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Especially when we’re going through challenging times, it can feel tempting to try to control the future—but this doesn’t change that much lies beyond our control. Try as we may to avoid the unknown, the future remains uncertain.

How do we navigate change knowing that nothing is guaranteed? How can we develop inner strength to grow, heal, and evolve?

Healer practitioner Staci Boden answers these questions in her new book, Turning Dead Ends into Doorways: How to Grow Through Whatever Life Throws Your Way.

From the book flap:

“With compassionate honesty and a practical sense of humor, healing practitioner Staci Boden shows her readers how to navigate change without clinging to false notions that if they just do this or think that they can determine what happens next. How to let go of false expectations and still make excellent choices. How to grow and heal no matter what life throws their way.”

I’m grateful that Staci has offered two free copies of Turning Dead Ends into Doorways for Tiny Buddha readers!

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The Interview

1. What inspired you to write Turning Dead Ends into Doorways?

Someone once told me that writing a book is an opportunity to participate in a larger conversation about something that matters to you.

For a while, I’ve noticed how some spiritual beliefs equate healing with achieving a positive outcome. I’m all for positive outcomes. At the same time, I’ve seen people hurt by the message that learning a lesson or thinking a positive thought can create a specific reality.

I grew up with a legally blind mom, family living with chronic illness, and friends who survived sexual abuse. As a healing practitioner, many clients have arrived feeling stuck or overwhelmed regarding health, work, and relationships.

When we’re doing everything we can to heal and we don’t achieve a certain outcome, we feel like we’re doing something wrong. We feel like we’re wrong.

I wrote this book because the blame and shame and exhaustion that comes from trying to make life look a certain way only further cements pain. I wrote this book because even though we don’t always get what we want, healing belongs to everyone.

Healing can be a positive outcome andan inner quality we cultivate along the way, like strength or patience. My book explores how we might all grow through life so we feel more whole and capable inside, no matter what reality appears on our doorstep.

2. You refer to your healing work as Practical Spirituality. What does Practical Spirituality mean to you?

My training is in earth-based and women’s spirituality ways. I’m an energy worker. Practical Spirituality grew as a bridge for learning how to navigate the unknown in daily life for people unfamiliar with that world.

Practical Spirituality embraces the mystical with pragmatic arms. If we can’t embody peace while negotiating traffic, then we’re truly stuck. Through connecting with eight inner teachers and synchronicity, Practical Spirituality helps us develop our own unique healing ways.

3. What does it mean to grow a conscious relationship with the unknown in daily life?

The reality is, we can never predict what’s around the next corner. We may not know small things, like what’s for dinner, or big things, like if we will meet a soul mate or remain healthy. The unknown is a tangible yet mysterious force that permeates daily life.

Yet relying on control to deal with the unknown doesn’t always work, and often, control ends up controlling us.

If instead, we start developing a more conscious relationship within ourselves and with whatever part of everyday living is calling for our attention—health, finances, trust, relationships, strength, fertility—we can learn how to navigate the unknown of daily life in a more empowered way. 

4. Your book introduces eight teachers for navigating the unknown in daily life—fear, awareness, choice, body, intuition, energy, intention, and surrender. Why eight, and how are these teachers?

Over the years, I noticed individuals and groups grappling with core issues around fear, awareness, body, intuition etc. As I sat with how a reader might learn to navigate the unknown in a book, core issues coalesced into eight areas of focus.

Each of these eight areas is a realm of wisdom. After awhile, I realized these eight areas are universal relationships we can connect with constantly. They teach us. Anything can be a teacher in our lives, and certainly, these eight aren’t meant to be definitive. They are relationships that I felt called to write about first.

5. You talk about the idea of “co-commitment” as a way to relate to people without competing for power in Chapter 5 about choice. Can you tell us a little about this?

Sure. We’ve been raised in an either/or view of the world where winner takes all. This forces us into prescribed roles of victim, persecutor, and rescuer. Check out a reality show, and you’ll see victims and persecutors everywhere!

If we can resist the temptation to make each other wrong and recognize that many realities exist at once, we create room for more authenticity. We can speak up and get creative about meeting needs. We shift out of victimhood and into empowerment.

For example, as a mother of two teenagers, I wash a lot of dishes. I can get resentful thinking I’m the only one doing dishes, my kids don’t appreciate me, and really, I do everything (hello, victim)!

Alternatively, I can tell my family that I’m feeling tired and I need some help with dishes. As we discuss options, I might even realize the kids have been contributing in other ways, like by taking out the trash and walking the dog. Recognizing multiple realities facilitates win-win resolution in relationships. 

6. In Chapter 7, you explore intuition and offers suggestions to help us access it. Why do you think this is such a struggle, and what’s one thing we can do to overcome it?

We live in a fear-based culture where we’ve been taught to overdevelop our minds. Fear and mental chatter create static that interferes with accessing intuition.

One approach to accessing intuition would be to explore fear. As you start to identify different kinds of fear, you can sort through them. This will help relax mental chatter for intuition to emerge.

Another way to access intuition is to identify one strong sense (hear, see, smell, taste) and start noticing what it may be communicating throughout your day.

7. What does it mean to navigate and follow energy?

Learning how to consciously hold, follow, and navigate energy is a way of life. For me, it’s a wild, faith-restoring ride where I get to partner with the mystery and explore meaning every day.

By definition, following energy means staying behind it. This is easier said than done because being in control by getting ahead is our cultural ideal.

Learning to pull your attention back in order to follow something—a relationship, a project or even a wish—cannot be done through the mind alone. You learn to navigate energy by practicing navigating energy. That’s why I ask readers to focus on an intention throughout the book, as a beginning place. 

8. You’ve written that intention is the “root and the tip of a choice to love fiercely.” What do you mean by this?

An intention is a word or sentence that represents a heartfelt wish or meaningful inner quality. Contemplating an intention includes recognizing the root of something important in our lives. As if we’re having a conversation with our soul. An example might be “world peace” or “thrive.”

It’s not enough to just think about an intention. Fueling an intention with action is what awakens it as a guiding force in our lives. How will you support world peace or learn to thrive?

And so committing to an intention by relating with something deep inside that also feels bigger than yourself becomes a way to grow self-worth. Embodying the root and tip of an intention represents a choice, and an opportunity, to practice fierce love.

9. You wrote Turning Dead Ends Into Doorways in real time, sharing how the eight teachers informed the book through daily life happenings. Why? How was that? 

Synchronicity helps me navigate life, and since I ask readers to let go and engage the unknown, it also seemed only fair to join them there through book writing.

Within that, I was unprepared for what arrived with each chapter teacher in beautiful and shattering ways. An earthquake punctuated a point, birth made a surprise re-entrance into my life and in the last month of writing, my teenage daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of adolescent cancer.

I don’t know if noticing synchronicity while writing the book helped my daughter’s cancer come to light, but if so, I’m very grateful. Thankfully, my daughter has been in remission for over a year and a half now.

10. What’s the main message you hope readers take away from this book?

Personally, I’m ready for a (r)evolution where we take the blame and shame out of healing so we can all access it more freely. I hope people find the book to be a strong and loving guide for consciously navigating life.

But ultimately, it’s not about me. My intention is to get behind each reader’s intention. And so I’m really enjoying hearing from readers directly about what the book means to them.

Thank you, Tiny Buddha and Lori Deschene, for how you foster community and inspire us to grow in so many ways!

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  • StaciBoden

    Hi Sophie, if you’re feeling stuck I encourage you to explore letting go. If you’re spinning with too many ideas, I suggest learning how to bring your attention down further into your body. I offer a free downloadable grounding guided visualization on website at Take care, Staci

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  • StaciBoden

    Hi Lisa, it seems like life is giving you a crash course (aka an initiation) in how to navigate the unknown! Often the healing we do around our own life and wounds becomes the doorway for our next new beginning. May you come through the other side of all this learning with grace and wisdom. Staci

  • StaciBoden

    Hi Faith, I’d love to talk with you more about what that can look like. Please feel free to contact me at Or maybe I’ll find you:).

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    Hah! The only thing that’s constant in life, Christine, is change, eh? So the better we get at navigating change, the more it can become a joyous (and wild) ride. When the energy of something shows up, we can face it consciously or unconsciously. As a practical woman, I’d rather just get real, and get empowered.

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    I have personally dealing with/ recognizing my control issues with dealing with the future this year and how I always needed plans. To make myself so busy in controlling things down to know what I was going to every weekend for the next month or so instead of just having time to relax from my work week. With 2012, I stopped planning my weekends/life A LOT less and I feel much more relaxed. I’m still learning to “go with the flow” because at times I do not like where the flow goes/ used to just fighting against it to make my own path thinking thats the only way to my path.

    The need for control still comes up in my relationships with others and in other areas as well. Even when I was younger, I wanted to control my own wisdom to become wiser faster…. Really? I’m only 26 years old and I know I don’t know everything but having less fear about the unknown everyday has continued to change my life everyday.

    Thanks again for this interview and give way! Good luck to everyone and we all add this to our reading list 🙂

  • Valerie

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  • StaciBoden

    Hi Robb,

    I’m so sorry for all the loss you’ve experienced, not only the loss of your family as you once knew it but the loss about what you imagined your life would be like.

    As the mother of a teenager in remission from cancer, grieving becomes necessary for us to learn how to thrive. Maybe even a soul-screaming, really God?, feeling bloodied from life, type of grieving.

    And yet, as a father, how you’re already modeling healing step-by-step is a great gift only you can provide to your children. Grief is an amazing journey, certainly not linear, asking us to move through deep waters while remembering our power so we don’t get lost.

    It may sound trite but part of rebuilding your life is to start with your foundation and place one brick at a time. It can feel slow but something like eating healthier will help you develop awareness, awaken your body (and intuition). Really, working with food as medicine can be life changing. Step by step, you are already doing it. I hope you can remember to be kind to yourself.

    Thanks for commenting,


  • Mary

    Funny you should say that I should ask for help because that is exactly what I have not been able to do. I have been able to ask for help on account of my daughter over these years, but not for myself. I have no close friends and my family has not been at all helpful to me. My sister especially has been a big disappointment. Noone ever asks if I need anything or how I am doing. What do I need? I need someone to talk to more than anything. Someone that could give me advice, someone to help me make decisions. I guess I could really use a good friend!

  • Claudia C.

    I could so use a book like this right now in my life. I’m unemployed for the second time in a year, and I fear a career dead end. Still, I do have a faint glimmer of hope!

  • As a Capricorn, I love the concept of Practical Spirituality 🙂 What good is an awakening of consciousness if it’s left as a peak state only experienced in a retreat, or after reading a page in a book that speaks to us, and then promptly forgotten the moment we’re held up in a queue in the supermarket or some other event which pushes our buttons? It’s a constant discipline to remember to bring the ‘lovely’ spiritual stuff into the realm of the everyday, and to be aware of the intuitive and synchronicity in life as a navigation tool. Love the theme of your book x

  • Helen

    Being at a major crossroads in my life your words have really resonated with me. Sometimes the uncertainty of life can become one of our greatest fears.

  • Michele

    This book looks fascinating. I’m going through major changes in my life regarding my health, career, and a possible move. This book sounds like it could be so helpful! It already has me thinking.

  • Diane

    I would love to read this book.

  • Guest

    Thank you, Kate. I’m with you here, of course. Staying grounded and balanced while parenting teenagers or dealing with Sunday afternoon food shopping at Trader Joe’s (hello!) is how spirituality helps me navigate life. And try “manifesting” a parking spot in San Francisco!!! Talk about a s

  • Guest

    Thank you, Kate. And yes, if you have any doubts, try finding a parking spot in San Francisco, it’s a spiritual quest unto itself :-)! Or mothering toddlers and teenagers where grounding helps calm frayed nerves. I love mysticism, and how it helps me navigate the ups and downs of life, well, that what turns spirituality into a healing tool for me. Thanks for writing, and I love Capricorns :)!

  • StaciBoden

    Glad to hear that Michele. Really, the eight teachers are a natural part of daily life (fear, awareness, choice, body) and working with them can help bridge change.

  • StaciBoden

    Hi Amanda, as a recovering type A personality, I’m with you on learning how to let go. It’s a worthwhile practice because when we can loosen our grip, not give up on having intentions or goals, just loosen, then we create room for a different kind of conversation with life. One that’s more open to receiving which often leads to expansion. Congratulations on clearing space to slow down, it’s all part of it! Take care, Staci

  • StaciBoden

    Hi Mary,
    I am so sorry you’re feeling alone. And I’m glad to hear that you’re noticing what you need, that’s an important step. Start living into what steps you might take to meet that need. Is it a friend or perhaps someone who can hold space for your feelings, your grief, your needs? Perhaps the answer is both. What kind of intention might help you move forward? Anyway, feel free to email me private at if you’d like more ideas.

    Again, I know from personal experience that when we go through loss it’s easy to become isolated. And at some point, it’s up to us to decide whether we’re going to allow those understandable disappointments to dictate where we focus our energy next in our lives.

    Wishing you all the best.


  • StaciBoden

    Thank you so much, may the book serve you well, however it arrives.

  • StaciBoden

    Hi Beth, I’m sorry to hear about control exploding. One of the main reasons I’m interested in loosening control is because when it fails, it can feel shattering. Control isn’t so good at generating resilience or creativity. As a recovering type A personality myself, learning how to let go happens step by step and at some point becomes enjoyable. It can be faith restoring to allow life to surprise us with possibility. Thanks for commenting. Staci

  • StaciBoden

    Sorry, as you can see from the above, I had difficulty posting a response, thank you Mercury Retrograde! Blessings, Staci

  • Marc B

    Thank you Staci. I very much look forward to reading more…

  • Amy

    I would really love to be able to read this book. Not only have I gone through some difficult times over the last year, but I am here specifically looking for ways to support someone in my life who is walking through a completely devastating situation. This book looks like a great resource for those who need hope.

  • Surrender is the most unclear teacher for me, but i am sure it will be well explained in the book. As well as never met before “navigate energy” (manage-yes), as a boat lover sounds like a really great concept

  • I needed this today. Thank you for the insight. As a survivor of childhood sexual and emotional abuse, I have many things to learn still at my age of 43. Wisdom is imparted very rarely nowadays, but I am glad to have found Buddhism. It’s never too late to rewire your brain and start thinking in ways that you were never taught. Every day I strive to grow and learn. Even though I have been unemployed for almost 2 years and have lost everything, I still have hope. Hope that tomorrow will be a better day. Hope and faith that kindness in mankind still exists and hope that my future is bright.

  • rosereturns

    The timing of this book and giveaway couldn’t be more serendipitous for me…ending a relationship, a living situation, and massive professional changes have me excited about finding new ways to deal with old obstacles. Thanks so much for putting this out there!

  • StaciBoden

    Dear Michelle,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. I’m also glad you’ve found meaning in Buddhism. It sounds like you’ve done a lot of letting go in the past couple of years and I wish you all the best in moving into the other part of surrender, from letting go to allowing where you align with the energy of re-birth.

    It also seems like your relationship with hope is strong. Hope can be experienced as a heartfelt wish. And an intention is a heartfelt wish that you can focus on and fuel with everyday action. A teacher of mine, Jyoti from the Center for Sacred Studies, told me, “Without an intention, energy is random.”

    So focusing your hope in a particular direction, whether you’d like to call it an intention or another practice that has meaning for you, can help. I hope you will consider creating something like an intention to help your life take flight in a beautiful way.

    Wishing you all the best,

  • StaciBoden

    Hi Natalia,

    We often call surrender “the big mama” teacher, because of how powerful that force is in our lives, so I understand the confusion. I’ll tell you a secret (shhh), a relationship with surrender develops through getting to know fear, awareness, choice, body, intuition, basically the other seven teachers in the book. So by the time you get there, surrender won’t feel so confusing.

    Hah about managing versus navigating energy, glad you noticed the difference because there is one, at least in my book :). For me, managing is more about control and manipulation where navigating combines relationship and choice. We may not be able to control our reality, but we can learn how to navigate life. At least, that’s my belief and experience.

    Take care,


  • StaciBoden

    Hi Amy,
    I’m sorry to hear about you and the person in your life who is dealing with devastation. It’s just so hard when everything we think we know is shattered, eh? I actually wrote the book in part as a love letter to anyone feeling lost and surrounded by challenging life circumstances. If a paragraph or a story or a teacher helps someone feel less alone, I will be content.
    Blessings to you and yours,

  • StaciBoden

    Hi Helen, and sometimes paying attention to our (understandable) fears around uncertainty can help us grow strength, patience, a sense of humor, or something else we might need. If you think about it, fear is just waving a red flag of awareness about something important in your life. The question is, what? Hugs, Staci

  • Loved the article! I’m putting this book on my “to read” list!

  • Amanda

    Thanks Staci! And it’s definitely a worthwhile practice to loosen without letting go/ giving up our intentions or goals. 🙂 Nice to hear from a fellow recovering type A personality.

  • still_learning_and_growing

    I was at a frightening and harrowing ‘dead end’ the year I turned 40. I was laid off by a company where I stayed for 19 years, and released into a hopeless job market already filled with thousands of others like me. I didn’t know it at the time, but I had somehow ‘intentionally’ decided to be open about the experience, to learn from others, to go wherever the journey might lead me. Three months after the layoff, I found a senior position, and became a hiring manager for 9 people. My career has taken flight since my layoff, and I thank all the people I’ve met along the way for being my ‘teachers’.

  • still_learning_and_growing

    Confidence. Tenacity. A sense of humor. A strong belief that you are destined for something bigger. Aim for these intangibles everyday. And try to help others — even as you are seeking a job. You never know when you might bump into a hiring manager…. As someone who’s experienced quiet, dark nights staring at job boards, I am sending positive thoughts and energy your way, Claudia. Your next job is an interview away.