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    Do what is right by you.

    This is the honest truth. There is no more room for lies. Let everything be clear, let it be simple and easy. With all your heart, for those you love – ask for their love and support. Clarify every little doubt you had. Let us all truly move on. You deserve that attention and acknowledgement at the very least.


    I am the other end of your situation.
    My best friend, she’s going through depression. In the other hand, I’ve had anxiety. She has tried to cut off our relationship more than a hundred times over a year and I have expressed my raw emotions with that, but understandaby such occurences still continue and I can’t help but feel a little disappointed and insecure myself although I’ve grown to be more adept to it.

    Seeing your post was an eye opener. I got to see what was on the other side.

    There were a few times I had nearly given up on her. I felt utterly guilty for those times, when I lashed out and even begin the thought of letting her go. Even if she had ‘given up’ on me more than I had. Well, I am definitely not as strong as your benevolent partner – that’s for sure.

    I just wished she knew that I’ll be there with her all the way. I just want her to give herself some time even if she leaves me for a bit. I know she never meant for me to leave. I knew she never meant to be a burden. I just need her to love herself for me, because I love her very much.

    I need her to be here for herself, with me.

    Please, don’t be afraid to give yourself that time or care. Please, don’t be afraid to clarify with us and ask for our help. I know you need assurance in every action. Let us be here for you.

    We love you because we saw you fighting with your inner monsters. We’r mesmerised by the way you move. Don’t let us stop you. Continue. You are not a burden, or a dead weight. You are strong, powerful in the battlefield that you have so trustingly shown to some of us. We believe in you.

    We don’t expect you to immediately change for the better. We are very well aware that we are not the antidotes to the disease in your mind. Because we are struggling too, and we trust you with ourselves. We’re in this together.

    Don’t keep the fears you have inside. They will not be cast away until they are told and torn off. Be the burden. Then see it become lighter as you walk with it.

    Please don’t regret. Walk with us. You are not abusive, do not believe that you are. You are not a lie.

    Please, take care of yourself. If you feel like walking out again, talk to us. Give us a hug. We are grateful to have you.

    My sincerest apologies if my post was quite self-centred and personal.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)