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    Sorry I read back and it is kind of hard to understand.

    I met up with an ex from like 6 years ago however nothing happened we just hung out. I think you are right. I have been so stressed with my husband trying to have a baby and the other problem my family that I have been trying to look for a quick fix and figured contacting someone who was from a perceived “better time” in my life I would feel better. However I stupidly didnt take into consideration that alot of time has passed and there is no way that this person, or me, would be the same as back then.

    The way I am feeling about what is going on in my current life and the disappointment of things not going as expected with my friend I guess seems worse than what it is.

    I am a people pleaser and I cant stand knowing that someone is mad at me or doesnt like me and it just makes me want to fix it but I know I cant. I wish that I could just go back in time and never suggest to my friend that we meet up even though I know that is just a rediculous thought and feeling. Sorry to go on about this guys but thanks for your response.

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