CD Giveaway, Relax: 6 Techniques to Lower Your Stress

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The Winners:

Last year, a representative from More Than Sound reached out to me to share the publishing company’s new mindful driving CD, Awake at the Wheel.

As someone who frequently deals with Los Angeles traffic, I especially appreciated the opportunity to hear and share a CD focused on making the roads more peaceful.

Recently, More Than Sound connected with me again to introduce their latest offering, a CD by emotional intelligence expert Daniel Goleman titled Relax: 6 Techniques to Lower Your Stress.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share it with you and offer 5 free copies as a giveaway!

The Giveaway

To win one of 5 free copies of Relax: 6 Techniques to Lower Your Stress:

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You can enter until midnight PST on Friday, November 11th. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can still enter by completing the first step.

About Relax: 6 Techniques to Lower Your Stress

Chronic stress can disrupt almost all of your body’s processes. It’s been shown to increase the risk of numerous health problems including heart disease, sleep issues, digestive complications, fatigue, depression, anxiety and obesity.

Daniel Goleman, Harvard-trained psychologist and author of Emotional Intelligence, developed Relax, a 45-minute audio program to help listeners effectively and naturally reduce stress. Since there’s no one universal antidote to stress relief, Dr. Goleman’s guided session offers several exercises to suit a variety of personal preferences:

  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Deep muscle relaxation techniques
  • Guided auto suggestion exercises
  • Relaxation countdown
  • Breath focus and tension release techniques
  • Breath count exercises
Learn more about Relax: 6 Techniques to Lower Your Stress at More Than Sound. You can also “like” the Facebook page for Relax for stress reduction tips.

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