Tiny Buddha Book Holiday Giveaway, Week 2

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The Winners:

This is the 2nd in a series of 4 holiday giveaways for my book, Tiny Buddha: Simple Wisdom for Life's Hard Questions, which launched right around this time last year.

If you've already learned about the book or purchased it, this post will be redundant for you! For those who haven't read it, here's a little information about it:

This is the first book of its kind—with tweets woven throughout.

I asked @tinybuddha followers a number of the most challenging questions in life, like:

  • Why is there suffering in the world?
  • What’s the meaning of life?
  • What does it take to be happy?
  • Why are relationships hard?

Since there are very few concrete answers to the big questions, I wanted to explore many varied perspectives to create a guide of possibilities for joy, purpose, and connection.

Although these tweets shaped the book, I also included a great deal of my own struggles, successes, and insights—far more than I’ve ever revealed on the blog. From my former battle with depression to my struggles with relationships, I shared how these questions have played out in my own life—and what I’ve learned at each step of the way.

Through this book, you’ll learn a few ideas to:

  • Let go of pain from the past that’s been weighing you down and holding you back
  • Create a sense of purpose, starting right now, even if you’re not doing what you want to do professionally
  • Change habits that have not served you well and open up to new, better ways of being
  • Experience happiness right now, regardless of your circumstances
  • Improve your relationships
  • Seize the moment to live more mindfully, passionately, and fearlessly
  • Find a sense of control and empowerment in an uncertain world

I will do 4 giveaways this month, 1 per week. I will choose 2 winners for each giveaway and mail all of 8 books together at the end of the month.

To enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post, sharing something that made you smile today.
  • Tweet: Tiny Buddha Book Holiday Giveaway: Comment and RT to enter!
You can enter each giveaway once at any point during December, 2012. (You can enter the first giveaway by commenting here.) If you don't have a Twitter account, you can enter by completing the first step only. If you'd like to purchase it now, you can find Tiny Buddha: Simple Wisdom for Life's Hard Questions on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or translated in Dutch at

About Lori Deschene

Lori Deschene is the founder of Tiny Buddha and Recreate Your Life Story, an online course that helps you let go of the past and live a life you love. Her latest bookTiny Buddha's Gratitude Journal, which includes 15 coloring pages, is now available for purchase. For daily wisdom, follow Tiny Buddha on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram..

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  • Cathy

    My husband called me from overseas while I was driving to work to wish me a good day after having a string of stressful days there.

  • Chips

    I saw a YouTube video of a big cat hugging a baby kitten when it was having a nightmare… still making me smile!

  • Andrea

    Is this giveaway open to people everywhere? That would make me smile even more!

    I was woken up at 5 by a cuddly kitten and was able to enjoy a beautiful morning with her before leaving for work.

  • Samantha

    I wrote a poem for a friend and she published it on facebook and I received many positive comments

  • jr dline

    I saw a commercial and it made me smile and challenged me to be my awesome self today.

  • Aryn

    I drew a topic out of a hat, to work on as an assignment… And also took a back burner roll.. Which is way out of my comfort zone.. To find out that a new friend that i just made is the lead… This was clearly the universe conspiring. 🙂

  • Waking up made me smile.

  • Emily

    morning yoga ALWAYS makes me smile 🙂

  • WayOutWise

    My dog. The simple goodness, trust and compassion an animal offers teaches me about how I might better treat others.

  • A friend’s encouraging words when I thought my day was off to a rough start.

  • Trisha Dodson

    Do you like pancakes? Yeah we like pancakes…

    While making pancakes, the dry ingredients were in the bowl, poured the wet ingredients on top of that. The ball of dry ingredients popped out of the liquid like a buoy in water. Caused me to laugh out loud. It’s the small things in life.

  • Sherri

    My cat, Oscar, greeting me with love every morning.

  • I smile every morning that I wake up and see my dog smiling at me…he is waiting patiently for me to get up, get his medicine and his breakfast. He has an enlarged heart and the vet said that he doesn’t have much time left to be with me. It truly is a blessing each morning.

  • Jopalis

    My friend forwarded me this article after a particularly bad morning with my pre-teen. So thoughtful of her and so timely… helps put things in perspective and ideas for positive change. Would love to win the book…… Glad this newbie found you.

  • What made me smile today, was waking up and realizing I still had time left to sleep! Oh and flavored cream cheese on my bagel. mmm.

  • Donna Michon

    In the busyness of my morning I stopped to smile and be happy that we have a busy household of four kids and two dogs and no matter how crazy it gets we are lucky!

  • Erica

    Having leftover kugel for breakfast made me smile!

  • Brianna Morales

    What made me happy today was waking up and realizing that I no longer missed the person who hurt me for so long and that I made myself happy.

  • Boyd, my canary, has finally started singing again, and I awoke to his “unique song stylings” for the first time since the summer.

  • lacee mitchell

    Today I am happy because I made it back to the gym! It’s amazing how moving your body & clearing your mind can make you positive for the rest of the day.

  • Max In The City

    What made me smile today is that I did what I could yesterday, I’ll do what I can today and tomorrow is another day.

  • Gina Kat

    Went outside today to feel the sun shining and temps in the mid forties! Beautiful warm winter day, nothing better. 🙂

  • Molly

    my beautiful Mom, making chili and soup to warm my heart and soul and listening to my life stories… I am truly blessed.

  • Cindy Wagner

    My boss forwarded me an email from someone who had visited our campus and left a glowing review about her interaction with me. It made me smile from ear to ear to know I’m making an impact!

  • PJV

    What made me smile today – Well, my 3 children and I spontaneously began talking to each other in jibberish. We continued the conversation for a good two minutes before one of them started laughing. It was a lot of fun!

  • Akath19

    It might be little, it might be basic, hell it might even be purely physical but:

    Every day when I take my bus to work there’s a very beautiful girl that crosses my path (literally every day), for the last 2 weeks I hadn’t seen her and exactly today I was thinking that perhaps I should let go of the notion of seeing her, 30 seconds later she’s standing right in front of me, smiling and showing me with her eyes that she’d missed me, even though we haven’t said a word to each other.

    Again, it might not be very “enlightened” but seeing her after so long made me happy.

  • sabrina saada

    I made a holiday bread pudding today, created it with love and joy. Reminds me of my mom, who is not able to spend christmas with me this year. So that puts a smile on my face, knowing she would be proud

  • @theesameer

    Waking up this morning in good health with the positive thoughts from my family

  • Running 3 miles – the farthest I’ve run since coming back from an injury.

  • univeerse

    Went out for a massage, the sun is shining, and I am feeling food. smiling

  • Vanessa

    Treating myself to a delicious chocolate croissant this morning made me smile.

  • Cam

    I currently have a very broken heart, and I haven’t smiled in a week since it happened. But today a girl out of the blue wrote me a message that she had read my blogs and she felt my pain and she was goin to pray for my pain to lessen…i started crying but with a smile on my face..

  • chavaevy

    I gave my first copy of this book to a dear friend who seemed to need some of it’s wisdom.

    This book got me through an horrific visit which I had to make it through until my plane reservation. I helped me deal with a huge disappointment. It helped me go on with my life when my sure thing plan totally broke apart.

    I miss it.

  • Chad McCullough

    The simple hug from our “almost” 2 year old makes my day. He wakes up, crawls down the stairs and then runs up and hugs me. Perfect.

    I actually have this book listed in my “Want to read” page on Goodreads. 🙂

  • Claire

    One of the things that made me smile today was the comment on facebook from a friend of mine who told me I was beautiful inside and outside – such a lovely thing to read!!

  • babsliness

    I must admit it is hard to find something to smile about right now. The news out of Connecticut devastates me. I intend to find something though. Perhaps the thought of the loving hug I received from my 18-year-old nephew on Tuesday. Or, the amazing moment when I saw my brother yesterday after more than two years. Maybe it will be the antics of my friend’s cat, Hans that draw out my first little grin. Maybe I will focus on smiling more today, if only for those who do not have something to smile about.

  • I bought my little brother a present today that I know he will really enjoy. It is also my birthday tomorrow so I’m looking forward to that too! 🙂

  • Kim Holven

    I woke up laughing this morning. Listening to my husband and my kitty(Winifred) having a discussion on her leaving his stuff alone while he was trying to fix our shower-caddy. This is what I could hear: “Now Wini, please put that down, come back with that, quit eating that it will make you sick. Wini only weights in a about 4 pounds but sounds like a horse when she running away with my hubby’s stuff. Halarious…

  • I love this website and would love to read this book! Something that made me smile today was my morning heart meditation 🙂

  • damook

    I recieved a quote from someone that says “I confess…Ican no longer hide…I am a beautiful mess inside” and as I read that .. I smiled. It spoke volumes to me.

  • A police officer that works security in the retail store where I work got a visit from his little girl today. It made me smile to watch this tough guy melt when she ran through the door with arms wide open yelling “Daddy!”

  • ellie

    Bought a homeless man food and sat and talked with him for a while. Listened to his story..which was nice. Told him to stay positive and he can create his reality.
    We talked about the injustices and terrible things in the world and the positive things too. I’m glad to have listened to his story. He was cute too. Hahah. The light that shines in all of us shines in him and i hope it helps him find way to shelter and happiness.

  • Sandy

    My boyfriend and I were walking together while it was snowing tonight.. and we had really delicious roobios vanillia tea at home!

  • AT

    I’m a teacher at a school for kids with autism, and today was our winter music recital. Seeing and hearing all the kids play their instruments, sing, and do their best brought many big smiles to my face.

  • R

    What made me smile today is receiving my first email from Tiny Buddha since I signed up! And being able to have a chance to win this book!! 🙂

  • Terri

    A gunmen went into a CT school today and killed 27 people mostly children, when I heard this, the thought sickened me immensely. These were not my children, but I thought “they were all our children”, this act of violence as grave at it may seem, made me think what good can I do in its place, what can we all do good today as an act of love in place of this space of pain and sorrow. It made me think what are we not doing for each other and what can we do better or more for our selves and for one another. We are all connected and every act is a act on the whole. So why not replace that act with many acts of love and kindness and not just now but continue that pattern of love and maybe we “can change the world”.

  • Leigh

    What has made me smile today? My cozy bed and thinking about my future with my girlfriend. 🙂 Two wonderful aspects of my life that I am so grateful for.

  • MizzB

    I smiled when I began reading today’s “Tiny Buddha,” which I look forward to each Friday in my email. Good thing. Just learned of the tragic school shootings in Newtown, CT, and haven’t been able to slow my tears over the pain of losing so many little ones in a place where they should be able to feel safe – school, and the adults lost with them. My children are adults, yet my heart broke when I learned of this so I’m re-reading Tiny Buddha for whatever comfort it can bring.

  • Shan

    It’s currently 6am in the morning where I am but the thought of my housemate coming home tonight & everyone in the house being home together (5 of us) makes me smile 🙂 we are all tour guides in central Australia & being home together doesn’t happen often.. So tonight will be a little like Christmas for us, can’t wait!

  • Richard

    Smiled today while listening to my beloved wife snoring, deep in sleep, beside me . . .

  • OS

    I smile as I anticipate seeing my kids in a couple of hours.

  • H

    Watching the meteor shower

  • Guest

    I smiled today when I made a coworker smile

  • Atreau

    I smiled when my dog Heidi put her head on my lap.

  • Sharon

    Walking my dog, seeing her joy and watching all the other dogs walk by made me smile, my favourite music made me smile, my granddaughter learning to talk and walk

  • Mandy

    When my coworkers goof off and make jokes it makes me smile.

  • Stu Preston

    My daughter smiling

  • Jackie

    Woke up smiling because I’m happy, healthy and on the right track in life 🙂

  • Scott

    Everyone goes through different life events and I cannot comprehend how one gets to the point of believing killing innocent people is even a choice, but clearly people can get there. WE are all here on this site (and this world) to learn and love and live with each other and it is everyone I come across that makes me smile. The gratefulness to have been around such loving people in my life given the events of the school shooting today makes me smile. Being aware of all the wonderful gifts and people in this world makes me smile. That’s what it’s about.

  • David

    Knowing I am loved makes me smile.
    Knowing that those who died today in Sandy Hook School will be in a better place makes me smile.
    Knowing the path that took them there makes me cry for their family, friends and others who share the grief of their passing.
    To all those who morn (as I do), I wish them peace.

  • Dondi Hansen

    Having children that age, I am horrified by the events in Conn. today. Babies! It will take much practice to deal with my response and I’m not even involved. Can’t imagine their horror. I am sending all my positive thoughts and prayers to all of them.

  • Sam

    Watching my child in her school music program this morning made me smile.

  • Making snowmen with my little sister made us smile and laugh. We had the best time, felt like we were kids again. The best is that it’s making our neighbours smile as well

  • A former coworker sent out a holiday greetings email today, to which I thankfully responded to her warm and loving words. She then reminded me of a moment we shared years ago. I had forgotten about the joy and laughter we experienced that day. This memory kept my heart warm for the rest of the day. I’m grateful for the smiles she gave me and still gives me!

  • I have a 6-month-old daughter who is high-needs and have been battling postpartum depression. Today I was not only able to run two errands alone with my daughter without any meltdowns, I also was able to spend over 30 minutes wrapping some of the gifts we bought for the family we adopted this year. I was proud of us both and smiled huge smiles. 🙂

  • Tara P.

    Receiving a Christmas card from a friend made me smile today. 🙂

  • VP

    I am just thankful today that my children are safe and at home. My heart breaks for the families who have lost their children and loved ones today. My heart is filled with gratitude. Its not a smile but a deep thanks.

  • Hearing my girlfriend’s voice on the other end of the phone at
    3:30am, and how happy she was to be talking to me from more than 9500
    miles away, made me smile.

  • Seeing the Hobbit movie made me smile!

  • Getting my 2 month old to smile makes me smile!

  • Today is my brother’s birthday

  • Michelle Moline

    Picking three things I am grateful for and picturing them in my mind at the end of my yoga practice today…the visual of my pup’s happy face totally made me smile!

  • Karrotjuice

    Thankful for loving parents

  • 1105Mary

    I smiled when I saw that I have another chance at winning ‘Tiny Buddha’ 🙂

  • Cathy

    My cat came to sleep with me this morning.. and I had taken the day off!! (Heart and prayers go to the families and little souls… for today… ) And I thank you again, for your site, and emails: thank you, you inspire me and help me grow

  • kat

    Watching my dogs gambol in the new snow brought a huge smile to my face –

  • Read you everyday for a little peace and sanity in this world.

  • Jenni

    Riding my bike to work today brought me joy. Much gratitude to you for daily inspirations and insights.

  • Wendy

    Reading the little things here that’s bring so much pleasure to everyone has made me smile.

  • My day has just started, but I smiled when I woke up to my cat purring.

  • Grandpamike

    Waking to a quiet world with grateful expectation of the new hope of healing and reconciliation, support and comfort.

  • cerys

    I am thankful for the mended relationship i have with my dad, and a lovely day spent with him christmas shopping and hearing him reminice about when i was a child.

  • My dog is rolling around on the floor like she’s crazy. 🙂

  • Mj

    Seeing my wife every morning makes me smile!

  • Jkm

    The smell of our Xmas tree when I came out to the living room this morning

  • *chad*

    I smiled this morning when i rolled over and spooned my partner. I love smiling before I’m even fully awake.
    Thank you!!

  • kristen

    Monday I got my hair cut and colored in a neighborhood salon for the first time. Today I was walking down the street the salon is on and passed one of the stylists (not the one who did my hair). She recognized me and smiled. I am used to people not remembering that they met me, so this really made my day.

  • John G

    Today was my gift exchange with my ladyfriend. Seeing her so happy was nice.

  • Cleaning my kitchen and being grateful for all of my blessings!

  • Amanda DeBoer

    When I woke up this morning and opened my bedroom door, my dog was lying outside waiting for me to get up. I almost tripped over him since it was still dark outside. He was so excited to see me, thumping his tail so loudly I thought everyone else would wake up. He always makes me smile!

  • Samaria English

    I’ve had a particularly rough day, with a lot of negative energy hanging over me and an individual rainy cloud following my every step. Throughout my work day, I’ve had multiple residents come in and pick up packages that my co-worker and I have wrapped and decorated, and every resident that has come in is overwhelmingly suprised that we took the time to wrap each package. Seeing the genuine suprise and gratitude of everyone has truely brightened up my day and put plenty of smiles on my face.

  • Gentoku

    My partners face when I played her guitar.

  • David

    This blog makes me smile – thank you! (no twitter account here)

  • Inhaling love … exhaling gratitude … my favorite mantra, it always makes me smile inside and out. 🙂

  • Tomo

    Saunabathing in nothern Finland ♥

  • Grace67

    Looks like a great book. Something we all can use. Especially after the horrific events in my home state of Connecticut.

  • GR

    My meditation today made me calmer today, am more detached and peaceful and very grateful to life and God …. This blog has been the inspirational at times when i was totally devastated… Buddhism rocks and so does your blog!! A great move to keep people motivated for free everyday in this chaotic world !!

  • Carla

    My son made me smile!

  • My friends hugging their kids as we got morning coffee. Always makes me smile!

  • Waking up at 11 after a good night of sleep… and remembering my strange dream!

  • Kristin Krok

    Today my husband gave me a kiss and handed me a tea; this made me smile!

  • Melissa

    Seeing smiling, laughing, playing children made me smile today. Seeing other smiling faces today made me smile. 🙂

  • Libby

    My boyfriend woke me up with a picture of Boo the dog and said, “woof woof wake up!” It was the cutest, funniest thing.

  • Dochy

    Yesterday, my brother got married. It was after seven long years of bride-hunting, that we finally found someone he liked and who loves him! All of us were jubilant and the entire atmosphere was so festive. But, the one person in the reception hall whose smile was as wide as wide can be, simply lighting up the entire room, was my iron-wala! (Yes, here in India we have people who make a living ironing clothes). He was MOST happy and he just rubbed it onto everyone present in the room! His pure unadulterated genuine joy at my brother’s wedding made my day and probably my year too! 🙂

  • Anne

    Something that made me smile today was having the strength to talk about the death of a dear friend and coworker. I was able to speak about his struggle but also about his kindness. I also learned from a colleague today when she went to get her coffee – she saw his name written on a cup across her table. Our loved ones really do watch over us. :’)

  • Stepping outside, seeing hoarfrost on the trees. Today is a beautiful day.

  • Sonal

    Today I received a Starbucks gift card and some Hershey Kisses from a sales rep. It made me smile because the past week I’ve been on a total coffee kick and I have always loved Kisses but have resisted buying them for myself.

  • I watched a determined woman roll her motorized wheelchair through the drive thru. Made my day!

  • Melanie

    Even with a heavy heart for those small children, families, and anyone involved I found myself happy at work. I turned on my mindful bell in order to make sure I was being mindful and aware of my appreciation for life today.

  • Thursday

    Thank you for Tiny Buddha, You have guided my life.

  • Jessica

    Things that made me smile today:

    1) Teaching 5 classes of wonderful 3rd and 4th grade children, and seeing their excited faces light up the room.

    2) Receiving a plate full of cookies from two 4th grade twins as a holiday gift.

    3) Having their mother, a professor of education, personally thank me for my hard work as a teacher and explain to me how she takes my homework assignments and monthly parent newsletters to her own college students, using me as an example of what kind of teachers they should learn to become.

    4) Watching my dog roam around the house with her new toy in mouth, whining all the while for no apparent reason. Such a silly pup! 🙂

  • DT

    I would love to read this book…today sitting on my couch reading a book with my two beagles snuggling close to me made me smile today….

  • E Atkinson

    I took a whiff of a box of 64 Crayolas. It did the trick. ^_^

  • T Escobar

    I had some of my favorite cereal- Life Cinnamon. 🙂

  • Emily j

    Today was a comedy of errors sort of day. Several things went ‘wrong’ that i found so frustrating, and it seemed like it was one thing after another, but when i called a friend to vent to her about it I realized how silly everything sounded when I said it out loud. Then I was about to go into a store to buy a Christmas gift and it had closed over the time we’d been talking. Just another thing to add to the list! I had to smile….otherwise I’d cry out of pure frustration. 🙂

  • elaine

    My 2 fella’s make me smile everyday…on human and one German Shephard….both are my best friends and am so happy that God placed them both in my life at the right time…

  • Samantha

    My 3 month old niece slept 10 hours straight last night!

  • Guest

    Considering where I suspect I am on the path, finding Tiny Buddha has come into my life at just the right time.

  • Jeff

    Enjoying the festive season! The snow that blankets my field.

  • Steven Sorensen

    I am thankful for learning to get back up is more important than the fall.

  • Paula

    I am thankful that I didn’t feel well today and stayed home from work… it has been
    one blessing after another with the “finds” on the internet today! Everything… that I needed to come into my life AT THIS TIME, has done so today! Including Tiny Buddha!

  • Trish

    I started my morning with an awesome workout, then came home to a rather playful setting. The cats are tumbling and chasing each other, making my husband laugh. It’s wonderful to have such a happy house!

  • maryann

    Loved seeing how grown-up the nieces & nephews have become at our family gathering today. Going to be some great young people going into the world in a few years

  • prairigrl

    I get 4 chances to enter! 🙂

  • Ginca

    This quote made me smile: “Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” ~Dalai Lama

  • Isabella

    Seeing my best friend from Italy after three years. We don’t have to say anything other than cherish each other’s presence.

  • Lauren Saggio

    my mom’s ham, roasted and baked, tasted absolutely delicious as i chomped my way through my lunch salad today

  • Acec

    I woke up and wasn’t anxious to check for messages from my ex anymore.

  • erica

    watching my pet rats play & have a shoving match over the water bottle made me smile this morning! 🙂

  • Lorena Dinger

    I have some leftover scraps of wrapping paper sitting out, and I’ve been having tremendous fun watching my cat play with them. 🙂

  • Krystallina Paramithi

    My baby son’s beautiful smile when he woke up in the morning totally made me smile!