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    Hi helcat,

    we talked about me going away a lot and we knew it was going to be difficult but we never had any intention of ending things.

    I knew I couldn’t be physically there for her, but I did everything I could to be emotionally there for her. I would send her long messages about how much she means to me and how much I miss her, I would call her for hours each day, I even went down to the post office and sent her a letter telling her how proud I was of her going through all of this (it didn’t actually come by the time she ended things).

    in terms of how I’m feeling about the abortion, I always left the decision down to her, I would tell her how I felt about it saying that it would be very difficult to keep it, but I would always be there and support whatever she chose.

    and finally about the breakup, I have been awful I loved that girl so much, and it’s been so difficult to try and accept that I’ll probably never be with her again, I have cried consistently first two days, and haven’t stopped thinking about her since. The guilt that it could be completely my fault is eating me up.

    Thank you for responding
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