4 Simple Mantras to Help You Stay Positive and Happy

“The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm.” ~Swedish Proverb

Mantra, according to the dictionary:

Any sacred word or syllable used as an object of concentration and embodying some aspect of spiritual power.

Mantra, according to Sirena:

Things I say to myself to help me deal.

There are times we all go through that just straight up suck.

During these times, it can be hard to think about anything other than what’s going on. We can become so consumed in our own misery that we often overshadow any glimmer of hope.

And although these times can seem endless while we’re in them, it’s through these crappy times that we learn the most about ourselves and receive some of life’s greatest rewards.

I can only say this after going through some of my own crappy times. You know, experiencing little things like breaking up from an engagement, being unemployed, questioning my sexuality, severing several friendships, wiping through my entire savings, and accumulating way too much debt.

All within the same year.


Through my own experiences of hopelessness, confusion, and doubt, I’ve learned to establish a few simple, but very effective phrases to help me stay positive and to keep things in perspective.

So now, whenever things cross my path that may initially seem unbearable, or if I begin to doubt myself, I just remember and repeat some of the following mantras:

1. Keep your head up and your heart open.

I repeated this phrase to myself over and over again after my aforementioned breakup. At the time, the last thing I ever wanted to do was to open myself up again.

After being with the same person for over 6 years (6 years!), I quickly realized that this kind of thinking wouldn’t get me far.

I trusted myself that if I just kept my head up and my heart open, good things would come into my life. And I’m glad I listened to myself.

I use this phrase both literally and figuratively.

By actually keeping your head up, smiling at people as they walk by, and keeping aware of your surroundings, you may notice something or meet someone that you potentially could have missed had your head been down.

When to use: During a break up, when you feel let down by someone, or when you feel betrayed or mistrust.

2. Go slowly.

With everything. Eating. Talking. Taking a shower. Driving. Even having sex.

I noticed when I was super-stressed out about things, I had a tendency to run around like a lunatic, doing several things at once, often times having to re-track my steps because I was so distracted that I left several things out.

I found that my projects, errands, and even my conversations with people became very watered down because I was rushing just to finish.

Now, whenever I feel like I’m rushing to just get things done, I slow down my pace, take a deep breath, and take my time with whatever it is I am rushing to do.

When we slow down, we can taste all the flavors in our food and we digest our meals better. We are better communicators when we talk slower, and we become better listeners.

Accidents? They wouldn’t happen as much if we weren’t in such a rush to get somewhere.

It’s quality over quantity.

When to use: When you are in a rush on the highway, when you’re rushing out to get lunch, or walking around the office, when you feel pressure from deadlines, or while you’re annoyed sitting in traffic.

3. Be easy.

Or in other words, don’t sweat the small stuff.

I realized that most of the issues that were giving me anxiety were completely out of my control, and they were usually things that wouldn’t matter five years, five months or even five minutes from the time.

Like freaking out that I didn’t have something to wear to a party, or stressing that I’d mess up choreography while teaching a class.

I learned to not get so worked up over the small things, stressing about matters that, in the end, really didn’t make a difference.

So, if you find yourself getting road rage from the guy that cut you off on the highway, let him be. Why get angry and stress yourself out over it? Just be easy.

Did someone on the train bump you as they walked by? Who cares? The cab is packed; it wasn’t her fault. Be easy.

When to use: When it’s 1 AM and you’re wide awake in bed, thinking about the next day’s to do list, when you spill on your new white tank top, or when the copy machine at work jams. Be easy. There are far worse things in life.

4. Let Sirena be Sirena (swap out my name with yours).

Most of us wear masks. And most of us are afraid to be ourselves, simply out of fear of judgment.

We take jobs we don’t really care for, stay in relationships we don’t genuinely love, and pretend to be someone different for everybody else.

I was there—I stayed in a relationship far longer than I should have and I avoided confronting my sexuality because I was so afraid of being judged.

And I’m telling you, it’s a heck of a lot easier to just be you—whatever that means, whenever, wherever.

While you’re too busy making yourself appear to be someone else, you kill yourself from the inside out. And it can be a long, slow and painful death to your soul.

Bottom line?  Accept yourself for who you are, and just be you.

This was the hardest lesson for me to accept, but the one that has given me the greatest clarity and direction in life.

When to use: Times when you are questioning yourself, when you feel outside pressure to do/be/say/act in a way that is not congruent with your true nature, or when you hold back from doing what you truly want to do because you’re afraid of being judged.

Since my “sabbatical” from life, which is what I’ve now jokingly nicknamed this year of despair I described earlier, I have made some dramatic and positive changes.

I have a job that I absolutely love, I am on track to pay off all of my debt by the end of this year, and I have accumulated a solid amount in my savings.

I’ve also re-kindled past friendships and made some awesome new relationships, while becoming grounded and confident in who I am.

These mantras helped me get to this point. Having them has been an effective trick to help me stay positive and on track.

What phrase does that for you?

Photo by The Glowing North Stars

About Sirena Bernal

Sirena is a pilates instructor and nutrition coach based out of Boston, MA. Her specialty is teaching women how gain more confidence, increase energy, and lose weight without dieting and excessive exercising. She blogs regularly on her site,

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  • Sasalool

    Hi Sirena

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us

    I liked the one about ‘keep your head up and your heart open’. it’s amazing how many opportunities we miss just because we were busy feeling miserable about our problems which most of the time are out of our control.
    I heard someone say ‘when you fall, fall on your back with your head up, so that you get up easier’

    the phrase that I use is ‘ no matter how long the night is, the sun has to rise. it’s nature’s rule!!”,

    Be positive, be kind, be yourself and live your life

  • Deena

    Thank you 🙂 

  • Anonymous

    I love this post! It’s such a good reminder to us all that we need to have our own set off mantras to help us with our day to day life. The one I find myself saying all the time is, “dont let them get your goat.”

  • Hey Sirena, being totally honest I’m often put off when I hear the word ‘Mantra’. Many times they seem to be just a collection of empty words but what you speak about here is gold! Rather than just a collection of empty words they’re principles for approaching life and I couldn’t agree more with every one of them. Thanks for taking the time to write 🙂

  • I love “go slowly.” I feel like so often I am running around like a crazy person – unnecessarily. I also find that when I slow down, I breathe! I make less mistakes and I enjoy more. Lovely post, thanks!

  • Rebecca

    I love these, particularly #4.  My mantra is currently “Live for a bigger purpose.”  It’s so easy for little things to take up all of the space in life, if we don’t have something big to live for and focus on already taking up that space.  Now, when I start to feel myself being frustrated or upset, I recreate for myself what my bigger purpose is in the context that I’m in (parenting, work, marriage, friendships, etc.) and take a look at how big whatever’s bothering me really is on the scale of what I’m “living for.”  It really helps me to set aside the trivial and get focused back on what’s truly most important to me. 

  • Rebecca

    I love these, particularly #4.  My mantra is currently “Live for a bigger purpose.”  It’s so easy for little things to take up all of the space in life, if we don’t have something big to live for and focus on already taking up that space.  Now, when I start to feel myself being frustrated or upset, I recreate for myself what my bigger purpose is in the context that I’m in (parenting, work, marriage, friendships, etc.) and take a look at how big whatever’s bothering me really is on the scale of what I’m “living for.”  It really helps me to set aside the trivial and get focused back on what’s truly most important to me. 

  • Julimonster

    Him, thank you for giving me “cause to pause” and think. The following is something I gleaned from a book & reworded so I could remember it as needed;
    ‘it is, in essence; 
    Tis better to forgive & forget 
    than to lead a life of bitterness and regret

  • Jennifer

    Oh man can I relate to a lot of this, especially the running around crazy anxiety bit.  I do that a lot and the funny thing is that I’m aware it wastes time to rush through everything (mistakes and all) and it’s not fun.  Sometimes it’s hard to pop out of that mindset.  I’m very fortunate that my children and boyfriend help remind me from time to time to slow down.

  • Cb

    just too good.. it was as if i was reading myself 

  • An excellent and succinct method of keeping things in perspective and not letting life overwhelm you. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  • Joshua

    I’ve always been a fan of Shogyo Mujo – nothing is permanent, all things are in a state of flux. 

    Today’s problems will be tomorrows tales. They won’t stay around forever no matter how annoying they are.

  • Great post! I’m currently going through a pretty rough patch and will keep all of these things in mind.

  • Kheisty

    Every one of these are excellent reminders for anyone and everyone.  This time of our lives, the economy, the global climate, we are so busy with the world around us that we forget us.  The world becomes so simple once we recognize the importance of taking care of ourselves in a calm, accepting manner.  Thank you, I enjoyed and needed this post.

  • Christiane

    Sirena, I can so relate to this article/post.  I have had so many losses beginning in 2007 including the suicide of my younger brother, severing a LTR and some friendships, leaving San Diego, CA and my son in San Diego (WTF was I thinking?..Was I thinking?), then moving to a city and state I hate, a lay off, losing my home of 19 yrs, and continuing on 3 yrs of unemployment now.  I am sorry for your losses.  You might enjoy  Jan Lundy, the author and owner over there gives us a way to approach such hardships with a great message of self care, self compassion and self love.  

  • Wow, thank you for sharing your story here!  That is an incredible amount of heavy stuff to handle all in one year, and you are so strong for getting through it all and being in such a positive place now!  I can relate to so much of this, and through my own crazy year of upheaval and crappiness, two things got me through… one was my amazing, awesome, gifted and incredible therapist and the other was Pema Chodron’s “When Things Fall Apart”. 

    In that year, I started using several mantras which I still use constantly.  The first one is just the word “open”.  In WTFA, Pema writes that after really hard/trying times, we can either harden or soften.  Hardening is the more familiar choice, because it’s easy to just close ourselves off and avoid being hurt again.  In the depths of my hardest times, I literally felt my heart open and I suddnely understood how connected we all are and how much, at any given time, so many of us are in deep pain and sadness.  When I say the word OPEN to myself, it’s a reminder to soften and stay receptive.

    Another mantra I use all the time is “things are neither good nor bad, they just are”.  I read about that concept in “Feeling Good” by David D. Burns and it really changed my whole outlook.  The only reason things are “good” or “bad” is because we label them that way.  It really made me stop and think about how much power I had to stay positive when things happen that seem “bad”.

    Words are incredibly powerful and mantras are such a good way to stay focused in times of chaos or stress.  What a fantastic article–this was a great reminder for me.  Thank you, Sirena!

  • jim

    very helpful and insightful comments.

  • Gaspablue

    thank you so much for this article. it couldn’t have come at a better time. a reminder that i WILL get through this rough phase of my life.

  • Kat

    Such a great post, thank you. I liked all four, so simple and so true. Some little phases I use whenever I feel out of alignment are “breathe”, “everything is ok”, or “be present”. 

  • Joshua, thank you so much for your comment.

    I love your phrase, nothing is permanent. Life is constantly in a state of flux. Live a river. Why try to swim upstream when we can just go with the current.

    Makes the journey so much easier 🙂

    Thanks again friend.


  • You most certainly will. I’ve learned that the harder, or more difficult a situation, the more important the lesson to be learned. 

    Keep your head up 🙂

    Thank you for your comment!


  • Hi Alannah,

    Thank you so much for your comment. Heavy is good way to put it! Funny, I feel so much “lighter” now that I’ve faced my demons. 

    I am going to check out WTFA and “Feeling Good” this weekend, they sound like books right up my alley. During my “sabbatical” there were a couple books that also helped: The Four Agreements and The Power of Now.

    I love the idea of openess. I love it! I’ll have to make it #5 on my list!

    Thank you again for your comment and kind words, I really appreciate it! Hope to stay connected.


  • JRN

    Thanks for the new mantras to add to my tools.  Right now I am stressing over finding a job in education 🙂  Good grief, I decided to do this NOW??  A phrase a friend reminded me of when I was focusing on a particular position was “This or Something Better” reminding me that there is more than my perception of what is right for me.  I also remind myself to keep a “soft stomach.” 

  • Hi friend,

    Thank you for your comment and your feedback. I love the quote you mentioned about falling on your back, so true! I’m going to write that on my white board in my room as a reminder to myself.

    Thank you again, and cheers!


  • You are very welcome Gil!

  • Hi Lisa – Yes, when we slow down, we make less mistakes, and we enjoy more.

    Thank you for your comment!


  • Be present. So true. 

    Thank you Kat 🙂

  • Thanks Jim!

  • Hi Kheisty,

    Thank you for your comment, and I’m glad you liked the post. You are so right — often times we get so caught up in the day to day grind that we forget the one thing that truly matters, and that is…ourselves!

    We put so much unnecessary pressure on ourselves, to just accept ourselves the way we are can be such a challenge. But once we do, it is so liberating!

    Thank you again 🙂


  • Thanks Amara! I hope they can help you as much as they’ve helped me. Keep your head up 🙂



  • Thanks Cb. I think on all levels, we can all relate.



  • Leading a life of bitterness and regret is a sure way to unhappiness.

    Letting go of resentment and anger helps us move forward in life.

    Thank you friend.


  • Live for a bigger purpose…I LOVE IT!

    So true. Even though we are 1 in over 6 billion on this planet, when we live for a bigger purpose, we become so much bigger than ourselves. 

    Thank you for your comment, Rebecca. Cheers 🙂


  • Thank you so much for your comment. I was a bit nervous to use the word mantra, since I find most people have pre-conceived notions about the term. 

    However, I think a mantra can be any word, phrase, thought, object or idea that keeps things in perspective. And really, I think we all have little things we may have inside that do just that.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate the feedback.



  • Don’t let them get your goat, too funny. I’m curious as to what that is in reference to?


  • You are very welcome, Deena 🙂

  • Anonymous

    preach, sister. 


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  • Anonymous

    I really like  #4! This week i’ve been really depressed about my sexuality, I lost someone I really cared about :/ Although it stings I know its better to be myself than change for someone else. Thanks 😀

  • Shanekarma

    Be the person you would like to be

  • Sirena, a gentle but life affirming post, thank you. Our mantras are our inner voice speaking so saying and sensing them speaks volumes to our mind, body, and spirit. I have a permanent simple one which covers all areas of my world and has transformed it, ‘My stunning life has arrived’. There’s not a day that doesn’t feel that way any more. Bliss you!

  • Anonymous

    The goat is a metaphor for your state of peacefulness.

  • Sonja

    Thank you for writing about these practical mantras. I’ve never really felt any connection with traditional Sanskrit-type mantras, so these are perfect! I especially like the “Go slow” one, because I also tend to rush through stuff when I am stressed, missing out on entire hours of my life because I’m only thinking about finishing whatever needs to be done.

    Also, it’s great to read that you are in such a positive place now! Congrats on being there and enjoying it!

  • Darren Chittick

    I learned that mantra translates from Sanskrit as two words from the two syllables… mind protection. We replace the constant rambling of the monkey mind with intentional phrases. It always helps me stay focused on the purpose for a mantra besides just a “feel good” practice. When my mind begins to think destructively, the mantra brings it back to safety.

  • My favorite one is ‘Live from your heart’

    I have been using this one for long time. It helps me to get  out my head and into my heart. It helps me to make better decisions for my life, relationships, friends, work, … Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Marc,

    Thank you for your comment, and Iove your mantra, live from the heart. 

    I think I’m going to compile a list of all the mantras here in the comment section, and post them on my blog. 

    Thanks again for your feedback, cheers my friend 🙂


  • You’re absolutely right Darren — mantras are a way to bring us back to us. Which is precisely what’s kept me on a positive road the last few years.

    Thank you for reading 🙂


  • Thank you Sonja! I appreciate the kind words and the feedback. I am in a very positive space and it only gets better as the days pass.

    We may not know it at the time, but our darkest periods give us are greatest gifts.

    Keep shining friend 🙂


  • Hi John,

    Thank you so much for your comment and your feedback. I love your mantra as well, and its so true. I find that most of us “wait” for life to happen. We’re waiting for some one, some job, or some circumstance to occur for us to finally live. 

    Makes me think of a Mary Olive quote a friend of mine just posted on my FB wall – ‘What are you going to do with your one wild and precious life?’

    I love your blog too, btw! Great stuff 🙂



  • Absolutely!

  • You’re very welcome. I hope that you find comfort in the mantras, and just be you, whatever that may be. Accept yourself for the beautiful person you are 🙂


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  • Jennifer

    I too have been through a lot of challenging situations over these past few years. My mother is still at odds with me for some of my decisions and still needs time to accept that I’ve moved on from my marriage. So while she periodically throws me a barb about how disappointed she is in me, I have to remind myself that she’s reacting out of worry and love and that “this too shall pass.” Reminding myself to stay centered and to rely on my own intuition helps me to avoid getting sucked into her negative energy. The biggest lesson I’ve ever learned in life was to stop ignoring my intuition!

  • Artsyassassin

    The phrase that helps me is a line from a song…..pick yourself up, dust yourself off, start all over again

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  • Virg

    Thanks for a great article. Reading tinybuddha articles are like mantras in and of themselves because they remind me to think positively and not let life’s challenges bring me down. So here are two mantras that I live by:

    Have faith in your efforts and your abilities: “Do what you can, accept what you can’t change and have faith that everything will work out in the end.”

    And have faith in the Universe and God: “Everything happens for a reason.” Look for the gift hidden in the people and events (small and large) that are placed in front of us…there is always something to learn.

  • Sunitajamindar

    in all complexities  to be positive 1 simple way is   to remember that nothing is permanent so be a child of god cause  a child while playing with a paperboat in water  it claps with joy when it sails but also claps even if it drowns  In Bhagwatgeeta Lord Krishna says ” SUKHDUKHE SAME KRUTWA LABHALABHOU JAYAJAY ” Balance ur  thoughtprocess in spite of any situation accept whater comes ur way as gift of lord then only u can be positive and can pass on same vibrations to others and help them to forget their sorrow

  • Cher

    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading this.  It really resonated with me right now (as I am going through a bunch of different things in my life).  Thank you for your inspiring words!

  • Hi Cher, I’m glad you enjoyed this article, and I hope you can find some solace in these, or any mantra that you come up for yourself. 

    Keep shining 🙂


  • Chrysacuity

    Lovely post. I will share this on my blog for our clients and friends to read. Thank you for sharing.

  • Thank you, I am so glad that you liked the post. 

    What is your website by the way?


  • Brittany

    Ah thankyou for sharing this.. It really struck a chord in me tonight reading this.
    My life has been to the sh*t and back. honestly. Even from childhood and I was always ‘waiting’ for this beautiful life to start, i lost my self.
    now with my mantras, I live the life I have always knew I would have.. and I have myself to owe it all to.
    This may sound crazy, but every situation always has a positive and I feel like there is a small dose of an ecstacy running through my blood 24/7 a day ever since this awakening happened. I love it. 🙂
    Brilliant post!

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  • Thank you Brittany, I’m glad you enjoyed it. 

    It doesn’t sound crazy at all that you feel a “high” from positivity. It’s a feeling that we don’t feel enough of, so when we do have it, it’s amazing!

    Keep shining girl 🙂


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  • Chochobnobs4643

    you just made me really smile and ive been stressing like i dunno what. thank you xxxx

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  • Louisa

    Absolutely beautiful article, Sirena!  I’ve repeated these phrases a few times now and already feel happier and more centered.  Who knew that these little things could have such an impact?

  • Thank you for these truly beautiful and simple statements for mindful living! I am so inspired by this and I am going to write these mantras and place them around my space to be reminded of the intentional life I choose to live.

    I loved this post so much I am linking to it in my blog tomorrow. Thank you again for the inspiration!


  • What an open minded write-up Sirena, being a buddhist, I also follow some of the tips and it really helped me a lot..Refuge in Buddha has provided me a blessed, calm mind now..

    Frankly be an open minded personality, love and let go. 

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  • Gowiththeguru

    Along those lines Sirena and all others here’s something i say and use often…Think like water – take the path of least resistance. Peace out.

  • Bradley verquer

    thank you for writing this i cant say this is any different from what others say but to me in my current life i can see how much this can help me what it canand will do so once again thank you

  • annie

    Rebecca – I am currently gathering mantras for a book on them: and would like to include your passage above. I have no idea if you will read this anytime soon but if you do, I am glad to include more information about you (your age, age(s) of children, your career, or anything else about when or how you use this mantra. You can contact me at Thanks and have a great day. ~ annie

  • annie

    Dear Sirena – Thank you for this great article. And the commenters really added to so much experience as well. I am grateful for it all. I found this article while researching a book I am writing (What’s Your Mantra?) and hope to include a few of those mentioned. Thank you for sharing your story and your wisdom! Aloha ~ annie

  • Hi Annie, thank you for the comment. Please feel free to use the mantras. Will you be crediting the authors? Also, would love to hear more about the book so I can recommend it to my clients, shoot me an email about it, would love to hear more! sirenabernal (at) gmail dot com.


  • sujit singh

    thank u

  • Steve Ward

    #3 Really stuck out to me.

    I could not agree more. You have to decide for yourself what is really worth stressing over. I developed a plan for this exact time of situation for those who are trying to cope with problems/challenges in their lives.

    It comes down to identifying a challenge and a nuisance and then implementing what makes you happy to move on past those challenges.

    Thank for sharing this very insightful post! It was well put together, and I will be recommending it to my fans.

  • “While you’re too busy making yourself appear to be someone else, you kill yourself from the inside out. And it can be a long, slow and painful death to your soul.” — Point taken!

  • Ita


  • Troy

    Thank you

  • smita


    thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am jobless since 4 months and still even struggling so much, i am in a very bad stage. I am not finding a way out. I really dont know whats happening in my life.


  • Amanda

    I suffer so much from anxiety and had trouble coming up with a mantra. I’m adopting yours because they’re so great! Thank you so much!

  • Shree Ram Pareek

    you are awesome observer of inner self… i m also a bit of that kind …but ur fourth idea is not that best …it is good …no doubt in that but smtimes it can contrast with ur first,second and third views …be yourself is good but smtimes we have to judge ourself also …sorry for criticising…

  • Shubhaang Vyas

    I am looking for an Instruction for having MERCURY in 4th part of prosperous (ζ Piscium) and moon in 2nd part of prosperous (ζ Piscium). Which is in the sign of JUPITER Pisces. Which is situated in 4th house of my HOROSCOPE… I am suffering from Asthma. I believe these stars are responsible. Especially Mercury. Would any body suggest what is best to do in this situation…

  • Guest

    I am suffering from this since age of 8 or 9…

  • Shubhaang Vyas

    I am suffering from Asthma since age of 8 or 9…

  • jiji

    its actually true Today’s problems will be tomorrows tales.

  • beau

    Sirena, you are a brave person and deserve the best. I going to apply these mantras because im going through a period in my life where I feel drifting from my faith because I havent seen the fruit of my efforts. Lately I have been defying and denying god because I tried for many years holistic practices that have made feel they dont work. I’m going through changes such as postpartum depression and career unsatisfaction which had brought so much pain in my heart and betrayal but as I regain strength I recognize there is no stopping point to my practices that there is no a perfect day where I will get a gold star and life is perfect and complete. I understand I have to work on my confidence more internally than externally so it can generate wisdom and trust wherever I go. I wish I was more positive and picture that perfect day with gold stars but for now another day alive is another day I made it. Another day to a possible happy and fulfilled life.

  • Georgia

    I love reading tiny buddha, this one in particular is inspirational, to think a few small words recited to yourself when things are tough would make a difference is great!
    Mine is from the movie Nemo. ‘Just keep swimming’
    Thankyou for all your simple wisdom for complex lives

  • na

    Can you specialize in teaching men to gain confidence aswell..! Great article/ thank you!

  • Lupe

    Thank you so much for sharing this! Wow I’m not alone when in reality I felt the complete same but for other circumstances. Its motivational and eye opening that change is good, be you nothing more or less. One step at a time that is all it takes..

  • Christopher Couldrey

    Hey Sirena,

    Thank you sharing your story, I can totally relate to it article so much at the moment.

    I just came out of a 4 year relationship and to be honest struggling at the moment, I am going to use your phrase “keep your head up and heart open”. I need to stay positive, happy and confident because I don’t want to be one of those people who just lays in bed and is just crying and thinking over and over again and just waiting to get her back.

    This has been helpful and thanks again.

  • EmpireAvalon

    “RELEASE” is my new mantra. 2 times a day for 20 minutes just repeat this with your eyes closed. Release, release, release. Stay strong friends.

  • EmpireAvalon

    Thank you for sharing! Great reminder and great thoughts!

  • rodney

    My name is rodney I’m 20 yes of age and after reading this it is the blessing I was bound to find my head goes not hurt for once in a very long time I’m going to be my self and love my life thank u to this writer u have started what can be a begging of a new life thank u so much

  • cookiemonster87

    You just wrote my Life story! LoL… Its amazing how standing in our truth with a pure dose of positivity can heal us from the inside out. I have a long way to go as far as rebuilding my Life but without a doubt speaking my mantras and affirmations is what got me out of the toxic hole I was in. I love your story and I’m bookmarking it for future reference. Namasté.

  • jai

    Hi Alannah ,

    I totally relate to it . I am in the epicentre of the exact same storm . I hope by this year end I can post on this forum about how I over came . until then . thanks for sharing this

  • jai

    Pardon me for addressing the wrong person . thanks sirena

  • Keyanna

    “Go slowly.” Those two words really resonate with me.
    “Go slowly…”
    Thank you Sirena.

  • jaya

    Hats off to you! I was,sulking n going crazy over why,my boyfriend of 2 years said he couldn’t love me the way he did before n dint see a future for us together. And now you’ve given me strength to keep,going n be,happy n,positive. What you’ve been through was a lot n still you are so awesome. Comparatively I’m sulking over nothing.
    Thank you for the immense strength!!

  • Misty Eliason

    Thanks so much for these. I’m working on a talk to give to nurses next week “Provider Burnout” and I came upon your wisdom on tinybuddha. beyond being helpful for my talk, I’m going to incorporate some of these mantras into my life. Do you mind if I reference these in my talk?

  • Jayasudhasri Jaiganesh

    Hello Sirena,

    You got it right for this part : Let Sirena be Sirena (swap out my name with yours). I have had numerous problems in not talking about what I wanted to , in fear of Judgement. But nowadays I have learnt to not give a thought about what others think and do what I feel is right. You are absolutely right, being yourself is a big boon that you can give yourself.

  • Calliope Vouet

    I liked this. I’m facing so much at once right now, but this hit home 100%. You are a beautiful person. Thank you.

  • Sanka

    A soul quenching article . leaving anyone refreshed. Thank u.

  • john percy

    Hi sirena
    Please when I am saying my mantra continuously and distractions crop into my mantra what do I do to overcome that distraction.thank you