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    Dear Tee,

    Thank you for your wishes!

    I’m really glad that you’re feeling better πŸ’–

    It is unbelievable how our mind & body are connected together & impact our well-being & future life.

    Some of those deep corners of our souls seem to have a way to reveal themselves after all this time. I can see after years how this important aspect was overlooked in my family & I imagine that it must have felt similar in yours.

    If I was sad, I had to get over it & stop being so sensitive about it. My only coping mechanism was to shut down & find solace in my solitude.

    Tee, my biggest life changing regret is that I did not manage to get married early, have family on my own, and trust my emotions to someone other than my biological family. I stayed for too long. I felt frozen. I felt that there was no way out & that there is nothing better out there in this scarry world. And fear was my only companion.

    The same old fear comes back to me when I think that I ruined my chances with the man I’ve met at the church outing. I had no courage to ask if he is interested & wants to go out again and he found someone else shortly after meeting with me. I’m not good at recognising a good chance or a good man and then it’s too late. He is now with the friend of his sister (she works with her). Well, maybe he knew her before as he was visiting his sister quite often or maybe he would choose her anyway? It’s not easy as I don’t have all the answers…

    Somehow I still keep thinking of what did go wrong and if not contacting him first, contributed to his decision?

    Yes, Tee, most of my relatives passed away, and unfortunately, there is no one now to really listen.

    This holiday felt quite lonely. I’m still taking care of my elderly and feel guilty leaving them. Talking to my mother seems pointless at this stage. It always ends up in some kind of argument and pointing all my past mistakes. I also realised that she feels quite comfortable with my current situation.

    So it looks like I am on a good path to healing, I am aware and I know that I need to work on my self worth more. But at the same time I feel stuck again and can’t find an exit.

    Tee, you are a wonderful, wise and selfless woman that touched me with such a beautiful understanding, compassion and warmth and I thank you for all of this πŸ™

    Hope to hear from you soon. Please take care of yourself and have a great day!

    Warm regards 🌼





    Dear Tee,

    How you’ve been?

    What a delight to receive your message.

    Happy Easter! 🐣😊

    It is a time of hope, renewal & of new beginnings. I wish this season will bring us more relief from the emotional and physical pain.

    Some days are hard to even want to get up & keep going. Especially during the family holidays when everyone reunites at one table.

    Did you have experiences like that – that other people don’t agree with how you see your father (if you ever spoke to anyone about it?)

    Yes, actually everybody always agreed with how I felt about my father. Most of my family is not here anymore but as far as I remember, they could never get along. Even his own parents were not happy with his behaviour and his difficult character. It always had to be his way or no way. And if not, he got abusive & angry.

    My mom was the only one trying to accommodate him, change him, give him too many chances. She denied the reality and sometimes didn’t want to hear my opinion and feelings. I suppose it is because she made a bad decisions in life because she was too much in love with him. It blinded her judgment and later she suffered as well. She might feel like it is her fault not listening to all the warnings around her.

    She still pushes me to send him the birthday wishes, Easter, Christmas etc. I feel it’s not right.

    I feel like I can’t trust him & there is no point in pretending πŸ˜•

    All my friends tell me to forget him. They don’t even want to talk about him. For them he is not worth it. He only wants a child to support him and his vision. So no, Tee I do not really have someone to share anymore.

    Maybe I should just stop talking and thinking about him? Maybe this will help me to move on faster. Is that even possible?

    One of my friends had daddy issues as well but she coped in a different way. Just like you said it. She erased the memory of her father and never spoke about him again. She found a man who actually is much older than her and is happy to be like a father figure to her. He doesn’t mind at all. He understands her pain and wants to take care of her and love her. Is that a better solution for woman with those issues?

    Thank you Tee for all your help & comforting words. I hope you’re feeling a bit better now. I know that all our emotional pain has a reflection in our bodies, like back pain, neck tension etc…we are holding too much of that.

    I pray for us to realise all that energy πŸ™

    Take care Tee

    Have a peaceful time ❀️




    Dear Tee,

    Thank you for your compassion, understanding & supporting me in my future plans & decisions πŸ™ ❀️

    I’m not sure how those emoticons work but I found them at my phone keypad. You might need to install them separately. With or without them, I can feel your kind heart offering so much warmth & the way you speak brightens my day πŸŒΌπŸ€—

    Tee, I hope you are feeling better now and enjoying the beautiful spring time.

    I’ve watched your video about the narcissistic people & their pets. It explains a lot really. It makes sense now why my father behaves this way. Not many people are aware of that dynamic and generalise (just like me before) that all dog lovers are good people to everybody.

    At least now thanks to you, I know that it’s not true & I should never find excuses for his behaviour. And also not to blame myself all the time.

    You’re right he did lots of damage in my life & still no change after all these years.

    I was quite sensitive and shy as a small girl so there was no way for me to express myself freely. I had to be quite and hide in my room to avoid the conflict & the constant fights.

    Maybe my personality as a child contributed to the fact that I can’t cope with life or romantic relationships in my adult life?

    I know that some children were more stronger than me (especially those with siblings) and kept going, married early and broke contact with their abusive family members. I wasn’t that strong & I was always afraid to hurt them & say or do something wrong.

    It was hard to be a child. I never spoke about my childhood with my potential dates as I could scare them away & also did not want to talk negatively about my family.

    But maybe you’re right that one day, with the right person it could still be possible to share. For the moment I’m not ready to do that…

    I hope everything is ok with you Tee. This life is not an easy journey and being emotional doesn’t always help us.

    Please take care of yourself & hope to have your news. Thank you again! πŸ™

    Big hug πŸ«‚



    Dear Tee,

    I hope you’re having a very nice weekend. I’m planning to spend it reading & contemplating on all the wisdom & teachings you’ve shared with me till now πŸ₯°πŸ€—

    It’s a good time for staying in as it is raining a lot here in the past few weeks.

    Thank you so much for answering all my questions with such a deep empathy! ❀️ Reading your messages feels like a big, warm virtual hug 🌞

    In my heart, as a member of this group you should get a reward of the year!

    I decided to volonteer at a dog shelter. It takes me 2 hours to go there but it’s worth it. If I can’t share my affection with people, I will do it with animals.

    One lady at a shelter told that most dogs suffered a lot in their childhood and still after many year are very fearful, needy for love but distant at the same time. They don’t trust easily.

    The amazing thing is that we have so much in common with them but do not even realise it.

    I always thought that animal lovers are good people and there is no way that they can’t share their love with others. Or if a man loves his kids from previous marriage, he will also love and take care of the new women in his life. It is not true. And the irony is that my father has dogs and knows how to take care of them but doesn’t know how to love his own daughter.

    I never asked him for anything all my live (maybe only for a doll house when I was a little girl that he promised to buy but never did). And recently I asked for sending me some of his documents, which he never delivered to me as apparently he lost them or has no time as always. Now I can’t move on in life because the offices need the papers from father and won’t help me.

    I think I’m not going to ask him for anything anymore but at the same time keeping in touch is more hurtful than not.

    He already told me that he won’t come to the wedding if I ever get married (reasons: probably the man I marry will want his house or some land etc. or that he doesn’t like to travel & dress up for an old daughter). I had a chance to get married young so now it would be embarrassing for him to come 😞

    Anyways, he thinks that it is too late to find someone to marry me now…

    It’s just too painful for me to even think about talking to him.

    What if my future husband asks about the father? And what if he wants to see him before marrying me? I know that my father won’t invite any man to his house.

    Shall I tell him about my childhood? How shall I tell him without scaring him away? Will he label me as a woman with daddy issues?

    Tee, I will take all your advice to my hear and continue my healing day by day. And if someone asks for a date, I will explain that for the moment I’m looking only for a friendship that at some point may lead to more but not now. Is that what you would say Tee?

    Thank you Tee 😊

    Please take care of yourself & I’m sending you lots of love & praying for a quick recovery πŸ™


    Dear Tee,

    Thank you again for your reply and kind advice πŸ™

    Aw, I actually meant the picture that is underneath this post (under who runs Tiny Buddha?). It is a very nice & smily picture. I thought that it was you πŸ™‚

    Tee, you have just put into words my feelings regarding my experience with my father. I could not say it better.

    Thank you for showing me your understanding & compassion that I could not find in my family home as a child and even now in my adult life.

    And the church man was actually more spiritual than religious. It think that he was looking to meet women at a different venues and church was one of them. He was not a regular as some other members did not know him.

    I’m not sure if he found me needy as I was quite casual and only said that past is past and I want someone who starts a new chapter with me. Something along those lines.

    Maybe I wasn’t too proactive with him & he thought I wasn’t interested. I am not a flirt type & look for friendship & connection first. He may have wanted some romantic signs or sparks to fly like most men I dated.

    I’ve red somewhere that only players chase women & ask her until they get her. Good guys are sometimes not sure if we like them so they wait for a women to suggest 2 date. Could that be true?

    I don’t really feel like dating anymore. I feel like I can’t trust people and also I get easily discouraged.

    Anyways, Tee lovely talking to you again & let’s hope that one day we will be in a good health & laugh at what was.

    Warm hugs and please take care of yourself Tee 😊




    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Dear Tee,</p>
    I’m so glad to have your news! I was worried that you weren’t well and maybe left the forum for good.

    Thank you so much for taking time to reply to me despite your health condition πŸ’•

    I’m not feeling my best either and more health issues are hindering any spiritual progress that I was hoping to make this year. I imagine that we are struggling with similar health fears. It is so hard to deal with so many things at the same time.

    Have you tried any unconventional medicine to help ease your anxiety? I’m looking into acupuncture and aromatherapy at the moment as I could not sleep well for a long time. It got worst after I reconnected with my father a few months back.

    I told him how I felt and that I would like to give him a new chance but he got angry and shouted at me. He thinks that childhood has nothing to do with my situation.

    Now he is saying that if I think that he is not a good father, I should stop calling him and he doesn’t want any contact with me if I ever mention my feelings or want anything from him. He said that his father never helped him and my life should not be easier than his. Also he said that many families are not in contact so it won’t make any difference for him if I disappear from his life πŸ™

    I felt so sad, disappointed & hurt that I cried many nights like a small child. Maybe I’m trying too hard to recreate what I’ve lost as a child which is impossible? Maybe he is not able to love me at all? He dared to say that children should help financially their parents. That was his understanding of having kids. I told him that yes, you’re right but as a child I needed you first…

    Even his ex wife (probably financially still not divorced) says she can’t deal with him but they have too much codependance. Both tell me 2 different stories about their divorce, house etc. I’m not sure who is telling the truth. She says that she is paying for the whole house and needs to work hard but my dadd says it is 50/50.

    He doesn’t want to help even with the matters that are simple and for free. I needed some important documents from him and he said he has no time and probably lost them.

    Now all my appointments are cancelled and people are wondering why my father can’t help? I can’t deal with him anymore emotionally.

    Tee, I agree with you that there is some strong connection between childhood and the future decisions that are mostly fear based. I’m trying to choose people that are the opposite of what my dadd is but still, the same patterns emerge. They are cold, emotionally unavailable, distant or angry types.

    The last man seemed to be kind but also disappeared without a word. Then after 3 month told me that he is madly in love with his sister’s friend.

    I remember that he asked if I want to get married and I told him that yes, I’m looking for a friendship that leads to something more serious like engagement and hopefully marriage. Maybe this was the reason? 😊

    Thank you Tee for coming back to this forum and sharing your thoughts and kindness with me.

    I hope you will feel better soon. The recovery takes time but sometimes even a warm word and knowing that someone somewhere still cares gives hope and strength to carry on.

    Big hug πŸ«‚ and take care!


    Tee, your profile picture is really nice πŸ₯°


    Dear Tee,

    Happy New Year! 😊

    I haven’t heard from you since October and I’m not sure if you’ve got a chance to read my last message.

    How are you feeling? Did you have a nice holiday?

    I went to see some of my family and friends. It was a nice festive season but a little bit lonely deep down…

    Tee, I have an update on the last man.

    It was the man that I’ve met at a religious outing. He’s divorced 3 times but no kids, in his 50s. He relocated 8 months ago to my city and bought an appartment here.

    We had a nice 1 meeting and then the 1st dinner date, and after we texted for a while. He said that he enjoyed our date but he didn’t ask me out again.

    You advised me to give him a chance and see where it goes. We texted a little bit more and I told him to let me know if the video I’ve sent him was helpful for his stress.

    Unfortunately, he did not contact me after that. I decided to wait and see if he will get back to me on that or maybe invite me on another date. I saw him online but no ring, no text.

    Then our communication stopped for 3 months. I texted to ask how he was. He told me he moved to another country (for work?) shortly after our date & that he also found love of his life over there at his sister’s dinner party. It was strange as he told me that he is happy in my city & wants to stay here and not really work much because of his health issues. I was surprised that he did not tell me anything before. He did not even ask me how I was for the past 3 months. I was feeling sad but did not overreact. What would you tell him in my place?

    I told him that now I understand why he did not write me for such a long time. He replied that life can turn out in a most unexpected ways.

    Did I make a mistake by waiting for him and not asking directly if he wants to go out again with me? Was he not interested enough in me or just not sure of my interest level?

    Or maybe I scared him by saying that my fiancΓ©e passed away many years ago? (afraid that I won’t love again)? He asked if I could ever love someone new. I told him that yes & that divorce is also a death of a relationship but not sure if he thought the same way. Maybe I opened up too much about my past?

    Tee, can you help me please to solve this mystery?

    Missing you Tee πŸ€—

    Hope all the struggles you had are gone by now or at least lighter than before 🌼

    Kind regards & big kiss



    Dear Tee,

    I’m glad to hear that you are a bit better and that even in that hard moment of your life, you still make something positive out of it. That is really beautiful 🌼
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Yes, I’m watching some of the videos on YouTube about that concept and it makes perfect sense. I am trying to find peace with myself and the past.</p>
    Tee, the example with your husband really resonates with me. It used to be that one of my dates mentioned to me that he feels like my father. He said that he has kids and doesn’t want to be seen as a protector or carer of my needs. I wanted the love I missed from my father. I do not regret loosing him as he had terrible anger issues and also too ,modern’ for me.

    He also complained about his ex wife taking his washing machine after divorce so not a great prospect 😁

    I still believe that our man should be like a real father figure (protector and provider) and being needy is human. Maybe some men like that? Maybe if we do not go overboard with our emotions, it is something to cherish and not to eliminate?

    I’m hoping to meet someone who is not afraid of those emotions but sometimes I’m the one running πŸ˜… I realised that I can’t handle emotionally the constant chats on WhatsApp or on the phone. Why is that? I feel overwhelmed if there is too much exchange as well. Maybe it is the introvert in me and nothing to do with the childhood?

    Tee, you gave me hope for better tomorrow. I’m glad that we could share our life experiences and help each other one way or the other.

    You reminded me about that TV program called ,90 days fiancΓ©’ where people need to decide to marry very quickly as their visa expires after 90 days. They live in different countries.

    Your love story is very inspiring too. To be honest, I admire your patience as being in a long distance relationship is very hard.

    How did you make it work? Did you struggle with any cultural or religious differences?

    Also would it be too much to ask you which countries are you both from?
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Last Sunday one of the priests told me a very interesting thing. He said that sometimes the place you are used to is not the place you belong. This might be a sign.</p>
    Anyways, Tee your kindness and support have been a source of comfort during this difficult time and I cannot thank you enough. πŸ’—

    Your willing to listen, offer a kind word & emphasise with my emotions have helped me feel less alone and more understood and I feel very grateful πŸ™

    Warm greetings and take care!





    Hello Jay,

    How are you doing these days?

    I understand you very well as I do not go out much and also I’m not a social butterfly. The bar scene or night clubs were never my thing.

    I think you sacrificed a lot of your time and energy for that women and her children and now is the time that someone new offers it to you.

    You should read some of Tee’s suggestions regarding moving on after the relationship (even the super short one) brakes down. It helped me a lot.

    Would you recommend me any dating sites in particular? I’m looking for a traditional one. I do not mind someone divorced as long as he doesn’t have any kids. I’ve tried a few before but I did not find anyone with similar values and dreams for the future. I always thought that Internet is the last place to find love but I might give it a try now πŸ™‚

    Take care!




    Dear Tee,

    How are you doing? I hope you had a good weekend.

    Thank you for your comforting words πŸ™

    You helped me to see the things for what they are and not for what I wish them to be. I am much better now knowing that my feelings were ,real’, that I am not overreacting and that there is someone out there who understands my pain. I’m also glad that youΒ  could find ways to nurture your inner child and feel loved again ❀️

    Your’re right about my father. I’ve lied to myself for so many years, explaining his bad behaviour and suffering in silence. I’ve shed too many tears…

    I’m not gonna argue with him anymore or beg for his attention.

    I will try to live day by day. I only hope that those past experiences won’t mess up my relationships with others.

    To answer your question Tee, I’m not sure what triggered my response with that last man. Maybe I was scared of him leaving me sooner or later? Or maybe I felt embarrassed that the stepfather can be more loving than my own father?

    I did send him a message, he replied but still no 2 date in sight. He might enjoy his fun, bachelor life now and I might be too serious for him.

    Anyways, I really enjoy listening to people’s love stories and how they’ve met for the first time. It gives me hope and inspiration that true love still exists and one day might knock on my door too 😊
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>You mentioned in your other post that your husband is your best friend and helped you in that hard time. I find it amazing. Depression or anxiety should never be a reason for him/her to neglect or quit the relationship.</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Tee, if you do not mind asking me, where did you guys meet? Are you both from the same country?</p>
    Life is so unpredictable…we never know what’s around the corner. Let’s pray for our healing and to feel at ease once again πŸ™

    Have a peaceful week! 🌷





    Dear Tee,

    Thank you for taking time to reply despite your health issues πŸ™ I appreciate that.

    I’m really glad that you’re slowly getting better. I can understand what you’re going through πŸ«‚ For me it was also a mixture of health related issues, emotional struggles with the past & fears for the future.

    Recently, my best friend lost her life at a very young age and there was nothing that could be done. We were closer than some family members can ever be. Also my 2 beloved uncles passed away (Covid related) and left a big whole in my life.

    It is not easy to make new friendships nowadays and especially when you’re getting older. For me a friend is a very special person and this kind of bond is not easy to find (not like 100 different people you call friends on Facebook who do not even care about you).

    I’m trying to forget about that policeman and went out with 1 more man (met him at a church event). Unfortunately, he did not invite me yet for a 2 date (he said let’s stay in touch) but did not physically ask me out. He is divorced 3 times (last divorce 2 years ago), no kids but still thinking about his exes. On our 1 date, he was blaming himself for working too much before and neglecting his ex wife and his health. He had a heart attack and now is obsessed with his health and focused on himself. It is good that he is looking after himself now but is there any space for someone new? I’m not sure. We wrote a few messages and now nothing. I do not want to contact him first as I want to see if he will ask me out again. Is it a good step to take?

    Also he is in a good contact with his ex wife’s son from her previous marriage. Maybe with her too? I told him politely that I want to focus now on creating life with someone new and not live their past. He should learn from it by now. It was a bit emotionally draining for me…

    Tee, I’m really sorry to hear that you went through so much pain when you were a child (and still are) 😞 It resonates very much with my own story, my father and the consequences of his actions. Before I ,met’ you, I was not aware that a parent can have such a tremendous impact on a child’s future romantic life and long term health.

    We need to move on somehow but what if we never succeed to forget and forgive? What if this anxiety and fear won’t go away for good? It is so hard to fill that void inside…

    The worst thing is that they won’t change and will only hurt us more and more. My father remarried with a much younger women (she has a daughter from her previous marriage). This woman doesn’t care about him and divorced him. Apparently they are not financially divorced as it is better that way. For who? Definitely not for his only daughter (as my uncle used to say). My father said that he can finalise his divorce if I get the piece of land (otherwise his wife might take everything). I told him that I do not wish to get involved and the land should be a gift not a business deal. He messed up my life well enough and now wants to continue. It also seems like he is not doing well financially right now and complains a lot about money. I can’t trust anything he says and his intention with me. Could it be that bad?

    Another sad thing is that even if I want to go and see him or stay at his place, I need to ask his ex wife’s permission as she and her daughter still visit (she owns half of the house after divorce) and they stay at his other place too. Why is that? Is he planning to stay not completely divorced forever? It is really messy…

    Thank you Tee for opening my eyes for another abuse from him. He is using the spiritual talk as an excuse for his bad or non existent parenting and avoiding any responsibility. And he is doing nothing to make up for all those years.

    I hope something will change in our life very soon. I pray for us πŸ™ and that we are strong enough to stay on this Earth and be able to enjoy it 🌷🌼

    I hope to hear from you soon Tee and I wish for lots of health.

    Warm greetings & big hug for you πŸ«‚


    Dear Tee,

    I am very happy to hear back from you & know your news. Welcome back! πŸ™‚

    At the same time, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re struggling with an illness. How are you dealing with your anxiety? Are you receiving any support?

    I’m still experiencing some post covid symptoms & anxiety is one of them. I’m trying to stay positive but it is not always easy. Especially when you do not have a strong support system of your family & friends.

    I’m trying to apply your advice step by step but many times my fear is stronger. I did learn to say ,no’ & to set some boundaries but I still feel really isolated & find it hard to trust people & open my heart again.

    Most men I’ve met miss the ,spark’ they felt with their exes and their hearts are not available to me. Even after the brake up of their relationship, they still long for that feeling with someone new. Or they do not want to settle down at all.

    Recently, I spoke with my father (after many years of absence). I told him how I felt, about my childhood pain & broken hear. He replied that he doesn’t want to feel criticised and that it was between him and my mother. Also he said that I’ve chosen this life for myself before I was born. I wrote my destiny. Everything is my decision and he will not care about any consequences of it. He also said that he has nothing do with my bad partner choices. For him it is a nonsense and how psychiatrist make money.

    Tee, do you believe in that? I was really surprised by his answer and felt that it is his excuse for all the mistreatment. Did I choose this life and suffering before?

    He never supported us emotionally or financially in any way. And now, he has a small piece of land near his place that he wants to sell. So he proposed that I could buy it from him as: ,nothing comes for free in life’ (his words). Apparently, this proposal is a hot deal & he won’t hesitate to sell it to someone else. I felt like it is a business proposal and not loving reconnection after years. I felt disappointed but couldn’t really say much.

    Tee, what would you say or do in my place?

    I hope you will feel better very soon πŸ™

    Big hug πŸ«‚

    Warm regards



    Hello Jay,

    Thank you for your reply.

    You’re right about not wanting a woman with a child. It is a healthy choice.

    I believe single parents should only date other single parents based on my experiences. Single people dating single parents have a lot of drama/issues & I do not want to deal with the children, the children mother, the children mother family, etc. for the rest of my life. I want a simple & quiet life.

    You will never be #1 to her. Her child (even adult children = grandkids etc.) is the β€˜most important thing to her in the world’ aka not you. It also means a piece of her former relationship(s) never goes away.

    I’m a bit older than you πŸ™‚ but I’ve never been married before as I did not want to settle for less.

    I always wanted to have a family on my own but not just with anybody.

    It’s nice to know there are still men out there who are decent and looking for the same things.

    What qualities are you looking for in a life partner? And how do you usually meet women?

    Have a lovely day! 🌼



    Hello Jay!

    Thank you for your reply and comforting words. It does help me to feel that I’m not alone.

    I’m sorry to hear that you went through all of this. I know how much it hurts. Especially when we never feel like a priority for those people.

    But I’m sure there is a way to find the right people for us and to be happy in this life.

    Jay, do you have any kids of your own?

    I don’t have any and I decided not to go for someone with children. But he needs to love dogs πŸ™‚

    I believe now that it will save us from a lot of heartache.

    I do not mind if he is divorced (not separated) or widowed, as long as he is ready to start a new chapter with me (without looking back). Children are for life and we will always feel neglected or like there is something missing in a relationship.

    Have a good day!



    Do you know if Tee is still on this blog? πŸ€”

    I haven’t heard from her for a long time. Hope she is well πŸ™


    Dear Tee,

    Thank you for your message and your kind wishes. I’m really sorry not to reply sooner but I wasn’t well for a long time. I’ve got a very bad Covid which knocked me down for a long time. Also more problems came to my life as I could not help my elderly. It caused a lot of tension and I just emotionally ‘froze’ as I was not able to deal with it at that moment.

    Anyways, on a positive note, I am a bit better now. Dr. said I got the long term one and need to look after myself more.

    Tee, how are you these days? Are you going on any holidays?

    I agree with everything you said in your last post. Yes, I’ve tried one Christian website in the past but all matches lived too far away and did not want to travel to see me πŸ™ˆ

    Once I feel and look better πŸ˜† I will try some new webpages. Do you have any specific suggestion?

    Also, have you ever been to India? I’ve heard it is a very spiritual country and marriage is sacred. I also heard that most marriages are arranged so not many prospects my age are left. I’ve tried some spiritual websites but it seems like everyone is talking only about massages and Tantra πŸ˜„ 🀣

    Have a lovely day Tee!

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Warm wishes

    Dafne πŸ’“πŸͺ·πŸŒΌ


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