourself to find your strength and joy. I know it’s not easy to do. Thank you for sharing a little about yourself here. I am pleased to know you!


  • Thanks for the link Kim! I love these kinds of tests. Taking now…

  • Hi Alannah Rose,

    It’s so nice to meet you! How exciting that you’re going back to school to become a therapist. I’m sure that will be an amazingly rewarding job. I’ve been thinking about going back to school, as well. There’s something invigorating about being part of an atmosphere of learning with people who are excited about possibilities for their life.

    I’m glad to know you’ve enjoyed Tiny Buddha, and I can promise it’s not going anywhere! =)


  • Hi there!

    I thought I responded to your comment last night, but I don’t seem to see it now. My apologies if you get this twice! I visited your site and I really like what you’re doing. I get all excited about decorating, particularly around the holidays. Thank you for sharing the link with me =)


  • Claire Cooke

    Hi Lori – I live in Australia & reading Tina Buddha has become a daily ritual while I’m eating my breakfast. You help me get started in the right direction for the day. Hope you’re having a lovely Thanksgiving! We have our hands full here in Australia getting ready for Xmas, not sure how y’all manage 2 feast days!

  • Ayesha

    Hi Lori. Happy belated thanksgiving. Us Brits, we don’t celebrate this day. However I found this site at a time in my life when the lessons were so relevant. You inspired me! I started a Buddhist meditation class in September. It’s the best thing I have ever done. Meditation has taught me to tune in and be mindful of every monent, every single day, of things I am thankful for. I am truly grateful to find a place here, to share my faith, my hope. In this big wide world, a little corner of this internet connects me to other like minded people. The world over. Love and light. Ayesha

  • Hi Ayesha!

    Thanks for the belated Thanksgiving wishes. I had a wonderful day, and today was just as relaxing. How exciting that you’ve started a new meditation class. That’s awesome! Meditation is such a powerful thing, and I am starting to think doing it with other people is the key to maintaining a consistent practice.

    Thanks for being part of the community here. Love and light to you, as well =)


  • Hi Claire,

    That’s so wonderful to read. I get so much joy from running this site and publishing posts from all the passionate writers who have contributed. I’m thrilled to know other people enjoy it, as well.

    Two feasts is quite a lot. Luckily I’m always the eater, never the chef! An early Merry Christmas to you =)


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  • Hello Lori!

    Yes I do read your blog most of the time….and I seldom leave my comments! Thank you for this wonderful post and I can’t wait for your book! 🙂 You’re a wonderful person!! 🙂


  • Kasandra Brown

    Lori, this post made me smile. I recognized a couple things that I want to work on and also stopped to appreciate the ones I already do. I am so very grateful for Tiny Buddha, it always makes me happy! Thank you for sharing your insights!

  • Really great post! I’ve been meditating lately on what it means to love and appreciate oneself and thanks to this list I know have some more juicy and lovely things to think about as I go on my daily walks. I appreciate you, Lori and what you’ve created in tiny buddha.

  • Hi Ruth,

    What a fantastic idea about using your daily walks to focus on appreciating yourself. Thank you for commenting. It’s a pleasure to make your e-acquaintance =)


  • You’re most welcome Kasandra! It makes me happy to run the site, and communicating with so many new people via this post has made me very happy, too =) I hope you had a nice weekend!


  • Thank you Syafique! It’s so nice to connect with you. I clicked on the link in your name. It looks like we have a lot in common. I love your site!


  • Jess

    I have always been a reader, but this time I felt inspired to respond. I thank you for your site and words – they are always comforting and enlightening. I came across TinyBuddha after a rough time in my life, and it has helped me on my road to happiness. Most importantly, it has helped remind me to love myself. I really appreciate these great words!!! Everyone else below has such similar thoughts – it is wonderful to see how this has affected so many people. Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!

  • Stu_Preston

    Hello, thanks very much for posting this, sharing your thoughts and ideas self-lessly 🙂

  • Riablue


    I read your blog every morning. It has become a part of my new morning ritual of coffee, exercise, and time for myself. Thank you for this site, it challenges me to be the person I know I can be.

    Ria-from Colorado.

  • Hi
    Very nice post. its worth reading.
    Thank you.

  • You’re most welcome Tejas!

  • Hi Ria,

    Thank you for commenting. It’s nice to know you! I’m so honored that Tiny Buddha is a part of your morning routine.

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving =)

  • Hi Stu,

    Thank you for reading! Happy Monday =)


  • Hi Jess,

    Thanks for commenting. I’m glad Tiny Buddha has been helpful to you. Running the site helps me feel stronger and happier, and I’m thrilled that it does the same for other people. I had a fantastic Thanksgiving, and I hope you did, as well!


  • DeAnne

    Wow…….Wow……Wow what a great article. Wishing the author love and light.

  • thank you

  • Thanks DeAnne. Love and light back to you!

  • You are most welcome. Thank you for reading!

  • Sarah D

    Thank you so much for writing this post, Lori. It really means a lot to me right now! I recently took a meditation class and discovered I don’t take enough time to appreciate myself–this was the one meditation that really floored me. I’m saving this in a safe place, where I can read it continually.

  • What serendipitous timing! This is something I am working on, as well, which prompted the post. It’s amazing how good I feel after taking a little time to appreciate myself. I’m happy to hear you’ve been doing the same for yourself =)

  • Alvar Ojeda

    Lori, I have been enjoying your blog for the last few months. It’s a great idea that you reach out to people. about myself: I am a male, 40 yo. I’m a a hospitality industry executive, unemployed. I am Mexican. I found your blog surfing the web. Your posts really have helped me to create balance. It’s amazing how it is necessary to pull yourself back on track if you allow all of that negativity that is outside and inside you take over. It has really helped!!!! Keep on sharing.

  • Hi Alvar,

    It’s a pleasure to meet you! I’m so glad you found Tiny Buddha. As more and more people contribute to the site, I find myself amazed by how much we all have in common. I’m happy to learn that reading all these different perspectives has been helpful to you!

    Happy holidays =)

  • Yamini

    Hi Lori,

    Its been about two months since I have started reading tinybuddha..I wont lie and say it has changed my life…but tiny buddha is helping me bring about the change I have been trying to gain for some time now….I just wanted to say thank you for creating such an inspiring blog…This post in particular was something just brought a huge smile on my face as I was reading it….I felt really good reading it. Thank you again 🙂 Keep up the great work.

  • Hi Yamini,

    Thanks so much for introducing yourself. It’s so nice to get to know the people who’ve visited! I try to write the things that I know I want to hear. I think at the end of the day, we’re really all pretty similar, and a lot of us need reminders to recognize all the good we’re doing.

    Happy holidays =)

  • Missbritt22

    Thank you!! 😉

  • Sally

    I am in a similar situation, so it was so nice to read your post. Glad you feel like you can be yourself and enjoy your life. You deserve it!

  • Jiipumbu

    I am looking forward to dating and loving myself, as this is the only way o would learn to accept and lover others… a working on on it and hoping for the best or let me say am certain it will work

  • Hi Jiipumbu,

    I’m happy for you. There’s a lot I don’t know in life, but I know everything is easier and more joy-filled when I focus on loving myself.

    Happy New Year =)

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  • I really like this. It seems to me that remembering to love yourself is an ongoing process. I like what Jasmin at has to say about it in her post 9 Ways to Love yourself

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  • lj

    Hi, I am really struggling to like myself. I have just come out of a very short relationship with someone who I really cared for. He suffered from depression and was a recovering alcoholic. He didn’t treat me as well as I deserved and although I could see this I still clung on to the relationship. Now I wait in the hope that he will contact me again because I need validation from him that he liked me. Otherwise I feel that he never liked me. If he never liked me then why would someone else like me? If he didn’t like me then I’m not good enough for someone else either. I just feel so rejected and anxious as a consequence of this break-up. I feel like I never knew him because we shared something specian and then he finished with me by text. And I have a fear that he will like someone else so she will be good enough, whereas I failed.
    I feel I can’t forgive myself. I feel totally stuck to be honest.
    Help please?

  • Hi there,

    I can totally relate to what you’re experiencing. Though I am now in a healthy relationship, I have been in this place before. I have dated emotionally distant and sometimes abusive men who devalued me; and I stayed simply to win their approval because I felt that I needed them to love me or else I wasn’t lovable.

    What helped me was to focus on nurturing my own self esteem, independent of men and relationships. Until I loved myself, I kept repeating this pattern. It also helped to talk to a therapist about my self worth issues. It can be really hard to get to the root of why you feel this way–and it’s far more than anyone could address when they don’t really know you.

    This kind of thing can take a lot of time and patience. Just know that you will make progress every day if you’re willing to try. You may still want men who don’t deserve you for a while, and you may still feel like you’ve done something wrong. Just do your best to accept this: There is another way; you don’t have to feel this way forever; and if you believe that things can change over time, they will, slowly but inevitably.

    I hope this helps a little. You are in my thoughts!

  • lj

    Thank you Lori for your kind words. I am in the process of challenging my automatic negative thoughts. The thoughts I had today were anxious thoughts that maybe he finished with me to be with someone else, or maybe he was seeing someone else whilst with me.
    I suppose I will never know the truth and I have to let go of these feelings (it’s hard).
    I think I know the root of why I feel this way. When I was little my dad died and 2 months later my nephew was born and he became very poorly. So all the attention shifted onto my nephew and I was a little girl lost really.
    I find endings really sad and difficult. So even though I know the relationship needed to end, I’m struggling to let it go because it’s so sad.
    Do you have any tips on nurturing myself? I can’t really afford a therapist although I have seen one in the past.
    Thank you so much

  • I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your father young. I can imagine how that would make it really difficult to deal with ends and losses.

    What may help is to make a list of the things you enjoy doing, whether you do them alone or with someone else. Then make time to do them everyday, and include friends when you’re able. Go for a walk, go to the beach, watch a movie you love, eat your favorite meal with fancy dishware, go for a bath. Just take time to prioritize your joy, and then take time for self reflection.

    Writing in a journal will help. Write about the times when your mind pulls you in negative, fearful directions, and try to identify what happened right before that. This way, you will get a sense for what triggers you, and you can work to shift those behaviors in the future.

    So you may find you start thinking of this past boyfriend when you see other couples, or when you think about your future, or when you feel uncomfortable in a new situation. Now you can try something different in those situations–you can challenge your thoughts and address what’s REALLY bothering you: fears and insecurities that have more to do with you than anyone else.

    With love,

  • Iybeeluve

    love this…………..and thanks for those encouraging thoughts

  • You are most welcome. =)

  • Nicole99

    I did enjoy the post – I am currently reading Eat, Pray, Love – I’m going through some major relationship/career changes right now. Looking to the positive is a constent daily reminder. I am choosing to focus on the formation of my future rather than thinking about a past that I cannot change. I’ve learned from it, but cannot change it.

  • That’s great, Nicole! There’s a quote I love from Eat, Pray, Love: “Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.” This always helps me let go of yesterday and focus on creating tomorrow.

  • Rachel

    Very inspirational! 🙂 These are the things things that can very easily be forgotten,thankyou!

  • You are most welcome! =)

  • Kris

    nice one, be happy and make others happy.

  • Lv2terp

    This is WONDERFUL….I always appreciate reading blogs everyday from Tiny Buddha….everything is just fantastic, relevant, empowering, uplifting, and insightful. THANK YOU!!!

  • You’re most welcome. I’m so glad you enjoy the site! =)

  • erin

     So true, and yet so often overlooked. 🙂 We shouldn’t feel guilty or strange about appreciating ourselves, because the way we see ourselves really does dictate the way we treat the world around us. Thanks for the reminder! 

  • Yes, absolutely–you’re most welcome!

  • “You forgive people when they make mistakes, even if sometimes it’s hard. ” this is easy? 🙁 sigh..

  • Deborah

    I received an email today that made me want look up quotes about being appreciated and I stumbled on to your page. Im a professional dancer and instructor and everyday I try to put up a quote on Facebook that’s either relative to how I’m feeling at the moment or what I feel the general public needs…. Here’s the letter I received today from a student I haven’t seen in at least 8 years.

    Deborah S Szèkely

    Hi Deb.

    It’s Jamie G. From NYC

    Is it true that you’re in Texas now?Wherever you are, I hope you’re happy.

    Please accept my apologies for this long message … I’ve been out on disability for a while (long story) and it’s given me the opportunity to do a lot of thinking.

    It’s funny … although we knew each other for only a brief period of time … I think of you often & watch videos of your dance routines and J&J’s. I don’t know if I ever told you … but, you had a very big (and lasting) impact on my life despite the short window of time. While I was dancing, you were one of the very few professionals who recognized that I really could dance … that I had talent and potential … that dancing and performing was in my blood. You never even questioned it … you saw me dance and perform … you saw my response to music … and you just knew. You also treated me like a human being — which is more than I can say about many people in the WCS community. … All of that meant a great deal to me during a very rough time in my life. It didn’t matter that I had no desire to become a professional or otherwise move up the WCS ladder. All that mattered was that someone I respected (i.e., you) “got” me. You gave me confidence. (And because you did “get” me, you also knew when I was being lazy and gave me shit for it.) It’s funny how much I learned from you in a very short period of time.

    I think I’ve already told you this: I started dancing just before you burst on to the scene with a passionate vengeance. I remember how the pros –particularly the women — first objected to your dancing in the “all-star” J&J’s –arguing that your new partnership with Robert did not qualify you as an “all star.” That changed, of course, the moment the men realized that, any man lucky enough to get you as a J&J partner, would usually win (hands down). You were a trained, skilled, musical, powerhouse who broke through the traditional patterns of the dance … You could take what you were given, improvise and, in the process, make any partner look good. (You even made Kenny Roessel look good — and let’s face it, he sucked! I still don’t know how you managed to stay balanced with him yanking you the Hell all over the floor.) Suddenly, no one was arguing that you didn’t belong up there. You generated incredible excitement. You inspired people to dance. (There was jealousy, of course. … But tough shit.)

    As I’ve told you before, I watched as you changed the dance itself (whether you knew it or not). You broke the mold –freeing the pros to really dance (those who were capable of doing so, anyway.) Their routines (whatever the style) became more creative … less pattern driven … more musical. The level of the dance rose quickly and substantially. And I got to watch that change happen before my eyes — which was amazing. (I mean … come on … how many times in your life do you get to see something like that happen?) I will never forget your dance with Mario in Atlanta.(And, if I remember correctly, you put that routine together in 2 days or less. Right?) Were it not for you, none of the kids who came after you would be dancing the way they’re dancing today –e.g., Tatiana and Jordan. You opened the door for all of them — though only some of them have your musicality.

    I felt proud to have served as your dance captain for your first dance team. And I felt honored that you, of all people, at some point recognized something in me that few to no other people recognized. It helped me get through a rough time. And, even though I haven’t danced in years, it still helps me to remember all these years later. So … you see … despite the fact that we knew each other for only a very brief period of time, you had a lasting impact on my life simply for recognizing one small but powerful part of me. I suppose that my older sister’s sudden death from leukemia a few years back (at the age of 49) has also affected my perspective about the world and the way I see events from my past.

    You wanna hear something funny? A couple of years after dancing on your team, a teen-aged girl came up to me at one of the events when I was sitting in the hall. She told me that I had inspired her to dance. At first, I thought she must have mistaken me for someone else and I told her so. But then she told me that, when she was a kid, she watched your dance team perform at the NJ event. She knew exactly who I was … and told me that seeing me out there on the floor really dancing with your team had inspired her to take up the dance. I credited you … told her that you were a great teacher … and also that she had made my day.

    You may not remember … but you were actually standing right there when another person I didn’t know came up to speak to me at Boogie by the Bay in California. I think it was the year after your dance team and it was the first and only time I attended that event. The person who came up to me was Carlito Rofoli. Now … for all I knew (or know), he was just some older guy hitting on me at an event. (Happened to me a lot … getting approached by the older guys and, worse, most of the crazies. Yup. Something about me seems to attract the crazies.) Or perhaps he made a point to come up to welcome everyone new — which, for all I know, was the case. (He really was a very nice, welcoming man.) Regardless … he introduced himself as the timing judge … and immediately starting telling me (in very particular terms) what he had noticed about my dancing. (Apparently, he recognized me from the advanced J&J which, that year, included Tatiana, Katie and at least one other woman who later turned pro.) He said that he had no idea whether I wanted to do anything other than social dance but nevertheless felt compelled to discuss my dancing with me. He to me I had “it” and urged me to continue dancing. Then, in very particular terms, he pointed out all the things I did well, my musicality, the qualities I had that other dancers supposedly did not have and the areas in which I needed improvement. I was sort of stunned. I had traveled to BBTB alone. I knew practically no one. Who was this guy? How could he possibly have reached these conclusions after seeing me dance only a few times? I thought: He must say these nice things to every new dancer he meets. It must’ve been a coincidence that his comments jived with yours. Nevertheless, in response to his comments, I told him about your dance team and how much I learned working with you and simply watching you dance. He told me something I already knew: That, although you had been on the scene for a relatively short period of time, your dancing had already had a big impact on the WCS community and the dance itself.

    Somehow, Carlito and I ended up discussing the ability to “groove.” After hearing part of our conversation, you joined in and asked Carlito for advice about how to get Robert to “groove” more and free himself from strictly pattern-based dancing. You probably don’t remember the conversation … but I do. Among other things, when you asked for Carlito’s advice, I realized that he probably wasn’t just some nutcase saying nice things — even if he did say nice things to most people. I also learned a lot from participating in the “how do you get someone to groove?” conversation and appreciated the fact that you both seemed to respect my opinions. (You and Teddy always seemed to know that I also have a very good eye.)

    Anyway … Why this long, winding message? Well … as I struggle to get through another rough patch, I’ve been thinking about my experiences back then and the confidence you inspired. Like I said, remembering those feelings actually helps me get through certain rough patches. For some reason, they help me push myself forward. So, for that, I must thank you.

    Also … I’ve been thinking about down-sizing and simplifying my life. In doing so, I realized that I need to do something with my rather large, vintage rhinestone jewelry collection. Right now, most of it is sitting unhappily in storage — waiting to be worn. Some pieces –especially the necklaces — are rare and very beautiful … but I doubt I will have much occasion to wear them again. I may give some pieces to my nieces (now 21 and 25 respectively) if I believe my nieces will appreciate them. Perhaps I’ll sell some of the pieces — although I can’t imagine myself putting in all the time that’s necessary to do that. Whatever else I end up doing with the jewelry, I’ve decided that I want to give some pieces away to people who have impacted my life or might otherwise give them a good home. I have not yet had the time to go through everything and figure out which pieces should go where … but I will eventually.

    Most pieces won’t work for dancing routines on the floor (due to heaviness, etc) … but would definitely work either to jazz up any outfit or to add some elegance. (Yup. They can be worn many ways.) I’ve worn some of them dancing … but I’d never take them out on the floor. Not everyone can kick a necklace out of the way without missing a beat like Mario. Anyway … I figured that, after I find the time to go through everything, I’d send something to you! I wanted to surprise you … but when I looked you up, I saw that you had moved (to Texas)? I thought about asking some NYC dancers for your address but decided against it b/c I haven’t seen people in such a long time.

    So … If you’re so inclined (and would like a quasi surprise sometime in the undetermined future), please send me your address. I promise not to circulate it to anyone.

    Again … I hope you are well and happy.

    Much love, Jamie G.

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  • Merrylmalate

    i love reading your articles! i wish i can meet you in person! your such a fresh air 🙂


  • Thanks so much Merry! Maybe some day we can have a Tiny Buddha meet-up so we can take these connections off the web!

  • Maddy B.

    Hello! I just want to say thank you. I was having a rough time with self-esteem tonight because I made so many mistakes today. Though this hasn’t completely changed my view of myself of significantly altered my though process, it has helped ease the strain on my heart for the moment. From Montana with love

  • You’re most welcome Maddy. I’ve been there before–I’m glad my post helped!

  • brad

    thank you for this it gives a lot of perspective in my life

  • You’re most welcome. =)

  • Thank you, it can be easy not to think of these kinds of things, but they DO add some perspective. Much Appreciated.

  • Laura

    Hi there, I’m a first year student nurse trying to juggle my studies, my finances and my personal relationships and keep them all ticking along as well as possible. After reading this blog I really am going to give thanks for myself a bit more – I help people every day, I chose to care for the sick. I am pretty awesome! Thanks Lori, for reminding me of the things I so often forget about me! I’m in England so not celebrating thanksgiving but it seems like a great holiday and I hope you are all having a great time! Much love x

  • Guest

    I’ve found Tiny Buddha in 2011 and I’m grateful for that. Posts have inspired me since the first one I’ve read. Thank you Lori!

  • Kat of LA

    Today I dedicating a day to myself. In the past four years I have spend it with my ex’s boyfriend family and this year is different. I am very grateful for the past years but I most grateful for myself this year. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Love & Peace Kat of LA

  • Kris

    Love love love….thank you so much for posting…

  • Olivia Siow

    Thank you Lori, for the wonderful article. Over the last few months, I’ve been through some mental and emotional distress, which led me to have severe doubts about my decisions, my work, my actions, even my own existence. I had to get help before I spiraled down into depression. Now, I have learnt that I should forgive myself, stop blaming myself for things that have happened, and learn to love and appreciate myself more. I have to tell myself that, as long as my heart is in the right place, I too deserve wonderful things.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone ^.^ Hugs & Kisses from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Eddie Sim

    Thanks for reminding us, the good people that we are good :O)

  • You are most welcome. Thank you for being here. =)

  • You’re most welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  • I hope you’ve had a wonderful day Kat!

  • You are most welcome! =)

  • You’re most welcome Jeremy. =)

  • You’re most welcome! I am continually amazed by students, as I know it can be challenging to juggle school with work/finances and still make time for relationships and a social life. It must feel gratifying to know you’re working toward a career that will help so many people. Since you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving there, I wish you a Happy Thursday! =)

    Much love right back,

  • nasu

    Hi Lori, I’m from Malaysia. I’ve been following this site since early this year and would like to thank you and your contributors for keeping this amazing site going. I’ve learned many wonderful life lessons here which helped me greatly in my daily life. Thanks again, and have a lovely weekend!

  • Hi Nasu, It’s a pleasure to e-meet you! You are most welcome =)

  • Ami, I feel the same way. We are constantly trying to be better humans, to people we know and people we don’t. Yet, we sometimes forget that it needs to start at the source, with us. Great post, glad I read it.

  • Thank you Luis. I know I forget that from time to time. These reminders always help me feel good about me. =)

  • disqus_GYTHvBXndc

    Thank you Lori for this post and everything else you did. I’ve been playing with a new thought since yesterday: “I have to learn to treat myself better.” It is a new perspective for me even though it may sound very simple. Then, I stumbled on this post. You sent the methods and I shall work on this. 🙂 Wish you wonderful day everyday!

  • You are most welcome. I think if we all treated ourselves better the whole world would be a better place. I wish you a wonderful day as well!

  • Thank you to me, and Lori

  • Alex

    Hi, i’m Alex, and I just wanted to say thank you.

  • You’re most welcome. =)

  • Brian Bwalya Kokombwe II

    I love this article…its so fulfilling. keep up!

  • I’m glad you enjoyed it! =)

  • Self Love Mission

    Beautiful, inspiring list! Shared on our newly created “Self Love Mission” fb page

    Where we are trying cultivate and spread the importance of Self Love and how that creates the greatness of One Love <3

    (love the addd "even if not always"… becuase we can really beat oursleves up!)

  • Thanks so much. I’m glad you enjoyed it! =)

  • majik

    Hello, love your work. Thank you 🙂

  • Thank you, and you’re most welcome! 🙂

  • Ni

    HI Lori 🙂 Thank you for a beautiful post, and showing me everything I appreciate about myself. I have been following tiny buddha on Facebook, and am grateful for all the wisdom you share 🙂

  • You’re most welcome, and thank you for taking the time to write. =)

  • AHA

    Love this post! Remember as well that even the things we do for ourselves that may seem negative at the time, like being consumed with sadness and getting angry will have a beneficial effect on you or someone else. My expression of anger may inspire someone else to learn how to control their emotions better. Someones sadness can motivate people to be their most caring and remind themselves of the good they have within. Take ‘not dropping litter’ for a practical example- Someone elses dropped litter gives me the opportunity to pick it up and demonstrate to my kids, good citizenship and answer their questions when they say ‘eeew, why are picking up that bag mummy, its not yours?’ leading to them learning about the effects that bag, if not picked up, might have on wildlife and the planet. Appreciate yourself wholly and fully for better or worse because there is a powerful equilibrium at work 🙂

  • Debbie Tranter

    Ahhhh! I’m having a moment of realisation, appreciation and gratitude today for everything and everyone in my life. Love this article. It really resonates with me and is everything I stand for in my life. Sometimes life can get so busy it’s great to just stop, look around and count your blessings. It changes my mindset and helps me live in an attitude of gratitude. xxx

  • I’m glad you enjoyed this Debbie, and I appreciate that you took the time to write! 🙂

  • Lonnie_Kushking

    I think I found 32 things about me…. I’m an over-achiever and brutally honest.

  • Genevieve

    I’m a graduate student going through a bit of a difficult time in both my studies and my relationship at the moment. Your website is beautiful, and your posts have helped me find some peace and comfort. Thank you!

  • You’re most welcome, and thanks for taking the time to write. It means the world to me to know the site is helpful!

  • Gall Y. Orian

    I am happy to make your acquaintance ^_^

  • Likewise!

  • Charmaine

    Thanks for this positive blog! Exactly what i neeeded, really.

  • You’re most welcome!

  • irene

    Thank you for this. It was a great reminder that we should appreciate ourselves once in a while.

  • You’re most welcome, and thanks for taking the time to write, Irene. =)

  • Liza

    I enjoyed most of the blogpost. Specially the lists. I gave myself a hypotetical pat on the back 😉 But reading you “should acknowledge all the fortunate parts of your circunstances” and “appreciating the miracle of life” feels like you are patronizing. I got nauseaous. I continously experience an anxious, nervous wreck of a mind. Seriously, I have to lie down, put my head in the freezer or run screaming to shut it up. I do not appreciate that miracle of life. But I understand the word ‘appreciate’ doesnt have to mean to like, or value. It can mean to grasp the nature of it.

  • I am so sorry to hear about what you go through, Liza. I’ve struggled with anxiety, as well, and I know it isn’t easy.

    In the part where I wrote “Acknowledging the fortunate parts of your circumstances,” I was referring to the traditional Thanksgiving ritual of listing the things you’re grateful for. And where I mentioned “appreciating the miracle of life,” I meant that appreciating ourselves doesn’t need to be about appreciating that we are alive; rather, it can be about appreciating ourselves for all the good we do, for ourselves and others.

    I certainly did not intend to be patronizing!

    Sending good thoughts your way…

  • Vusala Safarova

    Hi Lori, hello everybody! I read something on the site on a daily basis, it feeds my soul. Thank you a million times for every story that I’ve read/will read.

  • You’re most welcome. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the site! 🙂

  • Jessica

    Hello Lori! Thank you for your wise and inspiring words, they mean a lot to me.

    Greetings from Sweden 🙂

  • You’re most welcome. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it! =)

  • Angel Saturn

    Hello and thanks for blogging. I enjoy reading and am encouraged. 🙂 Take care

  • You’re most welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed it! =)

  • Jessica Renè De Lane

    Hello,wonderful. Just help me realize how great I am and I should actually take credit and applaud myself. Also helped to show me that there is a lot more that I can do as well. Thank you

  • You’re most welcome. I’m glad it helped! =)

  • yahoo

    hi Lori,

    after reading your article I must say Take some time today to appreciate are so great dear….

  • Thanks so much! =)

  • papertiger

    Lori, I’m in the process of building an appreciation of myself so I don’t depend on the approval of others . I’m still looking for where the need for approval comes from, but your post helped me see ways to remind myself of when I notice that approval is an issue (and I think noticing that when the negative thoughts creep in is one of the the hardest things to do!). Thanks for this post, it’s still helping, what, 4 years later? And also, thanks for Tiny Buddha, it’s made a big difference in my life!

  • You’re most welcome! Thanks for taking the time to write. I’m so glad the site has been helpful to you. =)

  • beajaybrown

    Am so happy reading this.God bless’ve added smiles on peoples faces.God bless you. We should aslo appreciate God’s presence in our lifes which is the Holy spirit.

  • I’m glad you enjoyed it! =)

  • donte

    Thank you for this. I was feeling sad about my relationship with friends, I felt unappreciated but now after reading this I realize how awesome I am. And that its ok to appreciate myself even if others dont. Thank You, namaste

  • You’re most welcome. I’m glad it helped! =)

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    hello 🙂 great post!

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    love it, awesome pick-me-up for a cloudy day!

  • I’m glad you enjoyed it! =)

  • Coco

    Hi there! You can call me Coco. I’ve just recently found this website. I have extreme self-worth issues, among anger issues and others…well, let’s just say I’m quite a handful, hehe. This website makes me feel at peace and serene, and the things being said here strike home to me. I feel that I can understand them, and they can understand me. It’s a nice feeling, y’know?

    When I feel down, or have any problems, I come here, and read. This place has become my sanctuary. I’m glad I found it! Thank you to all the people here. I like and admire people like you and the others the best!

  • Hi Coco,

    I do know that feeling, and I’m so glad the site provides if for you! I’ve struggled with my own self-worth issues, and I know it’s not easy. I hope Tiny Buddha continues to be a sanctuary for you. =)


  • Sam

    I am on a quest to develop a better and more loving relationship with myself and I just recently came across this site. Thank you for helping me and so many others develop more love and appreciation for themselves. I’ve been pouring over this site for the last 30 minutes. This has been very insightful. Thank you!

  • You’re most welcome, Sam! I’m glad you’ve found it helpful so far. =)

  • Katerina

    Hi, thank you for posting that. It’s very inspiring to actually start appreciating oneself. There are more items I could check off on the lists you do for others and the world rather than what I should do for me. I was thankful for many things on Thanksgiving but not once did I mention myself. So thank you! And now that I found your blog, I’ll visit more often 😉

  • katerina

    I want to find a way to be happy on my own!!! I do a lot of things alone and it’s fine but if I could decide to either be with company or alone, I’d choose company. But we have to happy when alone as well. I’m getting there but still want to get to the point where I’m alone and just totally ecstatic 😉

  • tali

    Your post screams as opposed to speaking volumes. Need to read and digest. There is so much goodness in all of us,however,there is a difference in uncovering ways in which to perceive,modify and adapt seeking resources to set the stage. And there is the laid back attitude feeling nothing is wrong,casting blame upon those around or creating excuses why we decline change. What has been taken away is the attitude,lack of knowledge and patience along with effort we allow ourselves can either be permissive of growth or literally tear us apart . Team growth enjoyed discovery and reading your post

  • Milli

    Sometimes it’s hard to remember and appreciate the good things. I’m always thinking that i can do more! But your post really help me and make me realize that there’s a lot that i can be grateful today. Thank you very much!

  • I know what you mean, Milli. Sometimes I feel that way too. I’m glad this helped!

  • yenfen

    thanks a lot for sharing. I have some question. I have a friend that care me and accompany me when i’m in needed. I’m appreciate that she gave me all this. But, how to do to protect our relationship as i cannot lost her as my best friend.

  • You’re most welcome–I’m glad this helped! I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. Can you rephrase?

  • tipis

    Hi lori. If it was not for your last lines asking to connect I might not have made this comment here. So I all take this opportunity to thank you. I read regularly all the posts and during difficult times have also searched for specific articles. Almost all the times I have greatly benefited and been able to untangle situations for myself. I have often thought to myself what I would have done if not for your blogs. And yet somehow I shy away from connecting directly thinking it will just be another note and you sure are swamped by so many. But thank you so very much. I am sure you know this already but would like to add one more voice. I am absolutely grateful to you and your blogs. Although we are strangers in so many ways yet in such intimate ways I feel so shared and warmed by this website. It literally helps Mr change for the better and learn so much about living. I hope you continue this work for a very very long time as so many of us need this.

  • Hi Tipis,

    Thanks for taking the time to write, and you’re most welcome! It means the world to me to know Tiny Buddha helps people. I love being able to share myself here, and help others do the same. There’s no greater joy than knowing something you enjoy affects others for the better.

    Happy Monday! =)


  • Margaret

    I have always been lacking “me” time, at least mentally, exercise I do for my body, but I rarely appreciate my essence. I decided to change that and reading your article helped. Thank you! =)

  • You’re most welcome! I’m glad this helped. =)



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  • Kathy

    You resonated with me Tiny Buddha! You helped me, as I’m quite down today. Uplifting reading. Having an “issue” with a dear old friend … you helped me love myself. The main thing is, it’s amazing to feel loved & wanted. When a friendship begins to feel like hard work, and it does, you helped me remember “me” first.

  • I’m so glad this helped, Kathy. I hope you’re feeling better today!

  • Tony

    Hi Lori……Your Tiny Buddha has become my guide for living in this crazy new age. I am single and have struggled with anxiety and depression much of my life, but over the last year I have learned some wonderful new lessons and habits from reading from your blog.

    I recently had a tremendous financial setback that would have done me in a few years ago. It hit at a time when I had just turned 60, and I have felt particularly vulnerable since.

    Thankfully, I have Tiny Buddha when there is no support around, for I have found it to be the best support that one can find in these times.

    Thank you for your blog and for just being you!!

  • You’re most welcome, Tony. I’m sorry to hear about the financial setback – but glad you’ve found the support you need here! =)

  • Mona

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    Thanks a lot for sharing this. Im feeling

    Hugs from

  • You’re most welcome, Mona! =)

  • Rashmi Kumar

    Hi Lori: I have started following your blogs for the last few days. One of the first things I have learnt and have already begun doing is to forgive myself! And now, I am going to practice self-appreciation. It’s true that we can mother the whole world, it toughest to mother your ownself!

  • That’s wonderful, Rashmi! It’s so hard to do, I know, but such a healing, transformative practice. =)

  • Natalie Minas

    I really needed to hear this. I sometimes find myself in self loathing mode (especially after spending time with family) and I can’t ever shake it off as well as others seem to. My skin is super thin when it comes to puns or being the butt of jokes with my family (especially the women in my family) so this is very helpful to me in reminding me what my true purpose is. Thanks for the awesome intentions. I hand wrote them in my work journal so I can reference when needed.

  • You’re most welcome, Natalie! I know all about having a thin skin – that’s something I’ve had to work on as well. I’m glad this helped!

  • Tracie Crawford

    I have really enjoyed this post. I recently attempted suicide and have been told that my self-worth is non-existent. Your post pointed out things that resonated with me about myself. I am overcritical of myself and am now trying to become a better person both mentally and emotionally. Thank you for your words. You will never know how they have affected me.

  • Anastacia Korbelyak

    I absolutely adore reading your posts. I can relate with so many things! Keep doing the great job!

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  • Hello from LA! 🙂

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  • You’re most welcome, and same to you! =)

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  • You’re most welcome. Welcome to the site. =)

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  • You’re most welcome, Alex. I’m glad this helped!