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    Well, I don’t really agree with everything you said about me, but i do get what you are trying to say. when i wrote him the email we were still talking casually and it never occurred to me that he cheated on me. i think he made sure that i never find out about his affair with the roommate. i have no idea how it actually came to my social profile, i guess the universe wanted me to see his true face, for what he really is, a liar and a dishonest man. I told him from the beginning to be honest with me and never lie to me about anything. He told me honesty was a big thing for him and he never lies, of course i trusted his words, bad mistake. The whole things is quite shocking not just for me, for my friends and family too. Nobody saw this coming. My friends have met him many times, with me or without me. They never expected him to do such a thing either, we all thought of him as a very nice genuine guy who was very honest since the beginning. I guess he had quite a trick to pull off this whole thing for so long.
    I just want my things back and i have to go to that apartment to pick up my things, luckily some friends are going to help me move. therefore, i don’t have to do it alone.I would have done it last month but he kept saying that he would send me, which i was never okay with but i didn’t want to see him or the apartment so i agreed. but you may be right, it is a possibility that he got rid of my things already, i don’t expect anything from him now. I’m still going to Paris and i will write him inform him of my arrival as soon as i book my tickets.
    I really feel i’m blessed now, that i know for now what he really is, and i didn’t marry him in spite of his numerous attempts/ talks etc. I wanted to delete him from all the social networking websites that i use but i didn’t somehow. I just thought it would be immature to delete him which in fact made me aware about his current situation. After i saw the pictures of him with the girl, i asked him if he was dating her, and he told me he wouldn’t answer and he blocked me. Not only he blocked me to see his profile, the girl blocked me too. I was never friend with her, which actually proved that they r very much together. This was it, i was ready to move on with my life, i just don’t know how to do it. I don’t want him back nor an email from him, the only thing that i need from him, is my stuff back from his apartment ( which he told me he still has because he is not an asshole. and i should not worry about it) i asked him numerous times that don’t trash them i can come and pick up before your leave for your vacation, he kept pushing it to the end time where i couldn’t do anything. there were so many signs of him being not a nice man, i just didn’t see it while i was with him. as if i was in some kind of trance, i was not me for the past 10 months.
    His family still doesn’t know the real reason why he broke up with me, i’m sure he told them some crap about me put me in blame. i had a very nice relationship with all of them, and his sister even contacted me after the break up how sad she was that it ended, and they wish me the best, i wish them the best too because they are all very nice people, it’s just they don’t know what kind of man he is. I am not going to tell them the real reason why it’s over because it’s not my place to say anything. May be they will delete me too from the social media. and to be honest, i don’t really care now.
    I do have self respect thats why i chose to end all further contacts, it’s a shame that my things are still lying in his apartment. So i have to talk to him regarding this as much as i hate doing it, i have no choice. Had i known that he was cheating on me before i wrote the damn email, or even the moment he broke up with me, i would have gone the next day to Paris and brought my things right away, and it would have been over in that moment. I just wish i knew this before, i wouldn’t have written him any email or even contacted him further, or be hopeful that someday we would get back together. I absolutely don’t want him back, i don’t trust him now. I just had no idea that he could be such a person. he hurt me and he betrayed my trust. I am a strong person, i just put my faith in the wrong man. I was looking for happiness in others rather than looking it inside me. Biggest Mistake of my life, definitely learnt a lesson here.
    My friends keep telling me universe has a funny way of putting things to balance, so i know he will get the taste of his own medicine someday with interest. I just want to move on with my life, and i can’t until i get all my things from his apartment, so i am desperately waiting for the time to pass so i can go and fetch it. I just want this to be over now. My family has been supporting me in every way they can, it’s just too painful to be in this situation.

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