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    Sumitha Bhandarkar

    Hi Ami,

    Here is a simple trick that works for me. Try it.

    1. Don’t try to talk less, listen more.
    2. Instead, just make a rule to count mentally up to 10 (or even 5) before you jump into a conversation. If someone else has already started talking before you finish counting, you wait until they finish talking and then start counting again.

    That’s it!

    The two reasons it works is –
    1. When you try NOT to do something, you will always do it (there is a psychology experiment called the white bear experiment by Wegner that proves this — check it on google)
    2. You get busy in the game of counting and trying to find your turn instead of feeling guilty and anxious about your talking habit, which relieves your “need” to talk in the first place.

    Try it. It works 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)