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    hi anita, thanks very much for your wise words. I will try to observe from now on how people react when I express how I feel. I am hopeful that I will slowly emerge in to a strong, independent and happy person. I am going to try and be more accepting of changes and patient through the process.

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    thanks for your advise, I will try to ‘dig deep’ to gain a deeper understanding of myself and why I have these feelings. I’m trying new things since the experiences keep me happy. I am not doing them as a distraction.

    anita and bethany:
    thank you both for your replies. I have to agree with the point that relationships change and evolve with time, may be I’m finding it difficult to accept. It could also be that my circle is very small and I used to have strong ties with them.

    I am also learning to make a lot of new friends and I’m not expecting them to evolve quickly. I don’t think I have changed at the core and I’m the same person with/without connections. I would never let any one define me! I want to lead a balanced life, some time with myself and some time around people

    Thanks for the good questions, they made me think.

    And with parents, physical distance is one of the reasons, and I think they don’t understand me totally. For example, when changing jobs and countries, it could be very stressful. I feel like talking to them and sharing my day-to-day things, they do talk to me and support me when they have time but there are times when they force their ideas on me or don’t really care what I feel like. I don’t know if I am being clear but cannot explain better than this. It could be that I’m misunderstanding them and no relationship is perfect. There could be some mistakes from their end too. I have tried talking to them and explaining how they make me feel, but not much change in them and so the distance.
    And with friends, I had very few close/best friends, they have changed and they no longer want to stay in touch/connect the same we used to. May be this happens and I should learn to accept it.

    Also, I am interested in knowing, what people do when they are alone in a new country – in terms of meeting new people, activities..
    p.s., I don’t have a family yet and I live on my own

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)