Small Acts of Love and Compassion Can Change the World

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.” ~Deepak Chopra

We live in an eternally pregnant present, full of possibilities for a bright future. I believe it has always been that way throughout the history of the world. That’s just how the universe works. Unfortunately, we haven’t always experienced our lives the way the universe intended, especially right now.

Humanity seems to be forever in a time of chaos, marked by violence against one another, and most of us do not know how we got that way or when it will end.

I admit that sometimes I long for the good old days of the status quo, when I could navigate daily ugliness with a shrug and sit through dicey evening news with a steadfast, glassy stare. It was easy to ignore my feelings and stay mired in dark indifference. I just turned off my heart to survive it all. It was safer that way.

But it is also very clear to me that the days of dark indifference are over. I think you might feel it too. Yes, life is filled with the same old problems and yes, life is fast. But we now move too quickly to rely on the same old solutions. Our survival tools are obsolete because humanity has upgraded. We are becoming more balanced. We are becoming our better selves.

Six years ago, when my small family moved to Denver for my husband’s job, I fought it tooth and nail. I hated the harsh, dry climate that made my nose bleed and the 1100-mile distance that kept me from the rest of my family and friends. The culture shock and the intense high altitude sun forced me to retreat, literally, to the inside of my house and the inside of my soul for comfort.

That was the beginning of creating my own better self. I read, meditated, and read some more. And I finally started to learn to balance my head and my heart.

My effort started an inward journey that continues still, even though my days in Denver are long gone from my personal map. But the experience of relying on my heart to inform my thoughts forced me to evolve.

I suspect the entire world is evolving, one person at a time. We are reaching a critical mass, a beautiful tipping point for humanity. We are leaving behind the outdated Handbook of Life, with all its heavy-handed solution of war, judgment, and oppression, and writing a new one from our hearts.

Some speak of long ago times when we lived as one loving community, creating lives that honored the masculine and feminine energies found in all humans. We used both sides of our brains, honoring logic and reason equally with compassion and intuition.

Could we be approaching this way of living again? This is what gives me hope amid the chaos. Those who feel compassion for others sense we need to enter a new era for humanity.

It is time to step forward and claim our rightful lives, the ones we gave away for thousands of years to war, torture, poverty, homelessness, sickness, pollution, slavery, murder, deceit, thievery, fraud, hatred, and judgment. Humanity is waking up to its own power again, and love and compassion can reign once more if we work together.

I believe that we are not meant to crawl our ways out of the muck just to stand at the edge, staring at people who are still stuck. We are meant to soar and radiate loving energy out into the universe, affecting not only our own lives, but those to come in the future, and those stuck hopelessly in the past.

Audacious acts of heroism are not necessary to achieve this. Small acts can do the job. It takes one minute to sign a petition, one dollar to donate to a cause, one thought to send a prayer, one kiss to radiate love.

Through acts of love and compassion we can upgrade ourselves and the vibration of Earth, bringing everyone along for the beautiful ride. Just check your new handbook for ideas. It’s right there with you, in your heart.

Photo by OC Always

About Mimi Broihier

Mimi lives outside Chicago, where she writes and blogs about growing up and living in the Midwest.  You can read her blog at http://spiralnotes.wordpress.com/.

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