Tiny Buddha Book Holiday Giveaway, Week 1

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The Winners:

To celebrate the holiday season, I've decided to do a series of giveaways for my book, Tiny Buddha: Simple Wisdom for Life's Hard Questions, which launched right around this time last year.

If you've already learned about the book or purchased it, this post will be redundant for you! For those who haven't read it, here's a little information about it:

This is the first book of its kind—with tweets woven throughout.

I asked @tinybuddha followers a number of the most challenging questions in life, like:

  • Why is there suffering in the world?
  • What’s the meaning of life?
  • What does it take to be happy?
  • Why are relationships hard?

Since there are very few concrete answers to the big questions, I wanted to explore many varied perspectives to create a guide of possibilities for joy, purpose, and connection.

Although these tweets shaped the book, I also included a great deal of my own struggles, successes, and insights—far more than I’ve ever revealed on the blog. From my former battle with depression to my struggles with relationships, I shared how these questions have played out in my own life—and what I’ve learned at each step of the way.

Through this book, you’ll learn a few ideas to:

  • Let go of pain from the past that’s been weighing you down and holding you back
  • Create a sense of purpose, starting right now, even if you’re not doing what you want to do professionally
  • Change habits that have not served you well and open up to new, better ways of being
  • Experience happiness right now, regardless of your circumstances
  • Improve your relationships
  • Seize the moment to live more mindfully, passionately, and fearlessly
  • Find a sense of control and empowerment in an uncertain world

I will do 4 giveaways this month, 1 per week. I will choose 2 winners for each giveaway and mail all of 8 books together at the end of the month.

To enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post.
  • Tweet: Tiny Buddha Book Holiday Giveaway: Comment and RT to enter!
You can enter each giveaway once at any point during December, 2012. If you don't have a Twitter account, you can enter by completing the first step only. If you'd like to purchase the book now, you can find it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or translated in Dutch at

About Lori Deschene

Lori Deschene is the founder of Tiny Buddha and Recreate Your Life Story, an online course that helps you let go of the past and live a life you love. Her latest bookTiny Buddha's Gratitude Journal, which includes 15 coloring pages, is now available for purchase. For daily wisdom, follow Tiny Buddha on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram..

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  • Francesca

    Great giveaway. I’d LOVE to read this. My fingers are securely crossed

  • Vinnie

    IS THIS CALLED TO GIVE IS TO GET! Just tweeted 🙂 Hope to read this book soon…

  • I always welcome any snippets of wisdom which can help make our world a better one – off to tweet this now

  • jr dline

    Looks and sounds like an interesting book.

  • patty

    Thank you, good luck to everyone!

  • My favorite site. 🙂

  • Angela

    This book looks great!

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    I love a good giveaway. Tweeted it and here’s my comment 🙂 I think this book woudl be one that could be passed bewteen family members through time.

  • Kristina M Schnabel

    This looks like an amazing book!

  • marilyn

    peace on earth

  • This book looks amazing, I get your blog posts daily and every single day I get something out of them that pertains to me, thank you for sharing <3

  • I’d be glad to read the book. Thank you for the giveaway idea. Have a wonderful day.


  • Sue Wang

    Thank you for this opportunity and sharing your insights. I love your posts and Tweets. Sue @connect2self

  • tdpwvu

    I’ve been reading Tiny Buddha for about two weeks and the daily emails have quickly become one of the highlights of my day. On three different days it seemed as if you were able to read my mind and send a blog that spoke to issues I was struggling with at that very moment. Tiny Buddha=Big Wisdom! Thank you for all you do.

  • Would love to win this book, read it and then pay it forward…thank you <3

  • ADOR

    This is a great opportunity to share the love…whoever receives the book should share it when they are finished with it:)

  • Love your writings, Lori. Would LOVE to win this gem 🙂

  • Jenni

    I would love to bring this book into my life. Seems like a perfect instrument for inspiration and continued transformation.

  • Heather

    Tiny Buddha always says the right things to me at the right times. It seems to know what I am going through on a daily basis. Currently I am at a very difficult point in my life, a time where I know a major change is needed. Tiny Buddha lets me know that I am doing the right thing. That I am making the right decisions. That, although to some what I am doing may seem selfish, in the end a better me makes me better to all those I care about. I was recommended Tiny Buddha from a good friend, who too has had life struggles. I cannot thank him enough for the recommendation. Whether I win or not, I love this site, I love the daily words of encouragement and enlightenment, and I plan on continuing my journey. Thank you so much!!!!

  • Carrie

    I’m so pleased to have found Tiny Buddha this year. Thank you so very much for those daily doses of wisdom and encouragement! 🙂

  • sharon

    Tiny Buddha has helped me through many difficult and joyous times. I really get inspired by the wisdom of my fellow beings. Thank you for having such a wonderful site.

  • helene saucedo

    Tiny Buddha helps me get through my day. I would love to have this book my desk at work to keep me grounded and remind me of positive ways in which to see life.

  • this book looks wonderful! good luck everyone!

  • Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Bridget Lowe

    Love Tiny Buddha’s essays; always helpful!

  • Yvonne

    I could use a boost for letting go of the comfortable and pursuing my dream.

  • JLL

    Well, I would love to have your book Little Lori, but I don’t Tweet 🙁 Can’t even sing really:P I like to forward the daily words of wisdom to folks I think could use a little wisdom:)

  • MAKelley

    I love this book, I hope to win a copy for my sister! Thank you so much!

  • SMU

    I LOVE Tiny Buddha and look forward to it each and every day! You have helped me in ways far too numerous to mention and I thank God for your insight, sharing, and bringing this to me to help me along my journey. Blessings and joy always!

  • Sarah

    I am going through many struggles at the moment and there are several life changing events happening all at once. I feel as though there are so many things just ‘up in the air’ for me at present. I was scared to get this ball rolling, but I knew it wouldn’t be worth trying if it wasn’t scary. Now I am being as optimistic as I can, I’m not trying to rush things, and trying to let life sort of unfold for me. It’s lonely and I don’t know which direction to go in, but I feel safe knowing the universe will guide me.

  • Deb Rich

    The posts are usually exactly what I need to hear, at the time I need to hear it. Thank you for the insight.

  • Thank you 🙂

  • Anna Stusser

    Yay! Buddha wisdom for everyday 🙂

  • madi A C

    Tiny Buddha is really awesome and helpful. Thanks for everything <3

  • Mark Rasmussen

    There’s a certain calmness I always feel that washes over me when an article really resonates with me. For that, Thank You Lori and to your writers. Know it is greatly appreciated. I smile. 🙂

  • damook

    I enjoy getting emails from you with uplifting and thought provoke articles.

  • Kimberly

    I would love a copy of this book! As a therapist, it would be not only helpful for me but for my clients as well!

  • I need help changing bad habits that don’t serve me anymore!

  • Yes please!

  • Jodi

    I love Tiny Budda, always so much insight

  • I read your posts and get inspired every day!

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    There are so many days when reading Tiny Buddha’s post have cheered me up!

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    I look to TInyBuddha on the daily to warm my heart and set me straight. Thank you for creating such a positive and loving community for us 🙂 ~Emily

  • kimberlybischoff

    Tiny Buddha is the calm in the middle of my day – it always brings me to a new way of thinking

  • I look forward to your tweets every day, they make my day that much brighter. 🙂 Thank you for that.

  • Dawn

    Your messages help me so much! Thank you!

  • Amanda

    Tiny Buddha is so helpful & insightful. I love the email newsletter because there is always an article that pertains to shift I’ve had during the very same week. Also read the posts about letting go because it really resonates with me. Thanks so much to you Lori & all your writers 🙂

  • L’Tanya

    I can always read something on the site that comforts me. Thanks.

  • Lisa

    What a generous gesture. I’d like to see a copy, I’m sure I have several people on my list who would appreciate the content!

  • Kyle

    Would love to give this book to a friend in need! Much Love!

  • Jennifer

    tiny buddha often starts my day or serves as a writing prompt for my writing practice. I am so glad we found each other! Thanks.–Jen

  • BeLovelyToo

    Your emails and posts make my day. Thank you for bringing calmness to busy days! 🙂 Namaste.

  • Summer Jessee

    Hey Lori! Would love this book! Thanks for doing what you do 🙂

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    I do need more Tiny Buddha in my day. (Thank you for the opportunity!)

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    Awesome giveaway! I love your sight – it always inspires me. Thanks!

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    I’d love to have a copy of Tiny Buddha on my bookshelf, so I can come back to it again and again when I need a good pep talk!

  • Many days I feel the Tiny Buddha posts are written specifically to me!

  • spirit1105

    I love Tina Buddha. I save most of the posts in my ‘Tiny Buddha’ file. My intention has been to print them out and put them in a binder – but alas, I procrastinate. It would be great to have the book!

  • kaname650

    I’d love to win this book! Perfect to read during or after the hectic holiday season.

  • A copy of Tiny Buddha would compliment my book collection, as well as enlighten me each time I pick it up. I’d be so grateful if I won.

  • Tanyamoon

    Glad to know about this! Would love a copy!


    Best Gift Ever for people who need to have Inner Peace and Humble Feelings towards Others!
    Thank U
    Patricia Charry

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    I read you everyday-thank you for your insight!

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    2012 has been a crazy, stressful, and amazing year. I’d love to enter 2013 with some peace and wisdom.

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    I have been debating the meaning/purpose of life in general. I think this book could shed some light.

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  • amanda

    i enjoy reading tiny buddha in my email…almost…every day and would love to have the book. that said, some honest feedback: i sometimes read poorly written/edited posts filled with fluff, and too often they include numbered lists which seem to suggest, do x, y, z in this order and you will be eternally happy. Less fluff, better editing, and fewer lists, please.

  • Jennifer Hourani

    I think what you’re doing is really beautiful and relevant. At a time when we’re all lost in this abstract world of infinite choices and possibilities, we have a million resources to access news, consumer products, where to eat, what alcohol to like, what car to buy.. and rarely do we come across a source that helps us learn how to learn, live, love, and be at peace with ourselves. You’re a cosmic gift to us all, Lori!

  • I love your posts and would love to see them in book form.

  • Kay

    Without this blog, I would have given up my adventure( moving back to the uk from NZ). I came out 6 months before my husband to start a new life, a new job and an adventure, but oh how I missed him, my friends and my children. I so nearly packed my bags and went back, but I read these inspirational blogs and it gave me the feeling that I can do it alone, I am strong and if I run back to my comfort zone, initially it would be lovely but I would be back at square one. Instead I have grown, developed and become a stronger independent person. All I can say is without these words of wisdom is old be a lesser person. Thank you.

  • I’ve learned, loved, and listened to the daily posts…would love to read the book!

  • Kristina

    I would love to win a copy of the book!

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    Uplifting wisdom for every type of day. It is so great to see beyond what’s in front of you; develop a deeper understanding of what life throws at you and finding that joy at last. Thank you!

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  • Noelle

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    I’ve had a series of events happen this year, reading your blog had really helped me identify and sculpt a way of life that works for me. Keep up the good work, regardless of who wins your content is golden. <3

  • Carla

    often feel like the words of comfort and wisdom on this site are
    personally written for me and sent by special delivery when I need it
    most. Thanks for being a great friend xx Good luck to all in the competition

    about an hour ago · Like

  • Julie Cobian

    I look forward each day to reading my Tiny Buddha. Thank you for your stories of wisdom and quoted which inspire me to become a better person.

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    Hearing other people’s personal journey’s helps you navigate your own way through, it has been insightful and humbling, thank you.

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    Tiny Buddha, you always seem to know just what i need to reach each morning to make my day brighter. Thank you!

  • Elizabeth L

    The daily posts on Tiny Buddha and thoughtful discussions that follow in the comments section often offer me illumination in dealing with very difficult circumstances, helping me to see them in a different light, expanding the lens, so tp speak, on my view of the world. I appreciate all you do, thanks for offering your book as a giveaway!

  • Suzanne

    Gave this book to my daughter who was out of the country studying last January & she tells me all the time how much she enjoys it. Your posts are nearly always spot-on for me – I look forward to them!

  • michelle

    I have recently discovered your site and book and I am very excited about reading the book.

  • Pam Jones

    Interesting that you mentioned diverting yourself to the coffee shop – life does get you where to go and if you can listen (even to the music) to it, your next step will become more clear. Easier said than done. I’m now facing the fact that my self employment businesses died, I need to find employment with a steady paycheck this time, and I have to move. I don’t want to do any of those things, but your post made me recognize the opportunities represented by this situation. Cheers!

  • To understand more of life’s eternal mysteries is to understand.

  • Lill

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    The Tiny Buddha is truly an amazing site! It has made so many things clearer in my journey of life. It has brought light to see things from a different perspective.Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all that you post.

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  • The tiny buddha emails are a deep, fresh, cleansing breath in my day. Thank you.

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    I love reading your e-mails everyday….many help me get thru the day!

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  • Tiny Buddha emails bring me peace and direction each day. Thanks for postings.

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    Tiny Buddha is so full of incredible wisdom and insite that I can only imagine how great this book is!

  • This website along gets me through the day. It teaches me eachday to forget the bs and love everything around you.. ..

  • friend forever


    Thank you so MUCH for presenting this opportunity to Tiny Buddha readers! I think it’s the PERFECT Christmas and New Year gift. Insights on life’s real questions to help you really celebrate life at this time of festivity.
    I always look forward to these giveaways. They introduce new book titles. I got to know about ‘The Happiness Project’ from here only.
    Cheers! 🙂

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    I look forward to my e-mail each day and would love to add this book to my library. You have been so helpful in my deeper understanding of mindfulness therapy.

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    Lori, I found your blog by divine intervention several months ago and have been receiving your daily emails ever since, It always astounds me (although I should know better by now) that when I am having a particularly hard day or trying to figure out how to deal with something, in comes your email with the exact advice I need for that moment. Again, I say, divine intervention. Thank you for sharing and thank you for this contest.

  • Darlene

    My boss periodically sent us links from “Tiny Buddha” and now I’ve added to my own lists including being a follower on Twitter. Love it!

    Have a great day 🙂

  • I could really use this book!

  • Every week it seems like the Tiny Buddha articles offer something that addresses something I am working on in the moment. It’s truly amazing – like you or the universe has read my mind and is offering me support. I have also shared your articles and website with other friends and families. Thanks so much for becoming such a support in my life – I look forward to my inbox every Friday!

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  • anona mouse.p

    I will love reading the book to aid my wish to experience peace of mind, regardless of my circumstances. Thank you for this opportunity to win a copy of the book. Namaste x!

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    no mindless pep-talk nor out of space guru vibes
    just what we need to get up our hypes

    I’d very much like a book and think that I’d be hooked

    …or so 😉
    Thanks and keep it up!

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    Thank you

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  • As a yoga teacher and practitioner, I find your writing “simply profound!”

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    thanks a ton lori :)))))
    for u doing such a wonderful work and thanks all the members here who share their experiences in order to motivate everybody here !!
    thanks universe for showing me tiny buddha wow its so peaceful and beautiful to be here:)))

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    This book sounds like it has a the answers that I have been looking for and how to let it all go.

  • Silvermoon

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  • Thank you especially for your guide 92 life lessons I was reading it above the clouds on the plain and it moved me many times!!!! 🙂

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  • Thank you for the wonderful site and contest offer <3

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  • Fabulous inspiration! Looking forward to my next read! X

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  • Sorry! Misspelled your name! Meat *Lori

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    Thank u so much for sharing your experiences and lessons learned with us. One or rather those that seek anwsers & solutions are very fortunate to and receive your wisdom, advice and just good orderly direction. May God bless u and your staff abundantly . Merry Christmas!

    Cj Coleman

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    I have found TIny Buddha at a very difficult time in my life. The blogs and posts are so meaningful and inspirational and have helped me hugely during a time of serious reflection about life and relationships. It’s good to know we all travel these difficult paths and are not alone. Thank you for being there. With love and peace this festive season.

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  • i hope i can get this gift. Thank you

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    I really appreciate the daily emails and often forward them to my best friend. I have learned so much about myself this year, and I am excited about the coming year. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

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    Great idea to do a giveaway

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    I’ve just found this website and I am so happy I did! Thank you.

  • Thanks for creating Tiny Buddha. It’s guided me throughout these last 14 months and helped me in so many ways I really can’t tell. I’m eternally thankful I saw one of your articles on a friend’s facebook one day and that led me to became a fan. My life has never been easy, and I still have so much to learn, but getting your daily newsletter has been a big turning point for me. Thanks to all the people who write on this blog. It’s beautiful how we are all connected, and how what someone writes on a website like this can greatly help another person on the other side of the world.

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    Happy Holidays!

  • On a journey of mindfulness, recognition and enjoying connectedness/ fabulous realities of life would make an excellent read.

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  • Tiny buddha always reminds me about the path I am on & brings me back when I stray

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  • Yes please!

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    “Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear. Perhaps the action you take will be successful; perhaps different action or adjustments will have to follow. But any action is better than no action at all.”
    Norman Vincent Peale

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