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When I first saw the title of Karen Maezen Miller’s book, Hand Wash Cold: Care Instructions for an Ordinary Life, I wondered how many people might feel hesitant to define their lives that way.

Most of us don’t want to be ordinary. We want to be special. We want to live bold, extraordinary lives punctuated by moments of passion, excitement, and adventure.

We want to fill our days with people, things, and activities that make us feel vibrant, and outsource the rest to someone else, someone paid to handle the mundane.

We want to take all the uncertainty that life entails—all the potential for loss and sadness and the truth of our mortality—and offset it with undeniable achievement.

We want to discover something, uncover something, build something, invent something, found something, prove something—be something. We want to be extraordinary. We want to be great, or at least moving in that direction.

We want our lives to matter.

If you’re a practicing Buddhist, you probably noticed a lot of ego in this introduction, though with compassion and minimal judgment. But I’m guessing the average reader for Hand Wash Cold is not a Buddhist.

The average reader is someone who has spent their life reaching for happiness beyond this moment, in adventures, dreams, hopes, and people—that elusive joy that exists out there. In marriage. In the American dream. In a windfall or lottery win.

Someone who might instinctively disbelieve it’s possible to “fall in love with life you already have,” as written on the back of the book, but is willing to suspend disbelief through 181 pages for the possibility of an answer.

Ultimately, that’s what we’re all seeking: a concrete guideline for what we should do to experience the type of happiness we’ve been planning for.

Karen Maezen Miller doesn’t give us any answers we can’t see, feel, and experience ourselves. That, to me, is the best possible care instruction because life truly is wherever you are.

Standing in the kitchen washing dishes. Folding laundry while your four-year old breaks the sound barrier with her rendition of The Song That Doesn’t End. Removing weeds from a garden that may or may not be fruitful.

Or maybe that’s not really your life. Maybe you don’t actually hand wash anything on your own except occasionally a piece of fruit.

Still, life takes place in typing, the Skype messages, emails, and business plans. Life isn’t what happens after you send them. Life is the actual typing. The way you fill your moment at any given time defines your life in that moment.

Life, by nature, is ordinary. It’s because of our resistance to that word that it often slips away.

Karen Maezen Miller doesn’t write about her journey navigating a foreign country while filming a documentary, or her experience running a billion dollar Fortune 500 company, or her extraordinary life as an heiress, actress, singer, model, athlete or politician.

She doesn’t write about a life all of us wish we had.

Karen Maezen Miller writes about the satisfaction we can experience when we consider that maybe right now is a good time to be happy. That maybe we’re enough, that this is enough.

Or as I quoted recently on the Tiny Buddha Twitter stream:

“Happiness is simple. Everything we do to find it is complicated.”

Now to address the elephant in the room: Karen Maezen Miller does live a life most would call extraordinary.

In addition to being “an errant wife, delinquent mother, reluctant dog walker, expert laundress and stationmaster of the full catastrophe” as summarized on her site, Karen Maezen Miller is a Zen priest, published author, and public speaker.

The irony is that she became extraordinary for accepting the ordinary and sharing it.

But what interests me about this is not the irony; it’s that I’m certain after reading her book she can only appreciate that success for having learned to accept the moment. Its impermanence. Its existence beyond the stories we create about it. Its lack of meaning beyond the meaning we give it. Its messiness. Its potential for inconvenience. And yet in all of that, it’s splendor.

I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy this book. I thought it might be preachy or that I might find it difficult to relate to the author—and remember, I’m Zen adjacent. I was wrong on both parts. Karen Maezen Miller shares her experiences, both flattering and unflattering, with honesty and poignancy.

She turns herself inside out to reveal her vulnerability, her ego, her humanity—everything you might assume doesn’t exist underneath the trappings of priesthood. It’s all there. The struggles, the disappointments, the bad memories, the losses, everything that makes it tempting to pull our attention from now and displace it to somewhere, anywhere else.

She is unfailingly generous in sharing her own journey to right here and now. My copy of Hand Wash Cold is underlined, earmarked, and well worn. I daresay it’s an extraordinary book.

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  • Sounds like an amazing book! I’d love to win a copy! 🙂

  • scienceben

    This sounds like the kind of book that’ll cleanse you of any bad preconceptions. Something that’ll maybe change your perspective just a little, but leave a huge mark on the way you continue to live your life. I’d love to get my hands on a copy 🙂


  • this sounds really interesting! awesome review too.

  • Keet

    I could really use a book like this in my life right now because I know for certain that I don’t currently place enough value (if any) in the ordinary.

  • Cindy

    I would LOVE a copy 🙂

  • Ddawley

    Sounds like a great book! I’d love a copy!

  • Sherry

    I’m one of those who are reaching out for something just beyond my fingertips. This book sounds like a concrete way to create abundance instead of tired muscles. Your review was excellent, I would love to win a copy of this book!

  • Daphne

    You have piqued my interest in this book and I too have had difficulty finding joy right where I am, but I’m learning.

  • Rooie

    this is something I’ve been working on for the past year. Really noticing and appreciating the things that I love in my life right now. In the past I always looked to past boyfriends, other places to live, other people’s lives and what they were doing and felt that I was lacking. Everyone else seemed to be having more fun and leading “better” lives than me. When I did enjoy I felt I had to apologize or explain away my good fortune. Now I consciously try to appreciate what I have and to really live. Life isn’t about the big moments. It’s all the tiny ones you have getting to the big moments that make up your life.

  • KimCanDoIt

    I would REALLY LOVE a copy of this book. I have been trying so hard to turn around my negative mind and think more happy and simple thoughts about life. I read your site EVERYDAY and I am also a Fan on FB……. <3

  • Simply_Sarah

    I think I would really progress with a book like this. Tinybuddha has been such an inspiration to me and has really changed my life. I think this book would help me progress to be exactly where I want to be. In the here and now without worrying about what I don’t have.

  • De

    After having a major surgery this summer, my life has been changed forever. Impermance is something you realize truly exists. Now that i have health back, I realize I must live in the now, appreciate what I have now, not what I may have in the future, but how I can change my life now. I may weep at the drop of a hat now, as I experience things i never have before, but a few tears on the page of understanding the beauty of life, seems like a pretty nice exchange for never understanding the small and large marvel of life until now!! Looking forward to reading this book and learning more about changing my life for the better.

  • marielle

    Really enjoyed the review – I’d definitely like to read this 🙂

  • Aik

    I’d love to enter!

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  • Aik
  • This site has really helped me transition from my old life into my new one. I had been planted in simplistic living, and buddhism my entire life, but after moving and starting a new job that I dislike, I lost touch with MY reality.

    After a much deserved vacation, I undid three years of uprooting and replanted myself. I am on a never-ending search for inspiration, TINYBUDDHA, TOLLE, and others have really held a large role in this rebirth.

    I repost the daily emails on Facebook and have recruited many new followers, since you have inspired them too. Thank you for a wonderful blog and thank you for helping me along my path.

  • Karen

    I can’t believe how much I got just from the book review – writing this comment is my life right now! Next part of my life – ordering the book. Thanks for an amazing review.

  • erica

    *happiness is simple… everything we do to find it is complicated…*

  • Willeke

    A Zen priest I am far from, I have only just begun my journey to introduce Zen in to my life. What I do have in common with the writer of the book is that my 4 year old can’t stop talking and keeps me running all day. My days revolve around doing the dishes, the endless laundry, trying to cook healthy food on a low budget. My almost all male family life is filled with, not only my lively youngest son but also the moodiness and touching awkwardness of two teenage boys. My oldest son is on his own but still very much in my heart. My husband completes the testosterone mix.
    I understand that I will, and do find, my happiness right here in this old trailer we live in. It would be very interesting to read about another woman trying to find sparks if happiness in her everyday life.

  • Brenda

    When I receive your messages, it is a jolt to my senses and helps me to wake up, again and again.

    thank you!!

  • Hello!! I discovered this spring. Someone that I was following was following Tinybuddha. I checked it out and have been a loyal follower ever since. I fact the best part of my day is when I receive the daily email in my inbox at work! I just know that what I’ll be reading is going to lift me and get me through my day. Thanks so much for what you do! I absolutely love it!


  • Casey

    Love your site – the book sounds great – hoping I’ll win but enjoying the typing.

  • Dasha

    I’m very interested in getting my hands on this book. If I don’t win it, I’ll be sure to track it down. Thanks for sharing the review.

  • Lilyan De la Vega

    I love your site! Just discovered it recently, but find it so inspiring for my life!! Thanks for being there, for sharing, and for being an inspiration as a blogger as well!!

    I invite you to visit my dharma poetry blog (most of it in Spanish, though!)


    P.S. The books looks fantastic!!

  • Thanks for the review Lori! It sounds like a really good read


  • This sounds like the answers to the struggles I’ve been having. I’m on the cusp of unemployment and the uncertainty of the future has me grasping for security. This is a good reminder to stay in the moment and to appreciate what I already have 🙂

  • Apryl

    Nice, would love to win!

  • MK

    I definitely want to read this book! I struggle to go with the flow and find meaning in everyday challenges. I welcome any wisdom to help me stay in the moment and appreciate all that life brings.

  • Frnk_nigro

    The Tiny Buddha has contributed more to my understanding of the “power of now” then any other source.

  • Just subscribed. Thanks!

  • Just subscribed. Thanks!

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    already subscribed, but I added my name and email anyway– I love freebies! (:

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    Thanks for the review and recommendation…I can’t wait to pick it up!

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    Sounds like a wonderful book. I look forward to reading it. Blessings!

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    This book sounds amazing!!! It sounds what everyone is looking for… a simple, not necessarily ordinary, but fulfilling life! Life IS what you make it! I want to read more…….

  • bobbie

    Sounds fascinating!!!

  • JenJen

    sounds like it would be a good read…need some extra UMPH in my life, this might just do it 🙂

  • Honogirl

    All my favorite people call me Nanna 🙂 Trying to live each day in the moment is so hard and I consider myself “The World’s Worst Buddhist” 🙂 but I keep trying one day at time, one moment at time. That’s all we can do. One breath at a time.

  • Jess

    I would love to have a copy of this book! It sounds exactly like what I’ve been hunting for. 🙂

  • nancy

    I’m glad to have discovered your blog. Nice work. 🙂

  • This definitely sounds like a book that I would benefit from. I’d love to have a copy.

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    Thank you for the review. Also, thank you for running this site. I find it very inspiring.

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    Subscribed and looking forward to many more beautiful reviews and insights. I have always believed that life is made up of ordinary moments that bound together to make it extraordinary!

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  • 😀 this book sounds wonderful. I’m always trying to find pleasure in every day things though it really is hard to keep yourself from floating up to cloud 9. Accepting the moment…living in the moment…is one of the hardest things to do and I love to read how other people accomplish this seemingly simple task. This book sounds like great motivation.

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    I can’t wait to read this book – I look forward to enjoying it by the fire this fall.

  • WOW! I would like to own this book 🙂 Looks just like what i need!

  • This book sounds great! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Subscribed via e-mail

  • Pfunk

    Living in the moment is one of the most difficult things to do when you are busy. It’s like trying to raise children, after which I realized the only two things I should have tried to teach them were to breathe in and breathe out cause they had to learn life on their own. Having a new book to inspire me to remember the importance of the moment would be awesome!

  • Pfunk

    Living in the moment is one of the most difficult things to do when you are busy. It’s like trying to raise children, after which I realized the only two things I should have tried to teach them were to breathe in and breathe out cause they had to learn life on their own. Having a new book to inspire me to remember the importance of the moment would be awesome!

  • Ladymink

    This book looks like a wonderful read! I’ve been reading a lot about Buddhism and am wanting to incoroprate it more into my everyday life.

  • Anonymous

    great review! This book is something that I would enjoy reading right now for my current mindset in life.

  • The book sounds wonderful *crossing my fingers* that I can win a copy!

  • Faith Mcgregor

    Hi Lori,

    Congratulations on the first anniversary of tinybuddha!

    I am a subscribed reader and regularly post “tiny wisdoms” on my FB to spread the love. I thoroughly enjoy the articles and find that ironically they tend to be exactly what I needed to hear in that very moment.

    I love opening my email to see the daily message from your site. Being a student of life, college and buddhism I would love to have a copy of this

    All the best on another successful year!


  • Betts

    Happiness is simple if you observe your blessings

  • Jshaver2

    My life was filled with anger directed at everyone around me except myself, the true offeder, me. After reading quotes from readers on tiny buddha ad really trying to understand the true walk a buddha walksn that has changed. Thank you from my childrens hearts.

  • Natashamulkey

    This book looks like it would have an impact on all who read it.

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    This book sounds great, I’d love to win a copy!

  • Jill

    Sounds like a phenomenal book – I would love to read it.

    Xoxo – Jill

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    This sounds like the perfect book to help me on my journey as much as TinyBuddha already has:)

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    I follow you on Twitter and love your post. 🙂

  • Joel

    Just looking for a simpler way of life yet encountering many difficulties in a city where so far I’ve not found any guidance in budhist matters… though the search has just recently started.

  • Anna

    great review! really makes me want to read this book now…although my stack of ‘books to read’ is growing larger every day! Congrats on your 1st anniversary too – what an amazing accomplishment! And thanks for giving us such a wonderful site! I look forward to tiny buddha’s nuggets of wisdom every day 🙂

  • Anna

    great review! really makes me want to read this book now…although my stack of ‘books to read’ is growing larger every day! Congrats on your 1st anniversary too – what an amazing accomplishment! And thanks for giving us such a wonderful site! I look forward to tiny buddha’s nuggets of wisdom every day 🙂

  • Lisa

    this book sounds wonderful. i can’t wait to read it. i think that is most of our problems, we need to realize that every second of everyday is our life right now. be happy with what is going on in the moment. it can be very very hard at times.
    thanks for this opportunity.
    Lisa Hardin

  • I just found you on twitter and the messages are all inspiring. Thank you for adding more positivity to my day. I would love a copy of this book to keep with my goal of daily staying focused on the positive.

  • Eweit

    Am a senior and want to live a less complicated life.

  • Cheddalyn

    I would love a copy of this book, it sounds like just what I need. I do dabble in Buddhism to try to keep my sanity, but also to be able to appreciate the simple things in life.

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  • Koen

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  • Diana Jones

    i seek inner peace and compassion

  • Osga

    as William said,

    “Having nothing, nothing can he lose”


  • Spaceskadet

    once you have accepted the ordinary-ness of you existence, you can then seize an opportunity to become more

  • RandallBee

    I just started reading the Tiny Buddha through twitter last month, very insightful, thank you for your blog. Om mani padme hum

  • Shirley

    Reading about Karen’s book gave me chills all over my body. I am now 85 years old and after reading thoughts expressed in the book review I realize my ordinary life did allow me to be much happier than I might have been with the “extraordinary” one I thought I wanted. Happiness was and is always available if one only accepts it. I am so grateful to someone like Karen who has verified my belief.

  • Mcbeth

    Constantly, I find it such a challenge to stay with myself.

  • Victoria

    I love your tweets, love your site, and I’d be delighted to win a copy of this book!

  • Caitlyn_robson

    Very interested 🙂 sounds beautiful

  • Lisa

    I absolutely love the quote: “Happiness is simple. Everything we do to find it is complicated.” Isn’t that the truth though about being human? I’ve been practicing gratitude for as long as I can remember and I think that is what is keeping me happy… seeking happiness out of life’s simple pleasures! 🙂

  • jslou67

    Very insightful commentary and review, and I will definitely have to check out the book. My biggest struggle is definitely in accepting the present moment, and just being present, esp. when I’m in an unbearable situation (like my current job). Some days are easier than others, and I do feel like I’m making progress. Reading the posts from TinyBuddha definitely help, and I look forward to them everyday. Thank you! 🙂

  • heather

    sounds like a wonderful book! i have been trying to take the negative out of my life in smalls ways and be around more positive people but am finding it harder than i thought

  • Shana

    Last week I saw a keychain charm that said “Simplify”. And I did so by not purchasing the charm. It really is about the littlest things.

  • Prynsesskt

    I’m 30 years old and just now coming around to realize life isn’t the big moments, it’s everything in between and we ALWAYS have a choice in deciding to embrace it, or rush ahead in ignorance, seeking the next big rush. It’s in that rushing where we lose ourselves. I’d love to read what else Ms. Miller has to say – it sounds like a well written book of truths and acceptance.

  • Markmiller2000

    Love anything that reinforces living in the now and appreciating what one has.

  • Markmiller2000

    Love anything that reinforces living in the now and appreciating what one has.

  • Bill

    Soaking in the happiness amid the din of everyday life is a constant challenge. This sounds like an excellent book to help in that practice. Thanks again for a great read and a little break from the craziness at the office! 🙂

  • Steve

    I really need to read this book!!!

  • Jstedham

    YAY! I really want to read this book.

  • Marsha

    This book sounds wonderful. I would love to have a copy!

  • Dawn

    I would love to read this book. It is a constant struggle to be happy with what you have and not feel like that somehow makes you complacent. Balancing the need to achieve and loving/enjoying where you are in the moment is a lesson I certainly need to learn. Thanks for the review!

  • Matt Child

    I would love a copy of this book not only for myself, but for my ex-fiancee. She is always looking for happiness everywhere else.

  • Can’t wait!

  • Suse

    loved the review … true that much of life is ordinary … all it takes is a good crisis to have us yearn for one more ordinary day

  • dave

    Try me. I have nothing to lose.

  • This is a new way of thinking for me but one I very much want to embrace and implement in my life. I’ve noticed huge ego problems in conjunction with esteem issues so it’s a careful balance. This looks really helpful and I’d love to get a copy of this book! Blessings ~

  • Gina E Colon

    Congrats on your 1 year anniversary. I just joined about 3wks ago. I love your site. It always uplifts me. Thank you.

  • Also, I got an error message when trying to subscribe to the email list 🙁

  • Melody Madden

    Congrats on your anniversary. This site is the first I turn to each morning as it sets my day off in the most perfect way

  • Carole

    I heard Karen Maezen Miller on NPR the other night. I’ve had a rough year. First, there was a lump in my thyroid. After 3 months of poking, prodding and surgery, a benign growth was removed. I’m 46 and have taken good care of myself through most of my adult life. Unbelievably, I have now got some sort of growth in my throat, which I originally thought was related to the thyroid issue but it appears to be different.
    Once again, I’m playing the waiting game. Last time around I watched as my family dropped away, unable to accept my ill state. I turned inward and reached out to the loving friends in my sphere. I cleansed my life and purged whatever wasn’t going to contribute positively.
    This time around, I guess I know the ropes which is a good and bad thing.
    I feel that this book would be a wonderful companion as I will need to tap into my internal strength to pull me through, once again.
    Thank you for reading this request. And thanks for your inspiring and contemplative words and thoughts.

  • Frizzy

    If you are content with what you have, you will always be content.

  • Kuroneko512

    I need to read this. Oddly enough I stumbled across this review in the midst of a personal crisis, brought about by my own complicated and crazy happiness seeking.

  • This book sounds lovely.

    I love your tweets and this website! Thank you for sharing such wonderful wisdom each day.

  • Nadine

    After reading your post, I would really love to get a copy of this book. Sounds like just what I need now.

  • Phsyckr

    I read a sample of this book and its great!

  • Nelie

    I am now living with a disability that means my expectations about what I can accomplish in life have had to be seriously readjusted (and I keep running into new ways the old ones aren’t realistic possibilities anymore), this sounds like an excellent book to remind me that there’s lots ot still savor in whatever life I have.

  • Toby1kanobe

    ordinary (adj.)
    mid-15c., “belonging to the usual order or course,” from O.Fr. ordinarie, from L. ordinarius “customary, regular, usual, orderly,”
    Doesn’t sound so bad, eh? 🙂

  • Chris

    I Can’t wait to read this

  • Jenny

    This book looks wonderful. I really enjoy your site. Happy Anniversary.

  • Diane

    This book sounds great. It takes effort and even courage to fully engage in an ordinary life.

  • Diane

    This book sounds great. It takes effort and even courage to fully engage in an ordinary life.

  • Pam

    I’ve been following Karen’s blog posts for a while. I enjoy her writing.

  • Carey

    Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful way to kick it off! This sounds like a fantastic book.

  • Thanks for giving us your knowledge and insight on daily life for the past year!! Best wishes to u!!

  • An interesting book that I’d love to win!

  • Coyote

    Wow, your review of the book is as good as the book itself! Looking forward to reading it.

  • Mike

    Congrats on your one year anniversary. Keep up the great work! Your posts consistently bring new perspective to a life that is too busy!

  • I love how you write that life isn’t the aftermath of your actions, that each action you take defines a moment. It’s something I’ve seemed to lose sight of recently, but I still remember the first time that concept became alive through experience; one random day when I was folding fresh laundry in my dorm room after listening to a meditation podcast. Everything outside that moment completely dissipated.

    Hand Wash Cold sounds like a book I’d love, it’s definitely going on my Goodreads list!

  • Happy One Year Anniversary!! Wow, how many people take off like that with a blog and become so widespread and known. Kudos!! I listened to your speech at the Wisdom conference, online – Great!! How fortunate you are to be following your passion and to be so successful at it!!

    Keep up your wonderful work and spreading the optimism and wisdom of living life well.

    Hand Wash Cold sounds like a great read for your kind of readership. It reminds me of being mindful of everything we do and engage in, as opposed to living our days as robots, mindlessly running around seeing how much we can “accomplish”. As we know, so often it’s in the journey, not the destination.

  • Khuong

    Thank you for sharing this book. I can’t wait to read it.

  • Christen

    Sure to be my next favorite book! Thanks for suggesting!!

  • Lisa

    This sounds like a book I could really love. About someone’s real life, not about the way to make your life all the wonderful, successful, rich dreams you’ve dreamed.

  • sridhar

    Our lives are just as they should be…going forward our lives will be just as they were intended to be…

  • Zann

    Whew. I was afraid maybe this would be another Eat, Pray, Love. I know I’m being judgmental and a little bit bitchy, but I have difficulty with the musings of privileged people who have to venture far out of their country and “ordinary” surroundings to find self-recognition…and then want to share it with us, to validate their interpretation of it. I’d much rather read about discovering life’s mysteries through nearby, everyday experiences. And yes, I do wash my dishes by hand, with rubber gloves & lots of hot, soapy water. Divine!

  • Courtney

    Hello. I’d like to start by thanking you for this site. In my darkest times I often come on your site to give me some peace of mind and refocus my thoughts. I’ve had a very hard time with self-acceptance in my life and all of your entries have helped me in one way or another. Thank you for this book review, it seems this book is another literary find that will help direct me to a healthier outlook on life.

  • Eph

    I might want to read this book. I really enjoy your blog!

  • jimmie

    the book sounds really interesting
    i could use a good read 🙂

  • Dale

    Coming out of a divorce, there is nothing more that I want than to lead an ordinary life.

  • Tina

    I often battle the desire to move overseas, even though I know I am just trying to escape from inner conflict by changing the environment. Recently, many people with problems are coming back into my life. I walked away from them the first time around, but I’m hoping to have enough energy to deal with them this time. I see the people I have problems with as a reflection of a part of my consciousness, so that I can be compassionate towards them. Still it’s not easy. I would benefit from this book. It would be nice to be happy, amidst all the challenges and confusion!

  • Mary

    Sounds like a book I would get a lot out of.

  • Ophelia de Serres

    sounds like a wonderful read.

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    Send me a copy and if it as advertised, I will happily recommend it.

  • Jananddogs

    Hi Lori.

    I just have to Thank you for your, our site, as going through a rough time this past year, this site has helped oh, so much, in giving me directions and getting me going on days i just wanted to curl back under the covers all day.

    It is a year anniversary of sorts for me too, and you and your site have traveled it every day with me, and i hate to think what i would have done with out it!!!

    Congratulations and thanks again for all you do to keep this going and give folks a place to learn and be together and share…

    I love all the books you have recommended, learned from them all, and hope to continue…


  • Mama Zen

    Karen is unfailingly generous. She’s also warm and funny and real. Great review.

  • We tend to expend a great deal of energy looking for greener pastures. I am guilty of this myself. It is always a benefit to be reminded that remaining in the moment and experiencing the here and now is a great gift.

  • Ella Peterson

    Thank you kindly for the recommendation… this one is definitely going on that always-growing “to read” list. 🙂

  • Emily Meerstra

    Would love to read this book… either way- I will be checking it out in the next few weeks. Thanks!

  • Heidi

    This sounds like it could change my life. For a moment I think to myself maybe I shouldn’t enter in the giveaway, because I probably won’t win or someone else may deserve it more. But why NOT me? And why pass up the very chance?

  • Susan Marie 1971

    I adore books like this, I often give them as gifts because they apply to all of us and one day wish to write something similar myself.

  • Heather

    This sounds fantastic. Loving the life I have and not fantasizing about the one I don’t is something I sometimes struggle with. Mostly I win, but I’ll take all the help I can get!

    Thanks for this. Love the blog.

  • Jonas

    I’m eager to find out what the book is all about. I’m one of many who feel like happiness is always just around the corner.

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  • Lmimama8

    I would love to read this book! It sounds wonderful!

  • Herbert

    “Happiness is simple. Everything we do to find it is complicated.”

    I want to read this book! Sounds like it has a lot of insight behind it.

  • Stacymarie

    This book sounds awesome…. would be great to read and share with friends.

  • I would very much like this book. Oh, man. Please pick me, random number generator!

  • Thesunriseproject

    I like the promise of both flattering and unflattering stories. Really looking forward to this book!

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  • Kathi

    I love Karen. I listened to a recent podcast she did with Kimberly Wilson. Fantastic!!

  • Jazmine

    This is interesting to me. I just graduated from college and will soon be starting graduate school. I think I have an ordinary life already…I wake up, go to my internship, go back to my apartment, work-out, cook, clean, meditate for a few minutes, do some art, go to bed, repeat. This routine is driving me CRAZY. I feel like I get nothing done, like I’m slowly wasting away. I’m putting things in motion to move to a different city because I feel like the move will break the monotony of my routine, of my life. So it’s interesting to read that even in the most mundane things, you can find happiness. I think I will be meditating on this thought all day…

  • Rahul

    The preview seems there is a great amount that i can learn from the book, Surely would love to have a copy if possible.

  • Barbara

    Wow. I am struggling with issues like this in my life right now.

  • ang

    would love to read this book….

  • interesting enough to read this

  • Gracklecat

    This sounds like a really interesting book. 🙂

  • Gracklecat

    This sounds like a really interesting book. 🙂

  • Hayley_stovin

    I LOVE the title of this book. Even the ordinary is extraordinary.

  • If we live in the moment, we can find happiness, even in the most ordinary of times.

  • sounds like a great book! I’d love to read it.

  • Jason

    I have not read either book (both are on my to-do list, but that list is unimaginably long), but I wonder if this book is similar to Jack Kornfield’s “After the Ectasy, the Laundry”. Interesting that they both referenced laundry in the title. Is that the most mundane task out there? Maybe the path to enlightenment is through controlling ketchup stains 😉

  • Tonya

    I just discovered Karen two days ago and now I am finding her inspiring and wise words everywhere!
    I would love to read her book. Thank you!!!

  • Allison9034

    I would love to get this one too! =D

  • Earl

    This is an interesting review of an interesting book. I would love to get a copy.

  • This looks like just the book I need to read right now.

  • Clare

    Great name for a book, I’d love to win it!

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  • Coach2xl

    I particularly like what you have written and am intrigued to find the book for myself. I too find reads that I underline, earmark and wear out. That is what makes a great story. The ones you want to share.
    Thank you for sharing,

  • Susan

    This books sounds like a great read.

  • Sarah

    Thank you for the review. Adding this to the top of my reading list 🙂

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  • What a wonderful book! I believe that this book will help a lot of people, Buddhist or not, who are never been contented with their life. I guess it’s a good thing to read such kind of inspirational books.

  • While traveling in the land of Buddhas, bikes, and chopsticks, I learned lessons that have helped me find happiness and fulfillment in everyday life.