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    Alexander, what has changed? Do you have a lot of free time to think than you had before? Or anything changed that makes you believe so?
    What I do when I have such feelings is write down each fear and each thought. One by one. And then put a “Who”, “What” and “Is it real” to each of those.
    1. Who can help
    2. What will ensure that fear or thought is addressed
    3. Is it real or a perceived fear or thought?

    Far more often than not, I have figured out my fears were just exaggerated “Ifs” and “What ifs”. If its real, I’d seek help from whoever can. A friend, a colleague, relative or a counselor.

    Are you occupied with some good reading, sports and out door activities? Trekking and hiking gave me a great relief. So did positive and motivational speeches by certain inspiring leaders in college, office and outside. Cycling and bike rides early mornings calmed me down and made me look ahead too.

    More than anything else, also write down your purpose. what do you want to do? who do you want to become? And planning for that is far more simpler than you’d think

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