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    Hi sarah!
    I know exactly how you feel.. I have just came out of a long-term relationship too and feel like I am all alone now and that noone cares about me. By reading your post I can tell you tend to do the same thing that I do – tell people how you feel in the hope that they will be there for you and care about you more. From my experience though it never happens (sure there are some people out there that would but I am yet to meet them lol), kind of realised lately that you can’t rely on anyone for your happiness as nearly everyone will let you down. I know its hard cause I suffer from depression too and so many times I have wished that people would just be there for me more & care about me.. but just remember if thats how these so-called ‘friends’ treat you then your better off without them in your life! Its better to be all alone than have friends that dont care & treat you like crap.. You seem like your a lovely person (as you can tell from wanting to help people – I am also going to start studying to become a nurse next year for the same reason lol :)) and have just had alot of bad luck but you deserve better than this, and it will get better! Just give it time & dont settle for second best – even with picking friends, if they can’t see how lucky they are to have you then thats their problem but many people will & will appericate you for who you are 🙂
    Seems like we are going thru similar things & I know how much it hurts so I really do feel for you 🙁
    Hope your okay and I know I dont know you but if you need to talk.. Im here! x

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)