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    Just picked up this thread after Googling “suddenly falling out of love”, and wondered what happened next for you guys.

    I’ve experienced a really disturbing loss of feeing for my partner. We’ve been together for 8 months, which I know isn’t a long time, but I knew from early on that there was something special about our relationship. As recently as two or three weeks ago we were discussing moving in together and generally I felt really excited about our relationship.

    I guess recently I’d been feeling a bit frustrated by some recurring (but pretty minor) arguments we’d been having, but although there was maybe a bit of resentment on my part, I always wanted to resolve the situation.

    About 10 days ago, though, I saw him and felt what you’ve described above, a complete loss of feeling for him. I feel like my mind has suddenly done a complete 180, and rather than planning my diary around seeing him as I had been a couple of weeks ago, I’ve just wanted to get away when we’re together.

    I feel devastated as I know the depth of feeling I had for him and how amazingly perfect we are for each other, and now I feel like I’m losing all of that happiness, intimacy, hope for the future etc.

    After days of pretending everything was normal, I let on in a very gentle way that I was feeling a ‘distance’ that to do with a build-up of frustration over our arguments. But he is very instinctive and knows something is wrong.

    Is it possible to suddenly fall out of love with someone who you know deep down is the right person for you, and someone who you usually have an amazing time with?

    Any advice/reassurance would be so helpful because this is killing me, and I just don’t want to lose him.




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