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    Better that he left!

    A similar situation happened to me as well, except he suddenly showed up less than a month to the wedding telling me that he didn’t love me! He said a lot of things that didn’t sound like him.

    we had similar story. The closer we got to the wedding, the more his mother was trying to interfere. He was in his late 20s, but his mother was still crying and freaking out that he was leaving too soon. He broke up with me and his reason was that he wanted to live with his mother and that he didn’t love me.

    Lookiny back, I think they both didn’t have any boundaries, and they didn’t have a healthy relationship with each other. Kinda disgusting. Sad I was in the middle of it. We did have a great relationship, pretty smooth till the last few months when his mother started to interfering more. Now looking back, it makes me wonder if his mother did all of that on purpose so that the wedding wouldn’t happen because I wasn’t as strict when it came to religion. If she did do it on purpose, I hope he sees it one day.

    I did help him get a lot of different jobs, lent him money for things, helped him get work experience etc. and overall improve and become a better person. I had to teach him a lot of basic life skills too… now looking back, I think I was naive. If you have to teach so much and lift someone up so much in life, they’re probably not the right person for you.

    Similarly the pain was too much for me back then so I cut all contact and it was a good decision for me. He did try to contact me later, it was a pleasure to ignore him. I do hope karma goes back to him and his family.

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