How to Overcome Loneliness

“Man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it's dark.” ~Zen Proverb

After my ex-girlfriend and I broke up several years ago, I never felt more alone in my life. I hung up the phone with tears streaming down my face as I stepped into my new reality.

I only had one friend in the world, who happened to live fairly far away, so most of my newfound singlehood was spent alone.

It was difficult for the first few weeks due to all the painful emotions that usually come with a breakup, but after a while the pain went away.

Usually I could keep a positive attitude and project the appearance was all okay, but truth be told, I was a very lonely person back then.

Sometimes, a coworker or some acquaintance would ask if I was seeing anyone to make conversation. I told them that I was taking a break from dating for a while to heal from the breakup.

However, I really had no idea how to meet people. After being in a relationship for seven years and losing touch with a lot of friends, my social skills were pretty much nonexistent. I wanted to meet people, make new friends, and date, but I really thought I was just incapable of doing it.

At one point the loneliness just overwhelmed me. I was walking down a street one night. As I was passing by a busy restaurant, I looked in the window and saw so many people at quiet, intimate tables sharing smiles and conversations over candle light.

Suddenly I just couldn't take it any longer. My mind became flooded with all of these thoughts like “Why is it never me in there with someone else?” or “Why am I always alone? Is there something wrong with me?”

Before I know it, I was crying right there, while walking down the street.

It all just seemed so futile. What was the point of living if I didn't have anyone to share my life with?

That's not my proudest moment, and back then, I'd probably be ashamed to share that with you. That was likely one of my lowest moments in my life, at least when it comes to loneliness.

However, I'm hoping that I can share some positive advice that I've learned since then that has helped me—and may just help you too.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you feel lonely in your life:

First: Remember that feeling separate from others is the direct result of focusing on how others are different from us.

When you look for differences, you will find them. When you look for similarities, you will find them as well. There’s nothing wrong with doing either; however, each has their own set of consequences.

When we spend your time focusing on the differences, we begin to have thoughts about how “It’s different for him because he’s a man,” “She wouldn’t understand because she’s rich,” “He has kids so he wouldn’t have time,” or “She’s so attractive, she would never ‘get’ my situation.”

We start to place others into all sorts of categories.

Most of these categories include all the things that make them different from us. If this sort of thinking continues, eventually, we will find ourselves standing alone against the entire world—us versus everyone else.

There are indeed different circumstances and situations that we all have to deal with; however, it is also just as easy to see that underneath all the differences we may have, we all share a common human experience. We all feel the emotions of pain, love, loneliness, fear, loss, sadness, and joy.

When you start to understand that the human experience we share gives us more in common than the different circumstances we may be in, we can start to feel a lot closer to other people. This is the way to begin to mend feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Second: Become curious about others and you will never be at a loss for words or feel unable to connect with them again.

Have you ever memorized a bunch of “conversation starters” to keep things flowing just in case a conversation hits a dead end?

“So, do you like cats or dogs better?” “If you could be any ice cream flavor, which one would you be?” or “Did you hear that they want to charge a toll on the freeway now?” often come to mind.

Sure, they might keep the conversation going, and they can work well, if your goal is to avoid anything resembling an awkward silence.

But silence only has to be awkward if you let it.

The secret to connecting with someone else and feeling a sense of bonding isn’t to simply fill up time up with idle words and pointless conversation topics. Connection is achieved through shared experiences or empathizing with others.

Instead, allow your curiosity to naturally steer the conversation. Ask a simple question. If you're paying attention (instead of worrying what you'll say next), you'll notice that there are many conversation topics embedded in a simple answer or comment that can keep you talking for hours and result in a much deeper connection.

Third: Be brave and put a bit of yourself out there.

If you're hungry for a deeper connection with others, don't be too reluctant about taking the lead in the situation and putting a little bit of yourself out there to steer the conversation in a deeper direction.

Talking about the weather or your 401k can get old after awhile, but if you change the direction and start talking about how the weather makes you feel or what you'd like to do with your retirement savings after you retire, then that can make for a much more personal and interesting conversion.

Essentially, what you're doing is you're welcoming other people to get more personal and share more of their feelings and experiences too.

That's really at the root of building a connection with someone else—getting to know them as more than just a collection of surface level facts. Once you start to learn more about their feelings and opinions on things, you can start to develop a real bond.

It may seem vulnerable to put yourself out there, and it is! It can be difficult at times to share parts of yourself with others, but that's how others will really get to know you.

Loneliness can be something difficult to deal with, and it is a sad fact that so many people suffer from a lack of close friendships and connections, despite the fact that many of us live in or near major cities.

If you ever feel lonely, don't be afraid to try and strengthen a weak friendship or build a new one. There are people everywhere and I truly believe that all of us are worth getting to know.

Photo by Kara Allyson

About Clay Andrews

Clay Andrews writes for the relationship advice blog The Path to Passion. He helps people feeling alone or stuck with their relationship situation find the love and connection that they want. He loves meeting new people. Visit the blog and say “hello.”

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  • First of all, Clay, let me applaud your willingness to be vulnerable in this post. That takes a lot of courage. 

    You offer some great tips.

    One tip of my own I’d like to add is to have the courage to sincerely ask “real” questions. If someone tells you they’ve been divorced five times, freaking ask them what happened. You’re not being polite by avoiding the elephant in the room.

    People appreciate sincere, non-judgemental curiousity. It allows them to feel safe around you and allows you to be safe around them. It’s breeding grounds for real connections.

    Just breathe, listen to what they’re telling you, and ask the damn questions you really want to ask. 🙂

  • Fiona

    Thanks for being so open and honest. I have dealt with and in some ways I’m still dealing with a similiar situation. Thank you for your inspiration and brave post!

  • Mick Wright

    It’s funny, when you do steer a conversation in a “deeper” direction, how often the other party really appreciates it.  It’s as if they’d been waiting and hoping to have the chance to talk about something meaningful with another person, and you’ve just given them the opportunity to do so.

  • Wonderful Clay! Truly. I think everyone at one point or another experiences lonliness and feels as though they are the only person in the world experiencing it.

    But the sad reality is, they’re not.

    People need to understand that others are in the same situation and with a little work you can connect to some of the same individuals. It takes courage and work, but in the end it’s really up to you.

    Thank you for your inspiring words and tips.

  • Benjamin1254

    Sitting here dealing with issues at hand I still feel this way. Ive been single going on 6 years! It sucks and it is what it is. Mind you i have caught myself in those deep depressed moments where like you said up there you start to think of why your so different from everyone else. I found also that coming to the logical conclusion of finding a better feeling thought and moving forward has helped alot. There is no logical reason to sit in despair and feel bad or negative thoughts. I find it easier to watch a movie or find a thought or joke that makes me laugh and do everything I can to keep that feeling going. In the long run doing just that had made things 1000x better for me in the end. It use to eat me up inside.I use to sit for HOURS and wonder why no one wanted me, or why no one cared, or why I couldn’t find another lover. That was not the case at all in the end. It was the fact I had no appreciation for the moment and my current situation. The love I want will eventually find me! That I know is a fact. For now my time is best used to focus back upon my life and my loved ones and when the time is right that lover will find me…. Keep your mind positive and good things will always without hesitation show up in your life!

  • talia

    What a fantastic post. So good of you to share your vulnerability with us. I truly believe everyone experiences loneliness at one point or another.

  • beautiful post! “Become curious about others and you will never be at a loss for words or feel unable to connect with them again” <3

  • This is a great post – thanks for sharing 🙂 

  • Kenneth

    I was talking to my counsellor about this only a few hours ago! I was saying how I spend so much time feeling lonely and somehow expecting there to be a miraculous end to it – I likened it to expecting a kettle to boil instantly without realising that I needed to put some heat under it to give it a chance. Pretty irrational and a sure way to stay lonely! Thanks for your timely post – i needed some tips so I could create some conditions to end my loneliness and stop expecting the miraculous end of it without any input from me!

  • Adeboer92

    Thank you for this post. I often feel that I am alone in my loneliness. No one else must feel this way. What is wrong with me? I recently graduated from college and had to move back home, away from my exciting college life and all of my friends. I feel as though my social skills are completely lacking. The only time I am social is when I am at work, and even then, I always feel awkward. All of my coworkers have significant others, so I never really fit in with their conversations.

    I will definitely be attempting to follow your advice, and hopefully I will make a connection with people who feel like me.

  • Hannah

    I have a hard time talking with people my age (early 20’s) about anything meaningful…a major source of my loneliness…

  • nectar

    Thank you so much for this post Clay! I have felt very lonely for a long time…partly due to a fear of socialising and also being single with my friends are all settling down. Anyway, I decided that sitting in my flat in london and feeling sorry for myself was achieveing nothing except time passing are prolonged loneliness so I am heading off to work in yoga retreats in Europe to meet more like-minded souls…sometimes we have to get out there and find our tribe! thanks again for this very timely post…i loved all that you said 🙂 

  • Klccoxw

    Excellent article. I will share this also in an email. Thank You

  • Tony, yes, asking “real” questions is definitely important and that’s something that I really encourage people to do.

    There’s an exercise that I give to people where they have to have a 10 minute conversation with someone else where they are only allowed to ask questions. The way that you “win” is if after 10 minutes, you actually care enough to want to keep asking questions.

    Thanks for your comment!

  • Benjamin, I think you touched on something very important and that is “why” questions. Asking yourself “why am I lonely?” or “why doesn’t anyone want to spend time with me?” are going going to give you answers to those sorts of questions (and it will likely make you feel pretty lousy…).

    Looks like you’ve stumbled across something important too, which is to just do things that you love and enjoy time with yourself. If others are there, great, but if not, that’s okay too.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

  •  Kenneth, Ah! Yes, the miraculous end! One thing I’ve learned in my life is that things tend to happen much more quietly than we’d care for in most cases. Just keep heating that kettle one degree at a time and it will boil before too long.

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment!

  • Craig, Yes, I think that loneliness is just part of being human. I’ve yet to meet someone who has never felt lonely.

    Sometimes it’s easy to get so wrapped up in our own problems that we think that our situation is so unique and that we’re just broken (I’ve been there myself!).

    But really, no matter what your situation is, there are probably countless people out there who can relate to the emotions you felt and through those emotions, you can create all sorts of bonding and connection.

    Thank you again for your comment 🙂

  • Mick, yes! Sometimes it just feels like we all just have all of these social norms we’re trying to keep up. We just sometimes forget that other people are also human and we just want to connect with one another.

    Thank you so much for your comment.

  •  Fiona, thank you for your comment. I know loneliness can be challenging, but remember, no matter how you feel, you are not alone. There are plenty of people out there who feel the same way as you and they’re probably just waiting for someone like you to come up to them and say “hello.”

  •  Thank you for your comment and thank you for sharing 🙂

  •  Nectar, I used to live in Bangkok for a short while. It was difficult because I barely spoke any Thai (just enough to buy food… ha ha!).

    Anyway, I took some yoga classes to help keep me active, and to meet people and to do something besides just ruminating to myself was very helpful.

    Thank you for your comment (and I hope your “crow pose” is better than mine…)

  • Hannah, yeah, I know what you mean. It seems like all the people in their 20’s are just into shallow things like going out and getting drunk (at least it seemed that way for me).

    But you’re absolutely not alone. Oftentimes, the more shallow something is, the more people truly long for a real and meaningful connection. It’s just that sometimes people go for quantity over quality. Sounds like you’re more interested in quality though 🙂

  •  It can be tough when you suddenly leave an environment like college and you have to seemingly start over from scratch. I know you’re probably not happy to be living back at home either (I’ve been there myself…).

    But as long as you keep reaching out and making connections with others, it’s only a matter of time before you really connect with someone and build a meaningful friendship or relationship.

    Thank you for your comment.

  •  Andy, thank you for reading, and thank you for leaving a comment!

  •  Chrissie, thank you so much for your comment. Curiosity keeps us connected to others. Even if it’s someone we’ve been married to for decades.

  •  Talia, thanks for your comment. Yes, I really do think that loneliness is just as much a common human emotion as joy, sadness, and anger. The only problem is that when we’re in the middle of it, it can feel like we’re the only one in the world. Thanks again for your comment.

  • Annie

    What you describe in the beginning of the post is exactly me right now – lonely, writhing in pain, almost completely isolated. After over six years of being with someone, I find myself on my own looking for answers, seeking for the truth, struggling to understand. It turned out I was in a relationship both deceitful and duplicitous. I know I should be thankful I have gotten out but the fact remains – I’m left with no one to give me a hug and hold my hand. Many thanks, Clay, for sharing your story. Even when we don’t know each other, there’s comfort to be had in having a common experience and knowing it can be overcome.

  • I love this post. You hit it right on the head when you said– in order to have a real connection with people you have to open up and not just talk about things on the surface. I’ve always felt that way, but I get looked at strange expecting that from people. You solidified the fact that I need new friends. Thank you. =)

  • These are pretty helpful questions to pose for anyone who’s experiencing alienation. I’m glad you’ve overcome it, and I’m hoping a lot of people can learn from this. Loneliness, especially on the fringes of isolation and depression is quite a dangerous position to be in.

  • james

    Thanks for the article. Very much needed

  • Kim

    Thanks for sharing!  And I needed to read this tonight.  I’m not sure how someone like myself can be happy and content so much of the time, as well as busy with many friends to spend time with, but yet there are days like today where I feel so alone.  Again, thank you for the post today!

  • Dshort2010

    Just because I’m alone…doesn’t mean I’m lonely.
    After my divorce, I felt like I HAD to surround myself with people and actions every free moment I had.  I was afraid I would get lonely.  Lot’s of time with the wrong people and too many one night stands took almost as much out of me in one year than the 17 years of a bad marriage.  It took some time to realize that I truly appreciate this time of my life…to work on ME.  Sometimes I just want to be with myself…and I have a choice to do that.
    Someday I will share my life with someone else…but for now I just embrace the time I have.

  • Jon Chang

    Clay, I’m glad I found your article today. I’ve been feeling lonely on and off for a while — so you sharing your vulnerability, I feel honored to read you and your courage in sharing.

    I loved your advice about being curious about others. I can initiate chat with strangers all the time, asking lots of questions and bringing out amazing stories. It really does work.

    I had a question, though, Clay, if it’s okay to ask… If you’re asking all the questions, and the person’s replying, but they’re not asking you any questions back – what does this mean? Does it mean they’re not interested in you, or that they’re just a conversation answerer like most people are? If you’re taking the initiative all the time, is there no hope for the connection…? Curious to hear your answer, as I haven’t one.

    Best wishes to you.


  • Nora

    I am just reading through the comments and your question caught me. I am such a person, who tends to answer the questions and forgets too often to ask back. So I will share a littlebit about how it feels and what it is about. But I have no idea if it is similar with others. I normally feel really good if someone is really interested and asking questions (there es a difference, if it feels some kind of real or if you feel examined or interrogated). But I then so appreciate the situation to talk about myself and just then the next interesting question is coming and I will answer. Talking about oneself is wonderful, many people love it 🙂 So I really often need some time, some silence, to get my thoughts together and really ask the other. And actually some times I am honostly more interested in talking than in asking, if I am not conscious. Some times it flows on itself, but sometimes not. I like if the other is getting his/her own experiences and thoughts on the question asked, so it is more balanced and I get a starting point and get out of the interview-talking-modus 🙂

    When I don´t ask back, It can mean that I am not interesting in the other person, but it doesn´t neccessarily.  But most times it takes some time (sometimes more than there is, when its a little chat between the doors) to get me back to the other person. So I would say for me it is better when others kind of weave their own things into the conversation.

    lovely greetings,

  • thanks for sharing your story so openly. sometimes i feel so alone though, as if i can’t connect with anyone. but then i realize i have to make the effort to connect with others first
    Noch Noch

  • Marz

    Thank you for this.  Somehow it makes me feel less alone to know i’m not the only one who feels alone at times.

  • Steve

    Thanks Clay  This is the first post i have read   and i am going to read at least one every day ..  

  • Lance

    Thanks for the article.  There’s something too similar about this story for me.  After an “epic” and emotionally draining relationship, I too have found myself somewhat alone even after living in this city for 5 yrs.  I often think about relationships and the fact that I just haven’t been able to form lasting friendships here.  People seem to come and go; it definitely isn’t like when we were kids.  Back then friendships were simple and effortless; they just seemed to happen on their own.  I definitely had no problems back then.  Even in college I was more popular than I am now.  For some reason, when we enter adulthood, the process seems to change for the worse.  Why did things get so complicated?  It seems like it takes so much more conscious effort and work to start and maintain friendships.  Aren’t we supposed to get better at things once we get older?

  • fabact

    Hi – first of all I’m so glad I came across this site! secondly,

  • fabact

    oops. secondly, I had a question..I have felt this lonliness quite a bit inbetween long spans of relationships and also a feeling of regret for not having gone for the ‘good guys’ in the past. I could have been married by now and having kids and now I’m afraid I’m running out of time. It’s an aweful feeling to have and I sway back and forth between regretting (I’ll go through phases of regretting certain guys) – to feeling good about myself and telling myself out loud that I forgive myself and knowng I’ll find someone and I just have to be patient. but its’ moments when I’m alone that regret is so hard to get rid of  !!

  • Not alone anymore

    I just wanted to really thank you for this post. I’m going through a really lonely time in my life right now and reading it helped a lot. I do the “me vs. everyone else” thing a lot — to the point where I imagine I’m the only person on Earth who feels this way. Reading this helped me realize I’m not alone — that I’m not flawed or “messed up” or whatever — just lonely. And I think I can handle that. For now.

  • matt

    Clay, Thanks . your story is alot like my own . my best friends have always been the woman I was with .a little over a year ago my ex girlfriend and I broke up .since then i have struggled with loneliness . sometimes on the weekends I will jump on the train and just go anywhere duck into bars,get drunk and walk the streets till 3 in the morning . I try to make friends and strike up conversations but most of the time people don’t really want to give me the time of day .I feel rejected cry while walking the streets and wonder why people seem to not like me . I know im a little rough around the edges and don’t have the greatest self esteem . but I have been learning to have better people skills . I listened to the fine art of small talk by Debra Fine and how to win friends and influence people .I also plan to get involved in toastmasters . I like your article and will use what I learned from it . Thanks again !

  • Krys

    Thank you so much. I’ve been battling loneliness and depression for several months now and this has really picked me up tonight. My future husband is in the army and stationed 6 hours away, and my best friend just moved 4 hours away. I’m a major introvert and am trying to learn how to make new friends and also enjoy my time to myself rather than being stuck on how much I miss the man I love and my friend. This post reminded me to enjoy some time to myself but also encouraged me to get out and be with people. Thank you.

  • James

    Loneliness is really horrible. It’s wonderful you are brave enough to open up yourself and share your emotions with others. I have to tell you, I often and not only once felt the way you did walking down the street. I had some times, I just felt pursued by couples walking arms in arms down the street both with a big smile full of love. Those moments smashed me down. But just worrying without doing anything doesn’t enhance your situation. I don’t know how you got all your insights. Your inputs are really great. Communication is so important and that was often my problem to get to know new interesting people and especially by talking to the other gender. I didn’t find a solution by myself, so I took the advice of an online life coach (Your24hCoach) to get some of such insights. The most important learnings I got out of it, is that you just have to put yourself out there and start to chat with people. Sometimes I failed, pretty embarassing circumstances… however like most things in life… practice is everything. And how you say wonderfully there are many other people out there looking for companion and relationships.

  • trying….

    I accidentally found your article while i was seeking for the ways to overcome my loneliness. I separated with my ex partner a year and half ago. Since then I have suppressed my feelings and kept myself busy with work. But I know I have always felt lonely and wanted to meet someone. Today, I couldn’t repress the burst of pain from crawling out any more. I was crying reading your article. I have friends but I want to meet someone who I can be in a relation with. Meeting friends don’t really help curing my loneliness… sorry for my gibber jabber…

  • Love this❤

  • bacillus

    I enjoyed reading this, but find it hard to relate since ive never really had anyone or been in a long term relationship. I feel as if I have become indifferent to this feeling that maybe my loneliness is perpetual, and that maybe I should just resign myself to this fate.

  • aqua

    in this situation myself, trying to fight the feelings of loneliness but they manage to creep up on me from time to time. I find it hard to make deep connections with people and hopefully following your advice this will change

  • shineOnMybrothersAndsisters

    Thank you so much. You’ve given me a lot to think about. I’m currently in a relationship of a bit over a year, and in that time I’ve isolated myself from socializing with other people. I don’t know how it happened, but I know that I was depressed long before I actually got in a relationship (so it was a miracle that the relationship even started). But once I found someone, it gave me an excuse to essentially halt most of my meaningful friendships with people. The friends I saw at school everyday became more of just a way to pass time, and before I knew it, we were all going our separate ways to different colleges and I was essentially left with myself, my boyfriend, and one other close friend who I talk to maybe once a month. I’m in college now, but I’m still living at home, so I don’t have the ease of the dorm environment to spur friendships. I’ve made some friends at school (I’m at a community college), but most of the people in my classes are a different age than me, so they’re pretty shallow relationships. I had no idea how to deepen any of my connections, and the loneliness has been killing me. I started AD’s probably 3-4 months ago, I believe, and for awhile it helped, which is how I opened myself up to the loose friendships in the first place. And my boyfriend has been living at my house for awhile, which helped, but now I realize that although I love us together, I’ve used him as a crutch to avoid having to become vulnerable and start other friendships. Meeting new people is so ridiculously HARD! Especially for someone who already has a mood disorder. In high school, everything was so easy because you saw all of the people around you ever single day (mostly), and could count on that fact. But now, it’s not only finding people with common interests, but also opening up to them and somehow getting THEM to open up to me. Your second point inspired me for the next conversations I have with people I want to be closer with! Although it seems so obvious, it’s often so hard to get over the nerves of trying to get people to like you and actually LISTEN and CARE about what they’re saying. That natural curiosity has been lacking from my conversations for so long that I wondered what was missing. So I’ve been rambling for awhile now (or not rambling, but going way too in depth about my life), and I would just like to say thank you, again. It’s wonderful to know that there are people who are going through and have gone through similar troubles as me, and that are willing to put themselves out there enough to help others get through it. You’re wonderful! Have a beautiful life.

  • I am Neinka Lando. And I have lived alone for 29 years; I’ve had 4 relationships but none ever went too fare; I am 48 this year and still, I’m a pure virgin. I am a huge believer in and of sacred geometry and Metatron’s cube. I am a disciplined biogenic naturalist and love long slow explorations through nature. I can tell you that women girls and ladies all love someone who is highly secure about themselves who they are and about all their beliefs. I drank some smoked some & lost touch with discipline & self-accountability for a while. when I thought my life was over, Gaea came and showed me this brilliant box inside what I now know is my pineal gland and said “{It was never meant for you to understand all the sacred coded parables and coded languages written in their Bible: For if it were, the whole world would surly be set free}”

  • prakash


  • TheAbsoluteTruth

    as a straight man that is looking to meet a good woman to share my life with, loneliness can be very depressing. i was married at one time before she cheated on me, and i was a very caring and loving husband that was very much committed to her as well. it is very hard for many of us men since many women nowadays are so very mean and nasty, and don’t know how to talk to men anymore without cursing at us.

  • Telling The Truth

    well as a straight man looking for love again, it is very difficult for me since my wife of 15 years cheated on me. i will just be very happy to meet a good woman for me this time around to share my life with, then my life would be complete.

  • the_designer

    I think the way you have flipped your viewpoint on life after going through a dramatic breakup is something that you should be proud of! Not many people can flip their views like you have and then on top of that inspire others as well. So I congratulate you on this and the great article you have given us 🙂

  • NeverWrong55

    with so many GAY WOMEN nowadays it is very hard meeting a good one now, that is why it sucks for us straight men to be alone now.

  • Sachu

    Love this blog. After two months i’m using this word love. We are broke up mutually only cos of parents. Both of our parents played well for two years and they got what they want. He went to banglore cos of work. Unable to face chennai without him. I have resigned my job and simply sitting in home. Unable to meet my friends, colleagues, everyone around me. Being a sentimental person, i’m unable to overcome. For past two months i’m dying like anything. I didn’t go out for 2 months. Food, movie, places names, songs, products which related to him like the phone which he used, his favourite branded shirt, the nick name which he used to call me, food we shared, msgs, mails, even wall paper, Oh my god, unbearable. We can die instead of this. already i tried cos of my parents opposition. After that he got promise from me that i should not try that once more. He too facing this pain a lot but still he wanna live happily by forgetting all the past. Now he said ok to his parents for arrange marriage. I’m very much possessive.. cant explain how badly its hurting me inside. Unable to sleep, eat, talk… I’m like a dead body with the soul. Lost all the faith on all relations, god, music, everything. I’m a musician but i didn’t sang a single line after i broke up. What wrong i did. Is any human around me? India is such a bad place to these love matters. Even now i’m typing with tears. Life has to go…. that is the term i’m remembering daily but to be frank i’m unable to come out. I feel like i’m standing inside a volcano. Its paining a lot. I’m screaming for help. If any parents read this post from india, pls don’t separate real love.

  • uma

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    and your problems will be solved..

  • Anonymous

    Good post, but also depressing. The fact is, loneliness is a modern disease of Western society, where people live in unnatural, alienating and isolated conditions on a daily basis. Depression is virtually unheard of in indigenous and tribal cultures, where people live in community and share friendship and resources on a daily basis. Loneliness and depression are unavoidable outcomes of living in “civilized” society, which is totally unnatural to the human animal. We are social creatures and are meant to live with others. The book, “The Depression Cure” by Dr. Ilardi talks about this point exactly… so, for those of us without relationships and family, we’re pretty much on our own, unless we join some type of pre-established community. Being alone too much and too often is unhealthy and creates a lot of stress in the body. No wonder so many people in the West are on antidepressants or live as addicts. Striking up conversations with strangers is great and can temporarily relieve loneliness, but the STRUCTURE most Westerners live in is all wrong.

  • Gaurav
  • abhishek


  • ray

    Normally I would just look at this, not bother on even commenting and just go on. Lately I have been trying not to isolate myself out of everything and get involved.. idk.. I definitely agree with what you said about how I only focus on differences. My story is basically that I just finished getting in a fight a little while ago with my best friend. I loved the friendship but basically in all truth, he was my only friend. The friendship is pretty much broken for good (it came down to physical fighting almost) I don’t really feel as if I have any friends left.. I don’t know I don’t even feel like I can write a coherent message about this but w/e this is what I have so far..

  • Matthew Wallace

    I really appreciate your will to help us with the way that you have suffered Clay. I definitely feel lonely, but I keep getting the impression that many others just simply don’t understand me and I also don’t understand why. I think I have “forgotten” how human we really are since so many people I used to know have moved on to stable relationships and jobs and I feel left behind. I also feel ashamed of the fact that I have no friends because I feel like there is something wrong with me. I studied a chem degree at the University of Calgary, but I took 8 years because I was so lonely and depressed – I’m still ashamed of this and I cannot find any sound work in my field because of my loneliness. Now, I just sit at home and study my own courses (which mind you is something I actually want to do) but doesn’t replace the connections I really want. Please advise.

  • timo


  • Walt

    Nobody loves me. For real! Am I frightened of the opposite gender? Just because my two ex-wives took me like Grant took Richmond, can I possibly be afraid of the sweet smells and gentle, sloping curves of a woman? Probably.

  • Walt

    Actually, the women of today don’t know if they want to be men or women, and a high percentage of them aren’t very nice. They’re self-absorbed, negative, nasty bitches who think that if they give you a little pussay, you owe them your money and your life. Now, would I rather be lonely or be with a nasty, selfish, greedy bitch? I’ll take lonely.

  • Anne

    hi, i’m going through this right now. it’s sad for me, because recently i broke up with my bf and well i don’t have anyone to talk to. My old friends are not in the same page as i am and whilst i try to connect with some people it’s difficult because they don’t seem to open themselves as much plus they’ve got their own life and family so they are kinda set.. it’s hard to find good new friends because the majority of people are judgmental and that is so frustrating. i wish to meet new friends that are into my stuff but it’s very difficult… 🙁

  • gwe

    well don’t’ generalize, not all women are like that. you just have to look in the right place and be open to be able to recognize what kind of woman is she.

  • naturegirl

    I feel lonely too. I just went through a break up this year and I am finding it hard to connect to people. I feel like I lost my social skills during the 3 years we were together. Before I was in the relationship I was very social, had many friends and had good social skills. Now that I am single again, I am finding it hard to meet new people I have things in common with and I don’t go out much. I honestly don’t know where to meet people at my age.
    Being in my 40’s ,it seems many people my age are married with children or in a relationship. Finding single women, unattached, to make friends with isn’t easy.
    I’ve reached out to try to make some new friends but it takes a lot of effort and commitment and it isn’t always reciprocated. I tend to find myself doing all the inviting and I eventually give up.

  • Sunshine

    I was in a relationship during my college days for almost 4 years and then broke-up because of his abusive and controlling nature. It may seem strange that I spent such a long time with him inspite of his nature, but the fact was, I was not gutsy enough to imagine my life without him. During the course of that relationship, I bonded with nobody but him. And then, when I brokeup, I didnt know how to come out of it. I felt very deeply wounded and became lonely.

    But then, I made loneliness my strength. It gave me time to reflect upon myself and my life. Frankly, I fell in love with myself and my family. And I have really been happy since then.
    Now I bond well with people, make friends and make them laugh and enjoy the process. I also take out some lone time to understand myself better and I must say, it makes me feel really good.
    I have realized nothing lasts forever. We didnt bring anything with us and we wont take anything with us. So as long as we are here, its good to spread love and smiles

  • Speaking The Truth

    Very hard for us men as well, and now that i am almost 60 years old which makes it worse for me. I was married for 15 years myself before my wife Cheated on me which i was a very good husband too, and Loneliness is certainly no fun at all which many of us men are hoping to meet a good woman for us this time around that had just went through a Divorce.

  • name

    not really a helpful article.

  • ginger

    “I truly believe that all of us are worth getting to know”.
    I believe this is the most naive belief I’ve ever heard. Time will prove you sadly wrong.

  • Jim

    Yea, but many of us men would Love very much to meet a good woman to share our life with after we been hurt by so many women that are just so mean nowadays.

  • Cody

    I feel lost most of the time. I am self employed and work alone, then come home alone, seems like a waste of time, I don’t feel like I am accomplishing anything. Just seems strange to me, I am in a place that I have never been in life, and I don’t like it.

  • Rene Thomas

    Hello Matt. I’m in pretty much the same situation. Four and a half years single, so no useful advice except emergency songs. “Can’t hurry love” by Diana Ross and The Supremes, “I Know it’s going to happen someday” by Morrissey and, if all else fails, “Pretty good day” by Loudon Wainwright III. Good luck, strength and peace x


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  • aleisha

    Thank u for writing this. It really got me thinking about working on my social skills and putting myself out there more, to connect with people. I just got out of a relationship and have been really lonely. It would be nice to have friends to hang out with and connect with people. There are 7 billion people in this world. No one should be lonely.

  • aspacelot

    You made me feel a little better. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate the time you put into writing this.

  • del

    exactly what i feel almost everyday. i have just broke up about 1/2 weeks ago yea the lonely feeling becomes worst. Isee many ppl eating together, walk together. But i did not cry anymore most of time, just smile or sad inside, but as many said, have to be grateful for what we have. so i usually looked at my feet and told myself, ” hey at least you can go anywhere and sightseeing without bothering ppl “

  • littlebird

    I have been with my partner for six years and I have never felt more lonely…

  • MeHere

    Loneliness is a horrible thing. I am almost 40, female, and have never had a relationship – men have just never been interested in me in that way despite my efforts. I now find it very difficult to relate to my peers at work as they are all ensconced in the married/babies/kids years of their lives and I have absolutely nothing to contribute to these conversations. To be honest, I think some of them assume I am a closeted lesbian (I’m not) because I NEVER mention relationships, either past or current, and I have worked there for three years now. It’s like that part of my life doesn’t exist – because, in fact, it really doesn’t. I think some of them just don’t know how to relate to me, as the easy conversation starters of husband-and-kids and ‘guess what my five-year-old said yesterday’ don’t apply to me. Even when I do chat to them, unless it’s a really hot topic of conversation, either in the news or in our own department, they usually don’t hang around too long. I think they feel a little uncomfortable around me. I am also not very good at maintaining friendships, because as with work colleagues, the conversation ALWAYS reverts back to relationships (which is completely normal and not something I resent), and I just have nothing to contribute, although I would really like to. There are simply no stories to tell, no experiences to relate, no funny little anecdotes to recall.
    My love life consists of a few one night stands, a few (online dating) first-date drinks, none of whom contacted me again, and…..well, that’s pretty much it. No cinema trips, no dinner dates, no Sunday afternoon road trips to an event, or walks on the beach with an ice-cream, no weekends away….none of those things have ever happened for me and believe me, you notice it when you can’t even drag up one man-related story from your past to throw into a conversation with your workmates.
    Anyway, it’s been two years since you wrote this post so I doubt you’ll even see this comment, but it’s helped to type it out. As for an answer to my loneliness? I don’t have a clue any more.

  • Joanna

    Ha, I love your taste in music!

  • I saw it, and I just wanted to hug you, because lately I feel so lonely I just want to give up. 🙁

  • Jawad

    Oh man I am going through the same situation right now, and you are absolutely right, we should be able to identify the positive side of being alone, it will give you time to take care of yourself and get back on your feet, especially in my situation where i have to be looking for a career and establish myself, so i can’t at all afford to be looking for love and relationships, but sometimes the feeling of loneliness overwhelms you, and you feel longing to have some fun and ease off a little… that’s when the pain starts…i don#t know when it’s going to end…

  • Jawad

    Lance, i would say an explanation to this is that when you enter adulthood, you start having responsibilities, get more concerned about your future, especially when you’re in a transitional period in a job you don’t wanna be in , that’s when the stress starts building up , and it manifests itself as negativity which becomes part of your character without you even noticing, and that leads either you to be too lazy to put effort and be spontaneous, or it simply pushes people away from you. this is part of growing up , figuring out life and what is really is, horrible realities, and agonizing truths, but eventually you have to accept it and move on ….

  • Shannon Galbraith

    I’m in a little bit of a different boat, I’m a single mom of 2 boys who are sooo clingy. I get no help from their father or anyone else. I am also without work at the moment, hopeful of finding work again when kids are back at school. Anyways I’m broke, have no way of getting out or seeing anyone. I get told I’m attractive quite a bit, but even so, I haven’t had intimacy with a man for several or more months now. I feel like my soul is being torn in half. I have no friends really, no time to myself (without my boys) and no man to comfort me. 🙁

  • Soleil

    I moved to the east coast from the midwest about 14 yrs ago right after college. I had an adventurous attitude, made new friends, but began to date with a lot of on and off again relationships. I wasted all this time and slowly all my friends I gained here and my friends back home became married with kids. Let’s just say that when you are female and your friends get married and have kids, they really disappear. Just this past year I again wasted time with a relationship that was going nowhere. I held on for dear life (even though he was a sociopath) because at 36, I was so tired of being alone while all my other friends disappeared into their married or serious relationship lives. I just wander why everyone becomes so absent when they get into a relationship, it is like no one else exists. I want to be in a relationship but still have meaningful relationships with friends too. It just doesn’t seem that way with my girlfriends, or used to be girlfriends, they just want to stick to their man or man and child and not hang with their single friend. I still go out to bars, but just because you have a family, doesn’t mean you have to go to a bar to hang out with me. I am actually quite sick of the bars. I have no problem hanging with you and your child, going to the park, zoo or pool. I don’t get it anymore. I get excuse after excuse from my girlfriends…”Im so busy, Im so tired, I have no money to do anything.” They can’t even pick up the phone anymore let alone get together. Im very bitter at this situation. At the beginning of June I could feel things slipping with me and my boyfriend, but we were doing really fun things on the weekend that kept me not feeling lonely, several weeks later I found out he was cheating. My one friend, only because she broke up with her man around the same time, started hanging with me and jumped on board to go to my scheduled alone trip to Puerto Rico (I just got back several days ago). I was super excited I wasn’t going alone and we had a blast, but as soon I stepped off that plane, I began to cry because I knew I was going to go back to being alone day and night, it also doesn’t help that I am a teacher and have summers off, so while Im home all day, everyone else is working. Also I have always found ways to try and be active, I am in a dart league, I take an African Dance class and I work out to help with my depression…..Im at my wits end. I am almost ready to move home, but I don’t know if that will even help as all my friends are married with kids there too. All I know, besides the pressure of being a woman unmarried in her late 30’s to get hitched, is that they also don’t talk about the loneliness you experience from not relating to any of your girlfriends anymore

  • MCSteve

    Hey Clay,

    I am really happy that I stumbled upon your post. I’ve been single now for 7 years, I have had flings here and there but i’ve never been in a long lasting relationship, the thing that many of us want but some are just too afraid to admit it. During this time i actually became really close friends with a woman from Canada. Me being in the states, I knew an actual relationship with this individual was close to impossible and would require one or the other to sacrifice everything that they knew to make a move. In the first 3 years of knowing her, we ended up catching feelings for each other but this was shortly erased after both realizing how difficult a long distance relationship sounded. So I stopped my advances, 4 years after that ( being present day) I finally met her in person for the FIRST time in my 7+ years of knowing her. She came to visit for the week and we had an amazing time together. I was okay with the experience just being strictly friends, but she ended up initiating the next step and things started to become more romantic and physical. During this short time i’ve experienced everything that I could ever hope for in a relationship. Meaningful conversations, complete unison with things we believed in, wanted to do, we clicked so perfectly that the things we did disagree on, those things or views were respected by the other. Today she went back home, and when she walked away I was completely shattered, it was the effect of making a horrible decision to inflict trauma on myself with starting something that could not be sustained. when I came home early this morning to my tiny studio apartment, the loneliness hit me like a train. I sobbed for a good 30 minutes or so, the drastic change of feeling the warmth of someone that truly understood you and going back to the reality of my lonely life and not having any close friends or family members near me since they all live half way across the country and going back to the job Monday Morning that I cannot stand. I know I need to be positive and erase the feelings that I have, but at this point in time. It’s pretty damn hard. Thanks for anyone who read this, I just really needed to vent and thanks for the post Clay.

  • ALex1911

    pretty much my entire life, I have nobody to hang out with , am 30 and never had any girl friend , I frankly really HATE weekends and vacation periods, Christmas etc cos everybody is enjoy it and can party and I can’t do anything but sit on my computer or hang out by myself outside, I tried to be nice to everyone , act like I am interested in them be open but get ignored all the time essentially , I often just wish my life would suddently end either by some car accident or heart attack etc (I often drive without seat belt in the hope that it may finally happen, simply way to coward to do it myself) during the weekends wait for the weekends but when I am in weekend I actually want to get back to work due to sheer boredom , it’s like a never ending circle of doom

  • A.M

    All my life I had no idea what its like to live free. I read so devotedly that earth gave me culture shock. School was hell. Family seemed alienated. I wanted to live in my books, eat words and drink vocabulary. I wanted to get high on literature and egest reality. Do you think its time for change?‎

  • Michela Allen

    Bejamin1254 Im wondering how things are going for you right now. If you get this message send me a response. Its been two years now…. Just wanted an update. I am currently feeling this way ….
    Be blessed and happy!:)

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  • CJ

    This overall sounds good except for the initial stumbling block – how do I even meet these potential people I’m supposed to put myself out there with? Nearly everyone I know is married and prefer to hang out with other married people. I’m included only when it’s a larger gathering which is typically a couple times per year. Most places are pretty awkward to go to alone and even if I do, I get there and everyone else is with someone. And please don’t say “get a friend to go with you”; that’s my whole point – I’m single (divorced) and my friends are married staying home with their families. I have no friends to get out there with. No, I’m not some crazy, hateful leper. I’m your average, middle class educated woman with a sense of humor and integrity. Everyone who knows me tells me and each other how much they love me on the rare occasions I see them out or at work, then they go off with their married friends or home to their families.

  • Very Difficult

    It is very hard both for men and women to connect with one another today unlike years ago when it was much easier.

  • Misty

    Everything you just said is exactly how I feel. I am 35 recently divorced and right now I am just floating through life. My career is doing great but I am personally very sad and lonely. I go out w/ co workers from time to time but haven’t had any REAL friends since my early 20’s. They have now went there way and have kids and I really feel out of the loop. Thank you for putting into words my EXACT feelings 🙂 glad I am not completely alone.

  • So Sad

    It really does Suck to be Alone for many of us, and it is a real shame that many of us just can’t connect with the right person to be compatible with.

  • paperdetective

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on loneliness. They got me thinking more about it.

    When I feel loneliness, with me it is a feeling of frustration, of being unsuccessful, when I have something valuable to share and I feel I cannot find someone to share it with or I mistakenly think no one is interested in learning about and sharing my values. That can be that I feel I cannot share myself with someone, or I cannot share hobbies, thoughts, ideas, feelings etc.

    For me that loneliness already started in the later years of a marriage that
    lasted 15 years till we broke up. After the break up the loneliness
    feeling was more in the foreground and more lasting, also because i had to relocate and had to rebuild my already small network of friends..

    I realized I needed to resolve this feeling of loneliness in part by getting new friends. Yes, man is a social animal, a trader, so I learned eventually that I cannot just live on my own surrounded by four walls but needed to go you to ‘trade’. I needed to look for people who ALSO wanted to share their values with me in exchange for some of my crazy values. ))

    What I realized later, when I met a great woman who has come to mean something irreplaceably special in my life, is that meeting her also made me realize that I was lonely in a different way, not just lonely in need of friendships where I could share parts of me with, but I was also lonely in search of a soul mate, someone with whom I could share everything I am with.

    Even though such a woman is now in my life this ‘romantic partner’ loneliness is still there when we are apart with trips etc. I miss her then and feel the urge to go back to be able to share my life again with her asap.

    So loneliness does not entirely go away ever. There will always be such
    moments where there is just no one to share your dreams, your successes,
    your desires, your thoughts and feelings with. Regular or even best
    friends can never be a surrogate for the absent partner. One just has to
    work on making such periods last as short as possible or find work
    arounds (thanks to today’s great communication tools).

    Still, when she is at sea I can often not be in touch with her and those are tough periods, even if only for a few days.

    Nevertheless I would not want to miss having a love in my life. The gaps with
    loneliness then are also a stimulant in looking forward to the joy of
    the moment of being together again.

  • Gerri Bird

    I love this reply. Totally true and real. The fallout of becoming more authentic, is realizing that very few other people are. It’s a lonely old time, when you are moving away from the old, and moving toward the new. I hope it’s a quick transition.

  • So Right

    Well i am 60 years old, and for many of us men at this age is very difficult trying to meet a good woman to settle down with again. I was married at one time before she cheated on me which i was a very caring and loving husband that was very committed to her as well, but it wasn’t good enough for her. Now going out again is like a game trying to find love again, and many of us men hate very much being alone when many women can handle it a lot better. It is very obvious why married men will live much longer than us single men.

  • Ugh

    I’ve read a few occasional hogwash posts here on Tiny Buddha but this one is a stand out as totally superficial nonsense, offering nothing but fluffy platitudes (and only three, at that).

  • Kathy

    very depressing post. I was depressed before I read it and now I’m more depressed. Perhaps the author should get into another business!

  • Seriously

    Being sick God forbid, especially if you have Cancer. But Loneliness can be a very slow and painful death when you have no one at all.

  • Leslie

    I would go anywhere to be with someone I felt this way about. Anywhere. The ends of the earth. I wouldn’t let distance stop me. Anywhere. I had to abruptly end an abusive relationship because I was assaulted, but I am older too, 57, a woman, pretty much by myself in a big city and have struggled with finding a new purpose in my life. My husband passed away, and then this promising relationship turned ugly and untenable. The loneliness is so severe i sometimes think about calling my abusive ex but i am proud of myself for staying strong and knowing that would be a huge mistake. I agree with whomever posted on here that it is our culture, we live separately, do not have the sense of community that exists in other cultures.

  • SolrWind

    I’ve found the exact opposite to be true. Brining up anything other than superficial, shallow topics causes 99.99999999% of people to become uncomfortable and run for cover.

  • SolrWind

    So you’re saying you discovered a newfound perspective through DMT consumption.

  • Alex

    Seems there is more than one woman in her late 30’s on this page feeling the same way. I think a lot of it is the overcommericialization of coupledom and families. In the past couple of decades, that has taken over everything, above all else. For females that is. Unfortunately, our friends get swept into this. They are not bright enough to see it for what it is – marketing.
    Eventually, their kids will grow up, they husbands will grow deaf – and they’ll want to pick up where you guys left off. Whether you allow these types back into your life is up to you, but believe me – they’ll be much less prepared than you ever were to deal with the lonliiness that is coming there way.

  • Joshua

    Wow this was great! I’m actually having strong loneliness problems as well 🙁 it’s pretty much I just see all these couples around me and it makes me feel like why can’t I be the one with a girlfriend? Or a really close best friend? I guess I will have to just wait and see, I really appreciate all that you told me one this post, I think I will see the world much differently and it’s all thanks to you. Thank you once again for teaching me, I guess you always do learn something new every day.

  • MeHere

    Well, it’s been a while since I posted that comment, I’m now 40 and starting to come to terms with my eternal singledom. I really don’t know life any other way. Anything else, e.g. relationships or sharing my life with someone, are just abstract concepts to me, much like asking someone to imagine what it’s like being on the moon – you can imagine, but you don’t really know from experience what it’s like. You can talk about it, but only in a ‘what if’, abstract way. So, can you really miss what you’ve never had??? I think ‘mourn’ might be a better word.
    Love. Something so basic, so normal, so essential to make us feel special, for want of a better word, has eluded me. And now I’m heading into middle age. Children may not ever factor in my life. Love may also never happen for me. I’m sad, but feel resigned to it. I’m so used to being alone. What’s another 40 years.
    But I know, at the end of the day, if I were really “ok” about it, that I would be able to talk about it, even joke about it. I just can’t. It’s too private and painful, and I feel inadequate and unattractive because of it. Did you ever look at someone passing you by in the street, someone downright unattractive in anyone’s eyes, yet hand in hand with a partner, and think ‘how can YOU find someone and I can’t??? How can a person find YOU beautiful, when nobody has ever said those words to me???’ Harsh thoughts, but very common I’d imagine.
    Sigh. I’m rambling now.

  • Dan

    Don’t know if you ever thought about getting involved in a network marketing company, they typically have events every few months, and have a sort of community where you get to connect with people who think and feel like you. So there are so many people you could meet, who would probably be happy to get to know you..

  • SweetLightPink

    I agree. Being in my mid 20’s, it has been the most difficult situation for me. I have a hard time identifying myself with anyone because I seek something a little more intense than the latest movies, celebs, drinking, etc. Interesting to read your pov and know that I am not the only one that has struggled with feelings of loneliness.

  • SolrWind

    What do you think you’re going to do about your situation?

  • Dan Castro

    This article describes exactly what I’m going through right now; its such a relief that there is someone that understands and its not just me going though this. I kinda feel silly saying it now after reading your article. the really horrible thing is i am putting myself out there I’m trying to have conversations with people even strangers but it all seems so hollow and I never hear from people again. I don’t know if its me doing or saying something that pushes people away or just that I’m too talkative as I do like talking which makes it even harder to deal with when I haven’t got anyone to talk to; the problem is no one ever seems to want to tell me what I did wrong? being someone in this situation before how do I move past this?

  • Rustle Wiltson

    I know what you mean. Im 26, and it seems as if my peers are in a state of “arrested development.” Youd think they were still in high school!

    Talk about anything other than football and their eyes just glaze over.

  • SweetLightPink

    What do you suggest? Meeting older people perhaps.

  • SweetLightPink

    funny…can you answer solrwinds question below? interested to see what your approach would be.

  • Rustle Wiltson

    Yeah, ill respond directly to him 🙂

  • SolrWind

    Well, I’m in the same boat, and I’m not sure what the solution is for myself, so I don’t feel that I have any answers to offer except generic ones. I only know that I’ve tried all of the usual routes (trying to meet people in stores, bars, parks, discussion groups, etc.) and none of them have worked. It’s like I speak a very different language than everyone else for some reason. The only thing I can think of is to move somewhere else where likeminded people are. Portland, OR is the only place I can think of for myself.

    The funny thing about all of this is that loners have such a hard time meeting other loners because loners are much less visible. I also suspect that loners, once they reach adulthood, are less trusting than most for the very reason that they *know* they’re different and less apt to fit in, which makes the search even more difficult. It’s a vicious circle. I almost wish I could stand atop the tallest building in the world, shine a bright spotlight on myself, and scream, “Please, someone see me! I’m not invisible! Someone please take a chance on me!” Seeking out older people may be more fruitful, you’re right, although… many older people I’ve met are just as shallow as young people. Writing out loud here like this shook an idea from my tree: it’s less about age and more about education and upbringing. I’m personally searching for that rare combination of pure-heartedness, quirkiness, and love of adventure. Like a crazy, eccentric, oddball university professor with a heart of gold.

    I thank you for your implicit endorsement, but the truth is that I’m just as lost and lonely as all of you, so it may be the case of the blind leading the blind here.

  • Andre

    I too have lost my GF. Living in DC alone essentially almost a year now after split. All my family are long ways away in FL. Its a crazy and hard experience at first. I have met someone else but I cant help but feeling the loss of my ex. I struggle everyday still with the thoughts of am I happy? or will I meet the right person not just “someone right now” — 8 months single from ex and 3 months into relationship with new GF that went through similar situation as mine. I can only hope things will sort themselves out… never had such a “lost” feeling in my life but I am still here so im still going and going…..

  • Paul

    I feel for you. I do think you should maybe try letting your guard down. The good thing about being a woman, is that when you’re upset and losing it people readily support you. Showing your vulnerability will make some people feel close to you. Just let go. It’s surely worth a shot 🙂
    My relationship ended six months ago and I honestly have no idea how to connect with people any more. It took something out of me and I wonder if I’ll ever get it back! It’s like I’m not the young, crazy naive man I was before and that makes me wonder if I’ll find love again (those traits seem to help!). I’m 31. Women seem to feel nervous around me, even though I’m told I’m ok looking and friendly.

  • gurneet singh

    Benjamin…kindly suggest me something..for i am too going through this awkward loneliness……i have few friends but i am loyal towards one who i consider my best friend….i m always there for him, i care a lot, but he never reflected a bit of the same bond ……i m advised earlier that i should part with him as he don’t care the hell for you..probably he would never….but i m unable to leave him because i cannot feel like going away from him and stop caring about him just because i am not cared….:(

  • Chris Forest


    Thanks for writing this. I totally relate to the wish to share your life with another being: it just seems so pointless to not share such a precious gift. As one with certain learning disabilities, I don’t really have well developed social skills. On top of that, I’m always trying to hide who I really am from people, since so many have been cruel to me when I’ve left everything bare. I guess I have to work on your tip about being brave if I’m ever going to get over this loneliness. I’m so sick and tired of feeling like I’ve got a hole in my heart. I’m exhausted from fighting with the shadows in my head. Just once, I want to be able to love someone unconditionally and have the feeling reciprocated.

  • Cain

    I can totally relate. The only difference is that I have never had a relationship. I am a 24 year old virgin guy and I don’t think this will change : I am virgin , so girls don’t like me and I can’t get a girlfriend , so I can’t have sex and remain virgin. I ve been and I am in the situation where I cry on the street. I have friends who get one night stands , rrelationships , have best friends and I am just alone.

    It sucks being alone.
    Loneliness hurts so bad.

  • Divya

    Hello, this is exactly what I’d been doing for a while to stay away from the loneliness I’ve been having. You know, doing stuff for your loved ones, making them happy, trying to distract yourself somehow…. But all these are just temporary replacements for the loneliness, right? I mean once in a while even I wonder why doesn’t anybody like to talk to me (I used to socialize a LOT before I had a bf who I am pretty attached to so my contacts lessened, and my studies kind of forced me to reduce the socializing), and its very depressing. Even though I do have a few close friends, I hardly meet them once or twice a year, and like I said before can’t talk to them much because of my studies. I just hope this is only a phase in my life which would pass soon because all I want is to be happy from the inside and outside. But this article really makes sense, as I’d been focusing on the differences between me and others. And this perspective of viewing the positive side of people seems pretty good!

  • Lydia laures

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  • Ash

    I was hoping this would help me… but it didn’t… 🙁
    I just ended a friendship with someone I had become quite fond of and now life seems empty and lonely without her. Part of me wants to stay friends with her because I enjoy her company and we have a good time, but she always has secrets and lies which caused a lot of drama and problems between us. I ended up just letting her go.

    I have had to end many relationships with friends and family because I got tired of all the selfishness, lies, secrets, and drama, it was too much chaos. I decided to make life simple. I just wanted kindness, honesty, trust, loyalty… but those qualities are hard to find. So does one just settle for the sake of having company and to not be lonely?
    Or do you stick to searching for what you want and be picky with who you associate with to keep peace and “happiness”?

    I decided to go with option two… but that is the cause of my loneliness because I don’t think what I am looking for really exists… and… I’m not really happy with this choice.

    I like asking questions, I like meeting new people, I have no problem making new friends… But as I am getting older, finding trustworthy honest people is becoming harder and harder, and I am tired of all the drama caused by everyone else…. thus, I have found I only have one real friend now that is honest and trustworthy, but lives halfway across the country…

    *Sigh* I guess I’m not really sure how to carry on and deal with things.
    Am I being too picky with people…?

  • Child of God

    Prayer to Saint Claire

    By Ethel Bustamante

    Novena to Saint Claire

    Pray whether you believe or not and promise to publish or circulate.

    Ask for 3 favours: 1 business and 2 impossible.

    Say 9 Hail Mary’s and the following prayer for 9 nights in front of a lighted candle,

    God of mercy you inspired St. Claire with the love of poverty by the help of her prayers. May we follow Christ in poverty of spirit and come to the joyful vision of your glory in the kingdom of heaven. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ your son who lives and reigns with the Holy Spirit, One God forever and ever. Amen

    With God, you will never feel lonely!

  • Joe Stitz

    I seeked Christ and found him 🙂

  • hamid

    thank you clay to share with us

  • maru

    Thank you

  • Tom

    I think it’s great that you are a man who is able to share your story. We are always taught that men aren’t supposed to have feelings and be strong all the time. I think there are a lot more men that hurt just because of fear of embarrassment. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Lonely

    I appreciated this article but to me it is unrealistic and will not help me personally. I have zero friends and when I am not at work I spend my time at home alone. I joined a gym to be sociable, be brave and ‘put myself out there’ to make friends and I am still yet to have a conversation with anyone let alone a friendship (and I have tried!).
    I think some lives are just meant for loneliness, there’s no escaping it. Unfortunately I am one of those people.

  • dale

    I have no problem with socializing and find it easy to talk to anyone. So according to this article I will be fine, then. Unfortunately, I live in a very expensive town and work in a low paid job. To talk to people you have to be able to meet them and this costs money. As I can hardly pay my rent and buy food that isn’t going to happen. If you are lucky enough to find a free activity to meet someone the ‘first date’ afterwards is going to cost the money you don’t have. Friends have given up inviting me out because I can never go. And so they become ex-friends. I talk to people at work and then go home to sit alone and let the depression rip through me. Then I go to work and pretend I am coping. So let’s have some smart ass advice on this one. Glad your happy now. But don’t think everyone who is lonely is there because they can’t mix. Sometimes life is crap and that leaves you lonely.

  • Lynwood

    One thing I’ve learned when dealing with married or involved people is that while they *may* put on a face that everything is peaches and cream in their life, most of the time, they are in the same boat you are in and they are just too scared to admit it. It is “they” who are afraid of being alone, not you. At least you can openly admit you are lonely and you are seeking to change that. This makes everyone on here who seeks comfort the bravest person you know.

    I give admiration to the people here who aren’t afraid to show their feelings. Because, being lonely is a part of being human. We don’t have to embrace it or even like it, but we must learn to either overcome it or go down trying. You see, each one of us on here are really rare. While the rare part is that we are all seeking wisdom on the most elusive question mankind has ever faced: Why are we alone and why does it hurt so bad? I see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to learn about yourself and to learn more about other things greater than yourself. To walk a path that is far less traversed. Which makes us all pilgrims on a journey deep within ourselves.

    For over 5 years, I’ve dealt with this loneliness business, but I dealt with it in the face of enlightenment. I’ve had my ups and downs with it (mostly downs), but I’ve learned that this path we walk makes us stronger when dealing with other people. Because, you won’t deal with people who are not on a level which you can tolerate them in your space. That’s right, YOUR SPACE. Your space is the most graceful place to be and you have to very damn special to be in it.

    I know it sounds so simple, but nothing can be so hard to do. Courage is getting something from nothing. But first, you must let all it go. You must let go of all the frustration, anger, sadness, depression, jealousy and every other emotion that comes with being lonely. Even I, at times, find it hard to let go of these emotions, because I have a tendency to pick up what I let go and dwell in it, but I am human and I’m allowed to do so. You must allow yourself these things and do not think there is anything wrong with it. Once you air that out, you will find it easier to let it go.

    I know this won’t work for everyone, but it’s working for me and it’s still a work in progress. I didn’t get lonely overnight and I know it won’t go away overnight. I hope this helps someone, because we all need help in this matter.

  • Mat Rost

    i’m very lonely and depressed right now. i’m 29, i’ve never had a relationship and i’m very mistrusting of people. i live in a small religious town in new mexico and i’m a atheist, so it’s hard for me to connect to people because of my intense dislike of organized religion. i also have never been hit on, never been asked out and the last time i asked somebody out, i got laughed at. i’ve tried so hard to find the right woman who would love me for me, but i always seem to get the door slammed in my face everytime. i don’t feel attractive either, i don’t think women think of me as sexy. so i keep to myself because i always seem to get ridiculed in one way or another. i don’t want to be lonely and don’t believe i will every been happy lonely.

  • isa

    You guys talk like all married (with or without kids) people are never feeling lonely… Wrong. I am married, 2 wonderful young kid (and great hubby) and I still feel lonely/disconnect from people. It’s not one or the other you know… At least I have my family and I feel very lucky and grateful for them, but they don’t replace great friendships…

  • Dalia1234

    I’m not sure you’ll see this but its worth a try. I’m glad i found this blog today..we have a similar situation. I find myself feeling lonely many times & hope its a phase that will pass through. I’ve lost touch with many friends & don’t socialize like i used to. I have a loving bf whose my best friend & a few friends ill see a couple of times a year…I’ve had to put most of my time towards my studies sacrificing all else. Many times I feel alone looking around & its surprising to see that there’s many of us feeling this way. Im trieing to stay positive that things will take a turn. Just wanted to share.

  • Martin Ellingham

    #NAWALT we hear it over and over and over and over…

  • Nicole Starnes

    I like this. I’m going through the same thing. I used to sit and be very depressed wondering what’s wrong with me or why no one wanted me. It took a while to reach a point where I truely believe that there’s nothing wrong with me and that the right one just hasn’t found me.

    I also learned to be very very careful what you ask yourself. You’ll always get an answer. If you’re asking yourself what’s wrong with you, eventually your mind will come up with an answer whether that answer is true or not.

    I know I’m amazing, pretty, and worth it so I change my thought process fast. I learned that I cannot sit and dwell on the negative because my mind will run away with it. This is a long process and I’ve come a long way. Still not all the way there but I’m learning to love myself and I’m teaching myself that I don’t have to be with someone to have a good time. Does being coupled up make moments more special? They can… But I can’t assume that everyone who is in a relationship is happy, either. I’d rather be single be happy then be with someone and be unhappy. So I’m waiting patiently.

  • Nicole Starnes

    Just curious as to what your situation is now. Have you found anyone?

  • Anonymous

    few years back after completing college i was about to fly make new friends and get a good job.. i got a good job and a girl to love but it was long distance relation which lasted for a year and then eventually died and i was in middle of nowhere.. bruised, hurt crying long hours dont know what will happen will this void of loneliness will ever be filled.. when i saw other couples i started feeling bad for myself why me .. i never wanted this for me .. i wanted someone with whom i can spend my life … but what i get is loneliness… after crying for an year i found another girl.. we became good friends and when it converted to love dont know but i loved her madly and she also loved me a lot .. it was also a long distance relation. i felt like she is the one .i want to live my life with her .get old with her..have a small family and enjoy the beauty of life with her.. but that is all in thoughts we started having regular fights on small issues later on love is lost.. now she has moved very far from me.. still we are in touch but she doesn’t feel the same . now i am again feeling lonely. i will do anything to get her back but dont know what is in store for me… sometimes i feel like to end everything as i dont have friends and love of my life is also going far far away from me..

  • ART214

    I just came across this article, and sure glad I did. It is very interesting indeed, and much of it I can relate to. I am a 29 year old male, not in (and never have been) in a relationship. I am told I have an attractive and likeable personality, although like any other human being, I am full of flaws as well. I do feel very lonely sometimes, especially when it seems like just about everyone around me has someone and is moving on with there lives. I will admit, part of the reason may be because I can be very shy and socially awkward at times. But I feel terrified sometimes of the idea of being alone my whole life. Sometimes I think, why me? It seems like everyone else gets to find love and happiness, why must I deal with this? But I thinking having said all that, it is important to realize how to love and be comfortable with yourself. I have traveled around the world on my own, and had a great time. It can teach you lots about yourself and who you are. Yes, its not easy to deal with and can feel overwhelming at times- I would know. But at the end of the day, it can be those lowest, most depressing moments in your life and teach you the most about yourself and what it is to be human and alive.

  • ART214

    Hi Alex, I know I am posting a year late so you may not even get to read this, but I sure hope you do. So here goes: I know exactly how you feel, because I am in a similar situation. I am 29 years old, no relationship, spend lots of time alone. I dread weekends and holidays as well, especially in the summer, because everyone is outside together doing things and having fun, and I have no one to be with. Man of my friends are in realtionships and are doing things with there significant others, and I am home alone, bored. Believe me, I know its hard and painful, and there were (and still are) times when I wish it would all end. But please don’t wish for your life to end, or try to take your own life, no matter how hard it gets. Love yourself, love who you are. I don’t know if you believe in god, but I will say it anyways. God gave you this life, and he does not want you to end it. Whatever it is you are going through may be hard, but remember, God gave you this live for a reason and a purpose.

  • TheAbsoluteTruth

    I am very happy to say that i did. Thanks very much for your support. Peace.

  • Josh Little

    As an alien from another planet I don’t feel as if I can sympathize with you humans. But here’s what I think you guys should do. Not contact our planet because that would be so rad if you didn’t. Think of all the wars you’ll avoid by not contacting our planet. My name is Yeresies and that is my advice. (Ignore my username that’s not actually me).

  • Tanya

    I more than understand how you feel. I am 40. I have been single since I was 29 years old. Some days I don’t even feel like a person. I also have difficulty relating to people, and it feels so weird to be outside of humanity in such a way. I walk into the office after a weekend and all of the women in the office are talking about their boyfriends or their husbands or their kids or dinner with other couples and I just sit in silence, not sharing that I sat alone over the weekend watching movies or TV shows.

    Like most I struggle in dating, my online dating accounts usually sit uncontacted and in silence except for inappropriate sexual comments and propositions. Social group never brought me any interest from anyone for dating. As a woman of color, this has been the norm for me for over a decade. And, while I understand those with healthy outlook believe love just hasnt found them yet, a lot of what society show me and has shown me over the past few years tell me love will be difficult for me to find. I don’t believe love is waiting for everyone. I don’t believe the right person han’t found me yet. I believe some of us find love. Some of us don’t: we live alone for all of our lives and just have to learn to be ok with it. The hardest part for me is that while it makes me feel unattractive I know I am far from that because I am propositioned for sex and/or sexual relationships all the time based on my looks/my body shape. So, adding to the loneliness and depression of being alone is the fact that I am only wanted for simple, empty sex… and nothing more. Or, you sit next to a man busy swiping female faces left and right at the bar and ignoring the very real living woman sitting next to him at the bar that he could talk to and get to know.

    All of my friends married long ago and either have children or are tryng. After a while I began to heaer “I can’t today” or “I’m busy” or “Tell me later” from married friends before it just became a direct and clear communication that they have no interest in listening to or hearing how can’t find someone to love and or love me. There’s no relating anymore. We don’t share lifestyles in common anymore. You don’t fit into their married/couple-y lifestyle. You’re still talking OkCupid and hoping for a second date and they’re talking babyseats and preschool costs.

    So, you become the friend you spend time with most. You go to dinner by yourself. You go to bar by yourself. You go on trips by yourself. You spend every minute of your life alone outside of work. And, it’s downright difficult and break you as a person every single second of your existence.

    I miss just having a simple conversation with someone sitting next to me. Something so simple. Holding hands. Looking in someone’s eyes. Ten years… I don’t know what these things are. I feel alien in a room full of people. I feel different, as if I can’t understand what theyre doing, when what they’re doing is just… living.

    So, I absolutely understand what you speak of. I live it.

  • MeHere

    Oh my gosh, Tanya….after months of not checking this comment thread, I see your reply to me just a day after you posted it. And I can relate to every. single. word.
    The lines “I isolate big time (with periods of feverishly attempting to reverse the habit), which is baffling to people who know me because, long ago, they knew me as an extrovert. My solo life has turned me into an introvert they can no longer relate to or understand”, and also this part “There’s no relating anymore. We don’t share lifestyles in common anymore. You don’t fit into their married/couple-y lifestyle” both physically stung me, as I relate to them both so much. I also believe that some people just don’t find love. We all knew older people while we were growing up, who never married, or seemed to ever have a partner. I just never thought I’d be one of them 🙁 The way you feel about romantic movies and songs? That’s me, exactly. The difficulty relating to others on a basic level due to lack of experience in what is considered a basic human activity? Also me. Yes, I’m also alone 99.99% of the time outside of work. I actually haven’t gone out socially (as in, to a bar or whatever) for over a year, not even at Christmas.
    You are me and I am you. It’s Saturday afternoon, and I’m sitting alone in my apartment on the computer, too lazy to even tidy up because, well, nobody’s going to see the mess. I don’t even know what else to say, just that I related to your reply so, so much.
    I hope some day we can both come back to this thread and have a happy story to share – either that we have met someone (yeah, I know…..) or have found personal peace and happiness through some other outlet. Please don’t think you’re the only lonely person out there – this thread is several years old and still active. We’re not the only people who seemed to have missed the lecture on ‘How to Relationship 101″ 🙂
    Much love to you Tanya, and to all the other lonely people reading who find a bittersweet solace in knowing that there are others out there who are as lonely as they are, and can express it so articulately.

  • I am a person who is always busy with programming and making videos. I don’t why but I have been so lonely since the last two weeks. When I try to analyze what had happened to me, I just don’t find anything unusual.. I have been trying all the methods possible to overcome it, but the loneliness still haunts me.. Is anything wrong with me? Please help me out..

  • Jackie Allen

    Yes this is an accurate cultural analysis, but it’s not going to change. North American culture is so isolating because technology and machines can now replace most human functions. We don’t need each other for survival. So do you have any ideas short of moving to an African country? :p

  • InFrance

    I so hear you SolrWind……finding someone who is into alternative music, travelling, dancing around the living room just because, yet can have quiet times and comfortable silences. Must love animals goes without saying and honesty, loyalty and authenticity are non-negotiables. I can see myself being alone for the rest of my days and I’m just coming to terms with that. The loneliness is something I’m currently figuring out (I was going to write fighting, but that sounds so negative). An interesting article and the responses are food for thought too. Cheers.

  • Need a safe and private place to discuss some thoughts or conerns? Want to help others at the same time? Try Ibehereforyou!

  • Ataloss

    I am also going through post breakup loneliness, have been alone for almost three years now. Weekends are the worst because besides going to the gym I am basically alone all the time. I am also an extrovert by nature, but find myself isolating more and more. I was married for 18 years, then had a three year relationship that ended suddenly and sadly. I also don’t know what to do to get through this. I often go to bed at eight pm because I’m so sick of sitting alone every night. I am so desperate that I have decided to leave my job and my home and move somewhere else and try to start again and find myself again. If it doesn’t help, I think I’ll just end it all. I’m fifty now, but still feel and look young and attractive. I understand all your remarks above. I have a great career and have had an exciting life. I can be alone. But now life feels empty and boring – just lonely as hell. I hate it.

  • NVers

    Right now, I can totally relate to being at the lowest of feeling lonely. When I was studying I had an amazingg group of friends, but now that we all started working we kind of drifted apart. My current social life consists of small talk with my colleagues..realising that makes me feel pretty miserable. I know I want/need to get out there and get my social life back on track, but I just don’t know how to take that first step..

  • MT.Rex

    Tanya , I am also a woman of color and I can also relate. I work in an arcade in my towns mall and I see happy family’s and couples all day long. Men don’t care for me as hard as I try, I’m constantly shit on and it’s tearing me apart. I’ve never had a boyfriend , but I’ve gone on dates with guys I’ve never heard from again, just like that. Made plenty of dating accounts over the years and still nothing.

    I don’t think I’m unattractive at all and my style is a huge part of me, so what the deal? I really can’t tell you. It makes my heart ache and question if I’m really supposed to go about life alone. Being only 22 yrs old I tell myself I’m young and I need not to worry, but with all my friends engaged, popping out kids and what not , I too feel like an alien from another planet. I don’t relate to most songs or movies about romance, and I usually don’t have anything to add to a conversation about boys with my girlfriends.

    It usually just makes me bitter and sad, but I hide it because I dont want to feel that way or let people see me miserable.

    Now I am a social butterfly, and I can make friends easily, I’m that goofy girl with the weird , but bold fashion sense and a free spirit. I’m super witty and I love to laugh and dance all the time, I’m told how awesome and cool I am by most people I talk to. So I’m not lacking in the social circle or confidence area. I’m a very happy human 90% of the times , but even I can’t protect myself from lonely thoughts at night , even more so since Valentine’s Day is in a few days.
    I’m in a very bad lonely funk right now, and it normally goes away after a day. It’s been months and it’s only getting worse.

    What makes the situation more hurtful is that I have baby fever like a itch I can’t scratch, I’m totally ready to start a family but , no one to start a family with.
    I make myself go to parties and I try my hardest to never turn down invites from my friends, but with loneliness clawing at the back of my throat I just want to lay in bed all day and look at the back of my eyelids. No one understands and I feel like a damn loser for being so hung up on it all the time, and I hate when others pity me and try to give me the speech about
    ” God has a plan..”
    ” Men are trouble anyway..”
    ” Your so lucky to be by yourself ..”
    It irks me. I never got to love another, that part of my life has yet to be unlocked and I believe it’s the parts that shapes you the most. I’d give my my left arm and a eye just receive flowers, not even the good ones from a florist! I want to feel like a normal girl and be in stupid puppy love.

    ” It’s better to have loved , then to never love at all ” Most people have been in and out of love and has never faced my problems so they don’t get it.

    I had a serious heart to heart with myself and I’ve decided to make my own happiness, not wait for it in the form of a person. I’m looking to move across state and start fresh. Im giving myself to the age of 25, if I’m not even looking to get married with someone by then I’m just going to a Fertilty clinic and use the Artificial insemulation method to get pregnant.
    I don’t want to wait any longer and I’m so glad I found this page, I feel better knowing someone else is looking up on google what to do about a lonely heart. I wish you the best of luck in all areas of your life, and may you find peace.

  • Olivia

    Hi, thank you for the article. How are you doing now? I’m on here because I’ve had quite a few losses in just three years. To say I feel lonely is an understatement. I married, and the last remaining person in my immediate family is my father. My husband has struggled with an illness for 15 years which has caused me great anxiety. And, out of loneliness and fear, I have reached out for the wrong female friends, as well as the wrong male friends. I’ve joined grief groups, and trying to be very open with the friends that I do have. What I’m finding is that I need to align myself more with the people who have similar interests. But still, this is not easy. I completely understood the portion that you wrote about when you’re passing by a restaurant and felt alone. I literally wake up next to my husband feeling this way every day. And it’s not for lack of love on either end, there’s just a deep-seated loneliness. I have many acquaintances and yet nothing feels right to me. I have a therapist and I’ve even inquired about depression medication, but it doesn’t seem to be my issue. I believe there’s a lack of some sort of social skills/belonging that I simply don’t have. I agree that if we focus on each other’s differences, we will just feel more removed, rather than United. I think it’s safe to say that everyone who is writing on this form must feel a bit lonely or else we would not be on here. So, aside from the loss and the sickness and my husband has, I lack the schedule of daily things to keep me engaged with others. I don’t want to run out and just be with anyone, and this is difficult. My work does not require me to be in an office. And, if I go to a library, I’m with other people but simply quiet and pretty much alone with others. I’ve tried to be going to the gym situation, only to find that I’m on a machine and having then walk up to me. Which I am not interested in since I am married. I belong to a worship house that has primarily older people and only a part-time administrator. I’m sharing all of these things to give everyone a broader picture that is reading this. I live on the street with professionals, and few people are home, other then a couple of elderly people. I’m definitely struggling with this loneliness, and I’ve been seeing my therapist twice a week to try to figure out which way I am going. I don’t want to do anything out of desperation, such as take another job, or join a different gym, and not be happy. So, I’m laying it all out here for people to see and I’m praying that none of you will judge, but I’m trying my best. Not every day is incredibly lonely, but I am having more that feel this way than less. What is the first step that I could take? I get out every day, I go to the grocery store, I run errands to see people, but most of my friends work and by the evening, they are with their families and are tired. I’ve dedicated the last five years of my life too sick family members and I need to do something for myself, but it needs to feel right. I’m currently taking an online degree program. Which keeps me separate from others but I am enjoying it. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

  • GraceAnna

    My heart goes out to you. Ironically, I’m a woman and I’m nice to people, but I was very hurt by some men being mean to me. Why does it seem like the kinder men and women end up with people who are less than kind?

  • GraceAnna

    You do sound like an awesome and cool person. I agree with you about making your own happiness. Honestly, I got married at 22 and had so many troubles, then got divorced several years later. I see friends and family getting married in their late 20s and 30s and they seem to do so much better.

  • GraceAnna

    I have really struggled with making friends too. I have a feeling a lot of people at the gym are there to get their workout in and get out. If you’re having trouble getting people into a conversation there, it’s probably not because of you at all. I don’t believe we’re destined for loneliness. I think we are someone who can be a blessing to others who are also lonely. Sometimes, it’s a challenge to find the people who really need your friendship, because so many people try to put on this facade that they are just fine. I tried and local hobby classes/groups to meet groups of people and was able to make a few friends that way.

  • Mialan Ginger

    At present, I am in a state of loneliness like never before. Being dumped by my boyfriend without an explanation and getting to know of being dumped from seeing his engagement news has took all out of my hopes. Its the fact that he chose HER over me because she was from a Filthy Rich family makes me feel super small. The motivation I am trying to generate from within to keep myself working towards my dreams is the most difficult part as I want to be a Self-made lady who will not get rejected for reasons like this ever again. Your article helped me more ways than one to keep my thoughts in line and myself be focused so I am here writing you a Thank You because I know what it feels like what you felt at that point of your life and how you are inspiring me to become better like you did. -Mia

  • JustMe

    I do all the right things, I am not shy and am good with people. People like me but people dont want to be friends these days. Im in groups, but we all go our seperate ways and no one wants to keep in touch, Ive tried. Im really lonely and I cry every night. I have no one to turn to. This article makes it seem like all we have to do is make the effort… WRONG

  • JustMe

    have you tried talking to older people? When I was that age I had much older people around me… for that reason

  • JustMe

    Aint that the truth! My pet peev is those who say they’re there for you, ‘you know where i am if you need me’… and then they run a mile if you try


    People are shallow more today than ever before. Money should never be a motivation for love, because when the money is gone what is left? Become the best you for you, the right man will catch up.


    Same thing I’m going through. Hope things get better for you soon.


    Hope things have got better for you.


    I hope things have got better for you. I just want to say ending your life is a permanent thing, loneliness isn’t. I get it I know how it feels to be hurt, lonely, heart broke, etc… But I also know that each day can bring life changing adventures. I’m going through the same thing. Please stick around, I don’t know you but I know what you’re going through. Take care


    Yeah I live in DC too its a doggy eat dog place. Hope things are working out for you.
    Take care



  • Victor Edmund Overbanks

    Watching the west self-destruct in slow motion is destroying my soul.
    White people are being pushed out of every country that is theirs.
    Our government are selling us out, bombing our buildings, and shooting up our schools in order to disarm and expand a never satisfied surveilance state of Orwellian proportions.

    A huge chunk of our history is a lie.

    We are completely and utterly dominated by a small group of powerful men.
    All our communication is being filtered, policed, tracked, and monitored by internet ghettos(facebook/twitter/disqus/etc..)
    Women aren’t women anymore.

    Men can’t be men anymore.
    The state exerts more and more control over kids if you have them.
    Marriage is a raw-deal for men and the ‘courts’ will destroy you.
    Our food is poisoned, or water fluoridated.

    There are no jobs, and if you do find one you aren’t acceptable because you don’t “Habla Espanol”.
    Our press is nothing but liars and infested with Jews. Don’t believe me? Go onto twitter go to the new-york times and scroll through their list of journalists. These are the people destroying the west. They are pushing an agenda. I’m just a big fat evil Nazi and need to shut-up though because “Remember the 6 million”.

    Here is a tip. Don’t investigate the holocaust. It will ruin your life if you find out the truth.

    These globalists will not be satisfied until you are completely dependent on them for every single ounce of survival and you have been reduced to a lowly peasant toiling in whatever meaningless work you have been dictated.

    If you try to speak up about any of this it just results in getting fired, or alienation of everyone you know.
    You find out that all the people you considered friends are not really alive.

    Just mindless indoctrinated husks that want to keep sucking the sweet teet of socialism and gradual societal decline.
    What is more terrifying is that you realize that you were once one too.

    If you say anything on the internet that is counter to the approved narrative you are going to be silenced(70% of my disqus comments are removed).

    I don’t think there is a social community on the entire web that I haven’t been banned from or that will even begin to listen to what I have to say(save for 4chan, but that is like talking to a fence post. You don’t form any kind of actual connections).
    If you go out into the real world nobody interacts anymore.

    Its just this sea of hung heads faintly lit by whatever gps/microphone/camera they are staring into.
    The majority of people are completely consumed with eating, screwing, or taking drugs.
    We don’t make any music anymore. When was the last time you heard rock on the radio? Its just this completely generic watered down trash ghostwritten by the same ((people)).
    We don’t create art anymore.

    We don’t create new movies. They are all just rehashes of the better movie that came out in the 70s/80s.
    You can’t save money anymore because of the continuous printing by the governments of the world. Its all eaten up by inflation.
    I don’t know where this is going…..

    It is incredibly depressing to know that 99.9% of people will reject 100% of what you know any believe to be true because it frightens them.

    I don’t even know why I am typing this out or even posting it here, but if anyone else comes across it in a similar situation…

    Know that others have experienced the kind of loneliness too.
    Maybe it can help you not feel so lonely.

  • nurisahi juan

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    THANKS ONCE AGAIN you can reach him via email

  • Yowma Ma

    Good Post but you are not addressing any of the major issues. WTH can becoming curious and acting like a socially awkward idiot accomplish after a breakup? wtf? Honestly I get the fact that you need to be out there and start connecting more but this article was written without DEEP INSIGHT and as someone who meditates this S*** is disappointing AF. Here’s some practical advice PEOPLE get busy with things you LOVE. Things that benefit you beyond any person can BUT remember to stay connected to your already EXISTENT relationships b/c socialising is beneficial especially when its someone who already knows you or an acquaintance.

  • ELE

    I feel the same way. I am 44 and haven’t had a loving relationship for years. I’ve had very few girlfriends in my life. I always tried to move slowly like a gentleman when really I should have rushed in I never knew that if I dont get her in bed, she wont like me anymore. I feel like crying but cant. I turned to alcohol for ten years and got sober about two years now. I guess that distracted me from my feelings of loneliness .It seems all the single women I’m attracted to, now that I’m focusing on finding love wont let me get close to them. I get looks from women all the time but it seems there’s a wall they put up. I honestly feel I’m cursed somehow. A lot of things in my life are embarrassing like my living situation, my financial situation and my past relationships(which are very few).I may dwell on that but it’s a key factor when meeting a new person. I want a wife and family and I’m only getting older. I understand it’s a waiting game but it’s been a while and I dont know what to do. I feel like crying but cant.

  • poster

    i like that the article has no bullshit.. doesn’t offer “the solution”.. just validates lonely people such as myself.. and gives some sort of very small but real things to do in that situation..

  • Ricca Siaps

    So true. No wonder depression seems to be non existent despite not being rich in western standards in non-western countries. People are still able to be genuinely happy with the support of friends and family actually around them.

  • The Very Sad Truth

    Many of us Good people in this world will have to learn how to be our own Army when there is No One to share our life with, especially when all your family members and friends are all Gone.

  • The Honest Truth

    Good Question. Go Figure.

  • Astrid

    This is great Clay. It is a bad pesky habit to automatically look for differences between us and other people, rather than similarities! Thank you so much for pointing this out; I wholeheartedly agree. It’s also easy to forget just what it is that ‘bonds’ two people. Unfortunately loneliness and isolation is a modern day phenomenon, I think. Since the dawn of time humans have lived together in groups. Today, you really have to make a conscious genuine effort to stay connected to other people, be socially active and keep yourself mentally healthy.

  • Wow, Such a wonderful post. Although I’m only 14 at the moment, I somewhat felt sad and what-not. Girls would see me and say “Eww” or just simply leave If I was by them. I got really sad and thought of scuicide becuase I was just deeply depressed. But then I thought, “This is just high school, Why waste you life on there people? You can get over this and don’t worry, Just don’t over think it.” I soon got a girlfriend but I later dumped her. (Side note, I found out she was bi-sexual and was cheating on me with another girl. She said she “Liked both of us and didn’t want to break up with either.) As I got out of the relationship I felt sad again, So I just talked to some friends and she helped me feel better. This post is a wonderful one and I think it has made me feel better. I will take those tips, along with the one’s I all ready have “Be confident, Be yourself, Make jokes and ask fewer questions, becuase you don’t want her to feel like she is in a job interview.) And so on.

  • Stephanie

    I can relate similarly. My husband and I were together for 29 yrs. Before he passed away from a massive heart attack. Then shortly after I started dating a man who’d been a good friend with the family. He was my husbands best man; He had been in our families lives for years. Birthday parties, graduations, etc. We never expected anything to grow between us, but it did. Then after 5 1/2yrs together he proposed. Then he suddenly started pulling away. 2 weeks into it. 3 months later he broke off the engagement. I was devastated when I found out there was another woman. Since then its been 2 months since the breakup and the loneliness is heart wenching at times. I still can’t believe after knowing him all these years he would betray the love I had for him…

  • TheAbsoluteTruth

    I am very sorry to hear what happened to you and i wish you all the best.

  • mark

    Hi Stephanie, hope things are better?

  • Anju Khanna

    well-That is not the absolute truth about women.

  • Stephanie

    Yes Christ can pull you through anything

  • Stephanie

    I just got this been really busy trying to pack up and get out of here
    I’m still devastated by it’s all. What should be packed up and out of here within the next 2 to 3 weeks. By now you think I would’ve accepted everything and I have accepted the fact that we can’t be together but it deeply hurts that the friendship has become unraveled
    in the process of it all. Dipali hurts that someone could come alongside him convince him that I am a complete different person that I am but I’ve come to the collision there’s nothing I can do to change that even though I’m deeply hurt somehow, someway, I will find a way to get over the loss of our friendship and love… Some days are better than other days it’s like a roller coaster and it hits me in waves it doesn’t take much to cause it to happen either the little things are the hardest things for me I just can’t help but wonder how after 5 1/2 years it just suddenly stops his love for me I wish I had answers,if anybody knows that I can help me understand how this can
    just happen, please let me know. I guess I’m still looking for answers and closure a closure that I realize we never come an answer that maybe Neverfound but I am looking for insight so feel free if any of you have any experiences that you feel like sharing or any advice thank you

  • Stephanie

    Thank you, mark I appreciate that.

  • Jessica Cotton RDA

    But one has to consider if that person doesn’t have friends or family…

  • Jessica Cotton RDA

    I couldn’t agree more!

  • Tim Hernandez

    Hi, i live alone and lonely im 52 year old male i try to do my best in exercising can’t do as much due my disabilities i have 3 bulging sciatica nerve in my back, im also on state disability not much money. Not being conceited i think im not that bad looking for my age? Also i haven’t been a long relationship in about 7 years now, i feel so lonely and depressed i feel that im just wasting my life away. Well im going to stay positive and hopefully my life will change to much better very soon.

  • Jones

    what if you don’t like being around people?

  • HappyBoss

    In spite of my avatar I really do try hard to connect with nice people. It’s been a very hard road. People have hated me for no reason since birth, I was being sexually assaulted from the time I became conscious of myself (around 3y/o) until age 11 when I stood up for myself against the pedo’s in my family. Then I had to start fighting off my mom’s boyfriends (she’d just asked “what did I do to deserve it”) which brings me to why I am in the world all alone. As soon as I was able I joined the military to get away from abuse, I focused and stayed the whole 20 years so that I wouldn’t have to depend on anyone and it wasn’t all bad. So now I have been retired for 14 years, I’m 52y/o and lesbian. It was hard to keep a lasting relationship in the military without being able to marry. Not being vein, but I look very young for my age and young women try to come on to me (I’m talking 20’s and barely 30) I’m not interested. I’d really like to find someone my age and I have moved to a metropolis. I own my home and rental property, and I’m financially independent. What I’m finding is that women my age are really into group think and politics and if you don’t agree with everything on that political list you are tossed, I have often been dismissed simply because I served in the military. I am culturally shocked at just how intolerant our country has become of each other. People think they are thinking critically but it’s just group think. Anyhoo, I have been alone all my life and I’m sad to say, it looks like I will stay this way. I do have my Boston Terrier and we have been together for 14 beautiful years! I just want to wish everyone light and love, keep your head up! I still manage to find happiness w/o friends, family, or a partner.

  • Bigg Papi da Don

    May I piggyback on your thoughts as well & also want to add what if your family & who you call your closest friends shun you when you try talking about it?

  • Guillaume Roy

    I hope it did dude 🙂