Book Giveaway and Author Interview: 52-Week Life Passion Project

52-Week Life Passion Project

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It’s not easy to do something you’re passionate about for work—and not only because it’s hard to discover your passion or find a job to leverage it.

Once we know what we love to do, we then need to work through all kinds of limiting thoughts, beliefs, and fears that may prevent us from taking action. Then we need to decide what that action should be—how and where to start, and how to stay motivated.

It’s with this in mind that coach and blogger Barrie Davenport wrote the 52-Week Life Passion Project, an insightful, comprehensive guide to identifying what you really want to do and building your life around it.

I’m excited to share an interview with Barrie, and grateful that she offered to give away 5 books for Tiny Buddha readers!

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The Interview

1. What inspired you to write the 52-Week Life Passion Project?

In my work with my coaching clients and listening to my readers’ comments, I’ve learned how daunting the idea of finding your passion can be for people. It feels like such an overwhelming prospect without any clear direction.

During my own search for my life passion, I was floundering for months in my attempts to figure it out. And there are so many fears and perceived roadblocks to finding your passion.

Through my own life passion search, as well as my long career in public relations supporting my clients’ passions, and my work as a coach, I’ve formulated a system that breaks down the process to help people learn more about who they are, what their deepest desires are, and what is holding them back from making those desires a real part of their lives.

I wanted to help simplify and streamline the process for people. So that inspired me to write the book.

2. Why did you choose to write it as a yearlong guide?

As much as I’d like to say finding your passion is a quick fix, for most people that isn’t the case. If you’ve reached adulthood and haven’t found your passion, then you likely have years of entrenched beliefs, fears, or even apathy around the notion of having a passionate life.

My system for helping people uncover and live their passion is a holistic approach involving all areas of a person’s physical, mental, and emotional life.

During the process, you make huge shifts in your thinking and attitudes. And you work on some very specific actions to move you forward. I wanted to break down this work into manageable chunks so the process would be less overwhelming, and offer readers the time to digest what they are learning.

So much of the change goes on in between lessons as you examine parts of your internal world you may never have examined before.

3. Why do you think so many people struggle in identifying a passion they can turn into a career?

Fear. Our minds tend to jump immediately to all of the possibilities for failure and disaster. What if I fail? What if I lose all of my money? What if I’m too old or not capable?

So many people begin a career for reasons that have little to do with their passion. Either they were nudged in that direction by well-meaning parents, or they followed a career path based on income potential, or maybe they just landed in the career by total chance.

Then the years go by, you are making a decent salary, maybe you have a family or other financial obligations, and boom—you feel stuck. Then over time you realize how unfulfilled you are in your career. But it feels like you have no options. So why even bother trying to identify a passion if you can’t afford to make a change?

But I have found if you just begin to search for your passion, and you find a way to make it part of your life—even outside of your career—the enthusiasm and joy your passion provides opens doors for career opportunities.

When you have that momentum and energy of real enthusiasm for something, you find creative ways of making the seemingly impossible possible in your life.

4. In a challenged economy, many of us might consider passion a luxury. Do you think anyone can do something they love for a living?

Yes and no. There are so many variables in everyone’s individual situation that impacts this. Timing and priorities in life will certainly impact whether or not someone can pursue their passion right now.

Finances, relationships, and lifestyle goals all must be considered in your decisions around changing your career. However, when you find your passion, often your priorities change. What was once important in your life might diminish in importance when you find something really fulfilling and exciting.

There are times in life when we must make the conscious decision to stick with our job even if we don’t like it. Maybe you have a goal to pay for children’s college, or you are trying to save a cushion of money in order to pursue a passion. The decision to do that should be a conscious one, and with an end goal in mind, not just a fallback position.

And while you are marking time in a job you don’t like, you can still pursue your passion in other areas of your life. The joy of spending some time with your passion can compensate for a less-than-stellar job. It can provide a creative and emotional outlet that offsets the stress or unhappiness of a career you don’t like.

5. In the Chapter Seven, you encourage readers to march forward in the face of fear. What advice would you give to someone who wants to take a risk but fears they won’t be able to support themselves and their families if they leave their current job?

Pick apart each individual fear and find out how much truth there really is in it. If you are afraid of losing your money, ask yourself if you have a history of making poor financial decisions. Review your finances and see in reality how long you could go before being out on the street.

Create a real plan for saving or making extra income to provide a cushion as you pursue your passion.

We are all resourceful, intelligent people capable of figuring out how to get things done. If you take small, manageable steps in the direction of your dream, addressing any real issues as they arise, and avoid ruminating on “what ifs,” then you can find a way to make real change in your life.

The unknown always involves some amount of risk and fear, so a little fear will always sit on your shoulder, but if you have done all you can to address any real issues related to your fears, then eventually you must take action in spite of it.

6. In the chapter on financial freedom, you suggest that it may be a lot closer than we think. Can you expand on that?

Financial freedom requires having your basic needs met and some of your wants—perhaps your wants related to your passion. But the things that truly make us happy don’t cost a lot of money. Material things and fancy toys don’t offer sustained happiness.

If you look around you right now, you will discover that you already have many of the things that provide sustained happiness—relationships, health, access to nature, opportunities for learning, growth, and meaningful endeavors.

We are already wealthy in so many ways, but we can’t see it when we are focused on filling our lives with extraneous activities or struggling toward goals that provide little return in sustained happiness.

7. What do you define as “low hanging passion fruit”—and why should we reach for it?

The low hanging passion fruit is the most obvious place where you will find your life passion. For many people that is a career. But it can also be an avocation, volunteer pursuit, relationship, or lifestyle change.

I have readers examine their own life circumstances for the most obvious place where they will find a strong interest that can evolve into a passion. You must start somewhere in your search—with something you can test and practice to see if it is your passion.

We often know intuitively what we want, what our passion might be. And usually it is right before our eyes. We just don’t reach for it and take a bite. The only way to know if something is your passion is to taste it—to try it out.

8. What advice would you offer to someone who wants to follow this yearlong guide but feels hesitant, doubtful, and scared to give it a go?

You have nothing to lose. The exercises outlined in the book aren’t going to trap you in a situation that threaten your security or force you to do something you don’t want to do.

Even if you decide you can’t or don’t want to pursue your passion, the work you do through the exercises in the book will help your personal evolution and understanding of yourself. This is all positive, life-affirming work. So there is really nothing to fear.

Learn more about the 52-Week Life Passion Project on Amazon.

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  • Megsactly

    I’m passionate about teaching art to kids!

  • Thanks for this interview Lori/Barrie…I’m at that point in my life (nearly 49) where I’m completely over doing what I’ve always done (office work – blah!!) and want to pursue something more meaningful for myself and others…I have a few ideas… BUT there’s the problem of how do you live (rent, food, car, etc) while you’re getting your passion off the ground if you haven’t financial backing behind you and need to work full time to get by? THAT’s my biggest BUT that’s holding me back. Barrie, your book sounds fab and covering 52 weeks, chunking it down into bite size bits makes it very practical and do-able. I would like to develop my passion for travel/photography and personal growth into a workshop to inspire others 🙂

  • Nupur

    I’m passionate about home cooking- such a simple thing, but it has the power to bring together to bring together families and communities, and to feed body and soul.

  • I’m passionate about my rats and for travel although I can’t do the latter very often.

  • laurieR

    Great intervirew. I love these questions too. My psssion is around coaching folks to be free to be who they really are.

  • Skinnamoncoast

    I love writing, but my current project intimidates me. Working on that!

  • Mark

    I’m passionate about teaching in service of Self Observation and stress reduction…just not quite sure how it can be channeled in the best way for me.

  • Jess Melgey

    i’m passionate about wide open spaces.

  • I’m passionate about the new business I started 1 year ago today with a friend. It’s outside of my “comfort zone” and deals so much with the public and tourism, but it’s truly a passion and one that I’m excited to build on in 2013!

  • MichiganLibraryGuy

    My passion is in sharing books with others, from preschoolers in Story Time to adults who happen to be standing next to me in any line! I’m a librarian son of two librarians and I’ve been crazy about books for over 40 years. I carry lists of books to buy, to read, and to share. I have one called “Dave’s Faves” that I have to keep printing due to giving it away! I can’t wait to read Barrie’s book and I’m on the library’s waiting list for your book too Lori! Thank you for the many wondrous tips you have passed along in your blog. I read faithfully.

  • gayla

    I have thousand of interests but don’t know what I am passionate about. I kind of always thought they were the same thing. I would love this book so I can figure out what interest (s) is my true passion. I know it’s there somewhere I just don’t know how to get to it!

  • Meg-Colored Glasses

    I’m passionate about writing (blog and fiction–I wrote a novel!), and about music, singing and writing songs, solving puzzles and add to that a real love for feline rescue/rehab. I sold my business in 2011 to escape a debilitating rut and have never been happier, more scared or more unsure to be looking for the next step on the road! And I love that I found TinyBuddha to help me on that road. 🙂

  • Kelly

    I’m passionate about veganism and cruelty free living. I try to live this passion not only for myself, but by offering knowledge and information to those interested. It never feels enough, but I keep going, it means too much to me not to.

  • Atreau

    I’m passionate about films.

  • Listeningloud

    I am passionate about making magic for my family and friends but also strangers and colleagues. There is so little magic sometimes and it’s so easy to make. Whether you leave a wreath on someone’s door, or pay the tool booth for the guy behind you. OR just smile and engage with your eyes. Showing love and acceptance. When I die, I want those who know me to remember the magic I made for them.

  • Erica

    I’m passionate about so many things – I’m not entirely sure which path I’m supposed to take. Composing, film, writing, singing…..some guidance would be wonderful. 🙂

  • Kisses

    I have always found myself there for others. People seem to turn to me to help them through hard times and trust what I say. Now I am thinking of counselling training, to learn how to do this better and also keep something back for myself (sometimes I forget!)

  • Tami Morse

    Passionate about seeing the natural world in all its beauty and variety, so passionate about travel; passionate about singing; passionate about finding hidden gems and sharing them (old historic trails and sites, obscure bits of lost wisdom, surprising delightful experiences like that tiny restaurant on the corner that turns out to be great!)

  • Jo

    Hi just come across this website – it’s fantastic! I’m passionate about life and getting the most out of it and would love to read the book.

  • Jo

    Hi I just came across this website – it’s fantastic! i’m passionate about life and getting the most out of it and would love to read the book.

  • I have a passion for health and fitness. It developed through my own self discovery and mistakes. I love to help others and share what i learnt along these years ! I am intrigued by the correlation between health and inner spirit. I am grateful for all that is around me and becoming more and more aware of the power of our own thoughts. Thank you – life is beautiful ! 🙂

  • I am passionate about helping children with autism lead more meaningful lives.

  • I’m passionate about writing and archaeology and would love to find a unique way to combine them! I’m also a great fan of Barrie’s. She’s got such a lovely presence and great approach to finding one’s passion(s). Thanks for the interview, Lori.

  • Becca

    I am passionate about reading!

  • I am passionate about criminal defense and defending the Constitution!

  • Phil

    I am passionate about nutrition, and following a plant based diet. Through this my health is slowly returning.

  • Becky

    My Passions are… Yoga, healthy foods,smoothies, my best friends , laughter, smiles, positive people, going to art and craft shows and concerts!

  • My passion is in mentoring others. Seeing someone grow and develop right before your eyes is priceless!

  • My passions are traveling, learning and helping people… My dream: to combine them all together 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I am 46 and have yet to find my life’s passion. I could really use this book!

  • Cluey Suey

    My passion is making arty farty crafty things. People with PASSION make for interesting people 🙂

  • impendingjoy65

    Stepping into the courage to be visible this year with my dream…that is happening by embracing my servants hearts and stepping out of me me me me…can you hear the tuning up on that? Old song…this year, servants heart rises.

  • Izziebb

    My passion is listening to live music& dance as well as just getting to know people. My dream is to inspire people to make something out of their lives and pursue their dreams. I have no idea how to get there yet.

  • Daffy47

    44 and still trying to find what it is. There are things that feel good, but I can’t seem to find that one thing to make me burn with enough passion to chase and make real.

  • Too ready for disaster preparation in thoughts, dwindling courage to do, try and venture. I am at a crossroad too!

  • andrea

    I am passionate about starting over. 2012 was a tough year and I am hopeful that info gathering through meditation and reading sites like this will further me along……

  • juliana m

    be with animals, i love them and they teach me a lot, and looking for a job that gives me passion

  • Kristen

    I am passionate about communication. All forms of human communication fascinate me!

  • Dea Divina

    I am passionate about human conscioussness and how we can expand it to evolve and make the world a better place!!!

  • Jerry

    I’m passionate about the fact that there too many people & everyone wants some stuff, & there’s only so much stuff. It can’t keep going this way & have humanity survive.

  • neildsachs

    my passion is AWOL….

  • my passion is design for good. I love to do design that inspire others and hoping for a change. Seeing my design inspires people life and action is the best feeling in the world~ hopefully i could achieve that and further to use my passion in my job or anywhere else. I am afraid to loose this passion especially with other jobs in hand and striking for living at the same time.

  • Sarah

    Still a little more searching for the big passion in life, but I’m enjoying the ride!

  • NotSoRusty

    My passion is to restore classic cars to their original glory…

  • Meg

    Food + Sport. My two major passions. Still working out how to combine them and follow my intuition.

  • mir

    I’m still searching for what I’m passionate about.

  • Michelle Arsenault

    I am passionate about ideas! It doesn’t matter if the great idea is to improve something at my work, a way to solve a problem or a fun concept for my writing – ideas have a way of lifting me out of a slump when I feel ‘stuck’ and out of sorts.

  • Ema

    crafts and animals and I want to be able to allow myself to spend more time with them xxx

  • I am passionate about helping others find ways of being of service to the world in a way that fills them with joy. And jelly babies. Great interview, I’d love to get a copy of this book. Much love, Paul

  • leo

    Yolo.. So I think I’ll just leave a comment saying hello to all of you. I love reading tiny Buddha and please keep on producing good content.

  • Yevgeniya

    I am passionate about life! Work, service, teaching, learning, moving, healing, creating.

  • Beck

    My passion is helping people, I am just about to start my coaching/mentoring certificate and I am really excited to be finally following my dream career. My other passion is healthy food which goes together with a healthy mind 🙂

  • I lost sight of my passion years ago due to abuse. I know the passion’s there somewhere and I would love to find it again.

  • Michelle

    I am passionate about being the best mom to my 2 beautiful girls! I am learning to meditate, and take my control back for My Life. My girls need to know positive power!

  • Maria

    I am passionate about many things;primarily setting a goal and watching it turn out always feels great. Since I generally feel a bit scared in daily life, it is thrilling to watch a goal take shape and eventually find its realization in life.

  • Inspire-Me

    Because i won’t tell you what you want to hear, i will tell you what i think and that is the reason you should send me your book.

  • Barb

    I will likely buy this book for a different reason that finding a career passion. I am facing retirement and not sure how I want to fill my days and I suspect this book might be useful for that too!

  • Grandpamike

    After changing careers four years ago & gaining custody of three grandchildren, this book might be a way to help me stay on track!

  • Laynne

    Passionate: dedication, strong emotion for… I’m passionate about improving myself. I have so much dedication in making my appearance better & my life better. But it makes me sad. I don’t think I have a good or healthy passion. I am never satisfied & the emotions are strong.. I don’t do it intentionally, but I’d like to intentionally learn to be passionate about something else. Direct my dedication & emotions towards something that’ll make me happy.

  • I’m a passionate maker–crafts, foods, art–and I use these to show much love and appreciation for others.

  • SandraG

    I’m passionate about finding out what I am passionate about!

  • ChosingMyPath

    Wow. So I just found this site 2 days ago and I am just now struggling with this vary decision. 3 months ago I found the courage to leave my executive level job that I’ve worked my whole life to get. I took on this career because I believed it would financially support me since I had no family to fall back on. I needed to make it on my own. I have. I like my job but I felt I needed a break. It took me four years to take the break! I was and still am terrified of what to do next. Return or chose to pursue my passion which I know will never pay as much.

    You mention above that a happy place might be to return to my career and ensure my passion is part of my life in some way maybe not in a monetary way. I identify with chapter seven mentioned above as I seem to have fear as my best friend these days. He is a hard one to get rid off.

  • Crystal

    Hello there, I’m very passionate about my Art, I’ve been drawing and painting since I was 13 and have always felt that I am meant to help and share my art with people. I know it’s my life path. Art helps me see myself in a whole new way, it’s very meditative and soothing to the soul. Keep up the wonderful work that you do here, I love the emails I get everyday it’s inspirational. Have a great day!!

  • Rachel

    I am passionate about raising my new baby holistically and eating organic food. I am passionate about disease prevention and everyone getting off all the medication. We are a too heavily unnecessarily medicated society and do not get down to the root of our problems.

  • Renee

    Writing, making jewelry, taking photographs – almost anything creative is a passion for me. Looking to spend time doing all of these things in 2013, and addressing any fears around pursuing those as potential sources of income.

  • Kyle

    This is a path I’ve been on for a little over a year now. I changed careers and relationships in pursuit of my true passion. I’ve changed my eating, exercise, and spiritual habits. I’ve changed the way I spend my free time. Despite all this, I know I still haven’t found my passion. It is not an easy path, and it is definitely one that is fraught with all sorts of self doubt and feelings of inadequacy. I continue to push forward and thank you for your help on this journey.

  • Peter

    I’m passionate about the teachings on the mind, coaching, psychology and interior design and decoration. I find it difficult to find out how to make a living out of it and therefore I would be glad to get help in form of the book: 52-week Life Passion Project.
    All the best,
    Peter from Denmark 🙂

  • Catharine

    I’m passionate about traveling and visual art. I’ll be spending the next year in Buenos Aires on exchange as part of my love of travel, and I really hope to be able to get back into painting while I’m there :). It’s going to be scary, but worth it. I really hope to win this book since if I don’t I’m probably just going to buy it anyway lol. 🙂

  • Matt


  • Corrye

    I am passionate about living the best life for me, my family, and my kitty cats. 🙂

  • Shirley

    I’m passionate about my photography. I love transforming a simple photo into something that represents a part of my life. Every photo I have taken has represented a feeling or memory about how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful world. I use them as collective memories that represent me so I never forget how lucky I have been. They are not perfect but they are me.

  • hi i’ve refound my passion for drawing and making cartoons about my everyday things , ones that make me happy or sad and as i suffer from depression this has helped so much thankyou little buddah for allowing me to find you when i needed guidance the most and i look forward to all my emails from you, with your help and alot of hard work from me 2013 is going to be a great year thankyou for listening to my ramblings xx

  • Rebecca

    I feel that 2013 is filled with uncertainty and undiscovered territory for me. I am very clear about the things that I am passionate about, but I’m letting obstacles get in my way. I’m scared because I know that pursuing my passions may bring about big changes in my life for me and my children. But I’m taking it one breath at a time.

  • Seb777

    Cooking!!! It’s my form of meditation.

  • Merlyn Perez

    Sounds like a great book. I want to discover what my true passions are. I hope I win.

  • Kristina

    I am passionate about travel and seeing what this world has to offer. I am passionate about seeing and exploring beyond my own bubble. I am also passionate about discovering exactly what I want to do with the rest of my life.

  • denise

    I’m passionate about life

  • I’m passionate about the UK which is why I lived there and started my blog but I’m also passionate about travel in general. I’m 45 years old and near a point in my life where I’m considering a big move and a big change. This book may convince me to finally take the leap!

  • Hello

  • Janice

    Hi…I am passionate for scuba diving. Not matter what has happened that week, jumping into the water and seeing the delights, wonder and the power of the sea puts everything into prospective.

  • Pat

    I’m passionate about yarn and every textile art. I love to knit and create my personal patterns. I think I’m creative but sometimes I can still feel some kind of blockage. Even if my family knew I was very passionate about that, they just thought of it as a “hobby”, nothing serious. My regret is that I did not follow my real passion and wasted away decades studying and working in other fields just because the world outside convinced me it was just a hobby and not a path to follow.

  • Khurty

    I am passionate about putting an end to child slavery and sexual abuse.

  • I am struggling with where to start, and even how to start my life goals, true desires and wants. The preview on Amazon is simply amazing, I love the way it was written and the questions are really deep

  • Kelsey

    I am passionate about protecting nature and the earth! Which is why I am an environmental scientist

  • galeainvegas

    I am passionate about gender, travel and living an earthier life. I recently quit my corporate job, moved countries and am back studying. It’s nice to let go, change and follow your heart & path.

  • kylie

    I am passionate about being an entrepreneur, and selling the things that I make or fix with my own two hands. I am over the top for restoring vintage furniture, and also create sculpture and pastel art. Being in the studio, connects me with who I am and who i want to be. I face some physical limitations currently, and i struggle with how to realize these dreams I’m wholly committed to; yet trying not to worsen my health either. I know i can do it…. So i just keep going! Ive been successful with furniture but I cannot lift or manipulate such heavy items anymore, so im trying to adapt. <3

  • kylie
  • Saudamini

    Hi, even as I’m looking at find an all consuming passion in my life- something that defines who I’m, my current passion (if it can be called one) is to live with my arms spread out :).

  • Natasha M

    I’ve always been envious of those who can identify what they’re passions are. I don’t have one passion…I’ve always liked to do many things: reading, creating/designing, traveling, baking, cooking, cake decorating. I have many other things I would like to try, like learning how to play the cello and learning yoga but in the end, I am still searching for my one true passion. Maybe I’m meant to have many?

  • Aimee

    I’m passionate about living & experiencing life and using my artistic eye to capture it all. I used to think that once I reach a certain amount of financial stability and own high end, brand name stuff it meant that I succeeded and was living the American dream. Now, I realize that it’s all empty. The reason why I am so passionate about life is because I truly want to discover myself and just…. BE. Be complete with who I am and who I am not. With that being said, I wish to travel the world (solo if I have to) and meet amazing people and see all the beautiful sights and just experience the beauty of life!

  • PJ

    I’m not sure what I’m passionate about right now. I’m struggling with just that. I would like to read the book to see if it could help.

  • Ren

    I feel stuck…reading tiny buddha every day is helping thank you to all the writers – I’ve always wondered how to go about finding a job I feel passionate about. I will get this book for myself thanks for doing a write up on it 🙂

  • I’m passionate about creating open space in my life.

  • lauren gunter

    I am passionate about education. I think everyone should enjoy a cheap, but thorough education.

  • Kelsey

    Hello. Still finding out about my passion. I think it may have something to do with children and writing?

  • 2013 – I’m passionate this year about being deliriously happy. Working towards that goal daily.

  • Melissa L

    I am passionate about teaching and travelling, and when I combine them it is excellent! I love being able to ignite a spark in the minds of our worlds’ future. Travelling brings me peace and comfort.

  • I am passionate about my photography and I would love for it to become my career and main source of income, but in the mean time I have a 9-5 job that I rely on. It’s a scary thought to go into business for myself and give up the benefits of my civil servant job (healthcare, retirement, dental, etc…), so I’ve been in the process of figuring out how to make the transition and let go of certain securities while creating my own.

  • Kelly Darke

    My passion is art : creating my art and helping others heal through my work as an art therapist

  • I really need some passion in my life. I don’t even know what I would/could be passionate about. I’ve been taking care of everybody else’s needs and wants for so long, can’t even remember what used to excite me…

  • I am passionate about adventure. Getting amongst nature in the outdoors is revitalising and helps create even more passion. You then know where your priorities are and you know what things make you smile.

  • Gabriel

    I have so many passions… I love arts, architecture, computers, reading, getting involved in social issues… I love to scream GOOOOL and hug random strangers when my favorite soccer team scores in the last minute. I love traveling, drawing, sleeping after lunch on sunday and walking barefoor on the grass.

    There’s just so much I’m passionate about that my issue is finding a way to be in touch woth all of those. That’s why I think this book can be very valuable to me 🙂

  • Sometimes I find it hard to know what I want – this book could help

  • I am passionate about my Yoga Teacher Training, and the life journey I am on with the love of my life, my wonderful Husband!

  • I am passionate about writing. I am a poet longing to be a novelist. I always have these great plans for really diving into it, then life happens. It’s sad because writing comes naturally to me. I don’t want to always just be a dreamer…

  • jen

    I am pursuing education toward a career change after sixteen years and am afraid, after moving forward, it isn’t my passion.. I want to be sure.

  • Wren

    I’m still working on what I’m passionate about 🙂

  • Emma

    I am passionate about getting others to see challenges in life in a different light.

  • I am passionate about writing more books, drinking more tea, becoming fluent in French and Japanese, taking more photographs, reading more books, visiting more art museums: in short, I am passionate about my colourful Life and I want it to continue!

  • Kathi Thomas

    I am passionate about spending 2013 to find my true passion…sounds like this book would be a big help!!

  • frecklebeach

    I am passionate about working with at-risk kids.

  • Change, change in all forms, change for good, change for better. I am passionate about healing and helping others, but I do not know where my path will lead as of yet. I have a goal with not very much direction. I want to travel, see the world, experience the world in all it’s beauty.

  • Lisa

    I am passionate about integrating nonviolent language in my discussions with others

  • Emeraldturqouis

    My passion is dancing. But unless you have been dancing ballet since you were 3, it’s really hard to build a career. So dance is probably always just gonna be a hobby for me.

  • Kanedroppings

    I’m not sure what I’m passionate about but this sounds like an amazing book!

  • I’m passionate about losing 25 lbs by May! 🙂

  • Currently, I am passionate about knitting lace. There is something very soothing and meditative about it, as well as creating a very intricate and delicate item out of lovely fibres. It has helped me through some rough times of late, and helped me remember my centre. Blessings. (Retweeted too via @heathwitch!)

  • Alex Meloccaro

    I am passionate about a career in Medicine. It’s taken 3 years to officially take the step and apply for medical school again but I now know I am on the right track. I would love to follow this book over the next 52 weeks!

  • Kat

    I’m passionate about being a positive person, writing, performing improv comedy, and giving back to the community.


    İm passionate about doctors. İ wanna be a doctor so i can help people by just doing operations as an awesome surgeon, i always wanted to be. Why am i so passionate? Because doctors dont just look at the differences between life and death, between living and dead from the inside, they SEE it and feel it. İ Want to see and feel it too so i can stay positive and help other people

  • Erika Chotai

    I am so passionate about writing, and flowers and arts!

  • alfdjones

    Hello, I am passionate to do things related to basic education / education for children. I hope someday I can involve more in this in my own country. 🙂

  • Dale

    I’m passionate about animals: protecting them from cruelty or abuse, and when homeless or in need, helping them find forever homes. I post and cross post a lot of notices on facebook regarding animals needing new homes or help getting out of shelters, including posts from rescue groups and animal shelters. My aim is to get the word out to as many people as possible about specific animals so they can be adopted or rescued. I don’t expect everyone to be able to adopt an animal, but if shared with friends and family, co-workers, neighbors, etc., it helps an incredible amount in finding these animals a home. Cheers, and thanks. xoxoxo

  • wow this book looks amazing. i am taking some leaps of faith right now and terrified, I can imagine reading this weekly would help to keep me moving forward.

  • TrevorML

    I am… passionate about passionate about love for my partner, passionate about family, passionate about the environment, passionate about inner peace, passionate about inner silence, passionate about being passionate.

  • Eric

    Hello 🙂

  • Daviz Pham

    More than anything, i’m passionate about helping others achieve their goals and sharing in that feeling of fulfillment when they succeed. I love seeing happy people.

  • Tina E

    I am passionate about helping other people with disabilities in the process of learning skills to promote independence and our collective following of our hopes and dreams.

  • Glenda

    This book sounds wonderful. I have two passions- visual art and music, and have been especially interested lately in finding ways to blend them.

  • I’m passionate about traveling to warm places!

  • TiffGaul

    I’ve lived 34 years wishing that I had a passion so strong that I pulled at me no matter the circumstance. I’ve never had that, never felt that. The closest I’ve come is a passion for Italy. I was at home and comfortable there for two months and I spend a lot of time wishing to be back there. Passion is a hard think for me to find so far!

  • tiffany

    I’m passionate to restart my life on this commencement in 2013. The past has been wiped out, and I really need to gather more insights, info and methods on how to successfully carry out my resolution.

    52-WEEK LIFE PASSION PROJECT is my only hope for 2013, a new beginning!

  • wim

    Passion for people and their talents hopefully last a life time. Thank you so much for inspiring me.

  • catherine

    The first goal that rang true for me in 1984 was to become fully actualised- to be all that I am capable to be..It seemed so far away from where i was at the time.And the second , after hearing Elizabeth Kubler-Ross speak in 1986, was the resolution to die with no regrets. So now at age 58, after many years of struggle, I have realized I want to help people who are dying, to die with no regrets .I think I would like to do this via art therapy but I am finding it hard to get traction. This book sounds like it would be helpful to me to clarify what I need and want to do

  • willow

    I’m passionate about people I care about

  • Bill

    I am passionate about being a volunteer with Hospice of the Bluegrass – Kentucky

  • Okcpat

    At 51 I’m in desperate need of discovering my passion! Fear is in the house however, I’m willing to face it and move forward. Change is always good. Thanks Tiny Buddha for always being there and providing a daily inspiration on so many levels!

  • Dana

    I am passionate about simplifying my life. Living with less and reducing the space I occupy.

  • Lindy

    I am passionate about my Family, about respect and compassion for one another. I hope 2013 brings me a way to reel all of that in with writing, art, music, volunteering, blogging, any way I can to help others find answers, find self worth and find their passion along side me,.

  • Suzanne

    I’m passionate about photography!

  • Karen

    I am passionate about baking and am in the process of starting a micro-bakery in my home, producing handmade sourdough bread for friends, family and members of my local community. It’s going to be tough, I only have a tiny kitchen but I’m determined to do it and spread the love via good bread! 🙂

  • Geraldine Leung

    Making a difference! I want to know that my job, my actions and my choices matter beyond my household and the confines of the corporate walls.

  • I am passionate about sustainability, social justice, strengthening local communities. But what I’m passionate about doing is making craft beverages – beer, wine and especially mead. I feel strongly that the multiple passions can overlap.

  • S.H.

    I am passionate about discovering a new and hopeful perspective. I have spent many years longing to pursue my dreams but have been unable to pull myself out of that vicious fear cycle. Where and How to begin? Thank you for inspiring me and reminding me that I am not alone….

  • Bendaggers

    I am passionate about writing my blog and learning new things that I can include to my blog. I promised my self this 2013 that I will regularly update my blog. Few months ago, I was hit by google algorithm update and lost alot of viewers. By that time, I instantly lost my interest working on my blog. But then I realized that it was my lifelong dream to be a well known professional blogger. I need to pursue my dream, I need to achieve it, I need to have it.

  • Amy

    I like writing contemporary young adult fiction novels. I have yet to be published, and still have many more years to hone my writing skills, but I love the process of it, and the pride I feel, knowing that there is someone out there who enjoys reading my work. Also, as I student studying French and Geography, I also love learning about new people, places, languages, cultures and new countries. I would love to travel the world one day.

  • Paige

    Art, art, art, art. When I was a child, I told everyone who asked that I was going to be an artist when I grew up. Unfortunately, before the growing up was complete, someone stunted my vision, my passion, by telling me I wasn’t good enough. It has taken many jobs, a non-art college degree, and a physical disability to get me to the point where I am starting to take myself seriously again about art.
    The big issue for me is that a-r-t is a huge arena. There are so many types, so many mediums, so many directions one can take. Just looking at all of the possibilities, considering the things that grab me, I am overwhelmed by making a choice and truly starting my life-as-artist.
    I would love to be able to read this book, and hopefully find some answers, or at least some bread crumbs on the trail to re-discovering who I am. As an artist.

  • Evie

    I am passionate about animals and art!

  • Tracy

    I am passionate about promoting healthful living. We are surrounded by foods and herbs that can keep us healthy, yet we
    often ignore them to eat irresponsibly then turn to pharmaceuticals as an easy
    fix. I believe we need to make healthy choices easier to make.

  • Maria

    Hey all – I am passionate about reading the 52 week life passion project!!!!!!

  • It sounds exciting to do! Specially as my life has evolve in these days. Thankyou for such a great idea!

  • It sounds great to start as the new year is starting. Arrives in the right moment!Thankyou!

  • Valerie Thorp

    I am passionate about autonomy and living a life I define. I am also passionate about nature, travel and child equality/advocacy.

  • Annette

    Hello. I am passionate about meeting new people for 2013.

  • Adam

    I am passionate about coaching soccer! The beautiful game!

  • gmoney

    Still trying to find my passion!

  • Laura P

    I’m passionate about running!

  • KatyB

    I am passionate about getting out of my current rut. I’m stuck and know it, which makes me excited about the possibilities I can passionately pursue.

  • Melinda

    I’m passionate about trying to find if I have a passion for something. I have a lot of interests, but passion for anyone of those I really don’t know. I have worked and lived for others so long I have no idea what I want to do with my life.

  • Jodie

    I am passionate about photography and about getting to a place where I feel at peace with myself.

  • I am passionate about helping others find ways to access resources and improve their lives.

  • Guest

    i’m passionate about Buddhism and mindfulness!

  • Monalisa

    I am Passionate to Live life to the fullest… and to explore and love
    life on this “Beautiful Earth”

  • I am nothing

    I’m on week 4 and I can already see things starting to change, moving in the right direction and more aligned with my passion. Highly recommended.