Choose Love Now

“Eventually you will come to realize that love heals everything, and love is all there is.” ~Gary Zukav

Growing up, I was lucky that my parents surrounded me with a strong and steady current of love, despite our family’s own little dysfunctions and a knowingness that I wasn’t like other kids.

In truth, once I got past my shyness, I was a pretty confident young girl who actually enjoyed being the “different” one, immersing myself in the creative outlet of dance and soothing my soul with frequent trips into nature.

Broken Bits

It wasn’t until I fell in love with the world of acting that my bubble of confidence burst and I started to question who I really was.

I was suddenly thrust into a world where image, judgment, and ego ruled, and my new identify as defined by others came through loud and clear:

My stomach and thighs could use some work, the gapped teeth I used to cherish no longer fit the bill, and my take on pretty was labeled “small-town,” falling short of Hollywood’s standards.

I began to believe the lies and little pieces broke inside of me.

Powerful Words

Of course it wasn’t all misery, and there were many moments of sheer joy where I seized opportunities to tell great stories and work on projects that fed me creatively.

I kept at it for several years, riding these highs and lows, until I awoke to the fact that life is not just a ride I’m strapped into, destined to be flung about wherever it takes me.

Indeed, I had a bigger choice when it came to how I handled the highs and lows and that, even though it would seem I was choosing the life I wanted by pursuing a career as an actress, I wasn’t choosing my most joyful life within the circumstances I had manifested.

Tuning in, my new mantra flowed through me:

Choose Love Now.

I was blown away by the power in these words.

Choose: Every moment is a choice…

Love: …to choose either love or fear 

Now: …and that choice is made in the only real time there is…the present moment

The broken bits became whole when I embraced each new moment as another opportunity to return to the most loving choice, over and over again. My mantra flowed through my career and into all areas of my life, lighting me up as it went.

Love absolutely healed me.

The Message Spreads

The truth also changed me, and I saw the need to share this message with the world more directly than I felt I could through my acting career. So I lovingly closed that chapter in my life, opening myself to my new path as a life coach, guiding my clients to choose love now in all that they do through the mind, body, and soul.

I’d love to leave you with this message that came to me during a free-write exercise I was guiding one of my coaching clients through recently.

The message felt like it came from the depths of the universe reminding us that we can heal, wherever we may be on the journey, if we only choose love now:

I know you.
You’re that person.
The one who seems so put together—but I see your pain.
I know that you are more than what is on the outside.
You are deep, full, complex.
Your pain comes from not knowing.
It’s not your fault. No one has told you. Or maybe they did but the noise was so loud in your head that you tuned it out.
You try to break free, but it always feels like a struggle.
You don’t have to struggle.
You have the freedom to choose love now.
In this moment, not a moment later.
“But,” you say, “I’m scared.”
I know, and that’s okay.
You’re okay.
You must start from there, that place of fear, and choose something now, something different.
Choose. Love. Now.
You are not alone now and you will never be alone.
I see you.
I know you.
I love you.
You are supported by so much more than you can see right now.
But you will. You will begin to see the support and love all around you—as soon as you choose.

Photo by notsogoodphotography

About Sabrina Bolin

Sabrina Bolin is a compassionate guide whose mission in life is to be a vessel for love. She currently manifests that mission through MyMiBoSo, her coaching practice focused on bringing intuitive awareness to the mind and body in order to create joy in the soul.

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