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    Andrea Belarruti

    Dear Charli,
    First of all I’m sending you a big hug.

    There’s something I want you to know: There is really nothing wrong with you or with being depressed. When you say that there is really NOTHING to be depressed about in your life circumstances, I get you. I struggled with depression myself (when I was about you age actually). And there is a big misunderstanding out there about depression, like if everything seems to be good in your life you shouldn’t feel like crap. But you do, and you don’t have to feel guilty about it. In my case after a lot of struggling with trying to figure out what was “wrong with me” I looked for helped and we realized that I had a chemical imbalance in my body that was causing most part of my depression, depression was not something I could control with my mind.

    I would highly recommend you that you look for help. Go with a therapist, and try other holistic healing methods as well like Bach Flower Remedies (have worked wonders for me), Kundalini Yoga (I highly recommend it too as it works a lot with the glandular and endocrine system) and EFT….experiment until you find something that helps you. I’m a very “alternative” kind of person but sometimes medication can help you while you keep doing your holistic healing. But ask more than one professional opinion before you decide to take on meds and don’t rely just on them in case your therapist really finds you need them. Keep doing a more holistic work on the side.

    Be patient, you have to be constant with treatment so you can really feel better. Explain to your parents how you feel and that you need help so they can support you with it. I assure you there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking for therapy and just making the decision to go will start your healing journey.

    If I could sum it up I’ld say don’t try to get rid of depression with your MIND, try to be more with your BODY, even if you don’t feel like it at the beginning. I really encourage you to look for a local Kundalini Yoga class, at the beginning it might all seem very weird, with the mantras and all that but keep trying it and it could be a side healing method for you. Or do some regular exercise, I know how difficult it is when you’re feeling like that but it’s worth the effort.

    YOU WILL FEEL BETTER, don’t lose you hopes and faith. I promise it’ll pass. Just commit yourself to healing and be patient. You are never alone.



    Andrea Belarruti

    Great idea! 5 things I like about me:

    1.I’m funny, I laugh even when I’m not supposed to and I often make others smile.
    2.I can reinvent myself completely if needed, I’m quite fearless when I know I need to make a deep change.
    3. I’m always looking at the lessons and the blessings even in the most challenging situations.
    4.I’m quite compassionate, I’m not perfect but I try to be as loving as I can.
    5. I forgive; always. And if it’s a deep wound I’ll do all the inner work I have to and then, I forgive; always.

    This is a good exercise. I was a bit surprised, I consider that I’m a pretty self-loving person but this made me think about how often do I truly recognize my virtues and say nice things to myself. Thanks for sharing Casey!

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