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    Hey Anita thank you for replying.

    So my dad was the first one to approach me to tell me that I have to break up with her because they feel like I am being separated from the family and that I am not spending enough time with them. I am starting to feel that I do not need to be home, like if i go for awhile ( 1 week away) i will not miss home. But his wife came up to me later that day and said that she told him to tell me that and i feel that it was all her idea. She thinks shes fixing something but in reality she is not doing anything. I feel that it is an unfair thing to do, I am 20 in 2 months and they still have control over me. His wife finally felt bad as mentioned before and told me I can only see my girlfriend once a week, I honestly cannot accept this but I did because i do not want to deal with more problems. But I hate the fact to know that I will only be able to see her once a week and I hope when i’m done school for this semester (in about 3 weeks) I’ll see her often because with a lack of seeing her I will be feeling sad and missing her a lot. My girlfriend understands and is not mad about it, I will still see more but in secret even my dad agrees with that. I am playing along with his wife only because I do not want to ruin their marriage or cause more problems.

    Yesterday (Easter Sunday) my dad and his wife met my girlfriend. They both acted good and was really nice to her. We ate dinner and had some laughs. The part that really pissed me off was when Shirley came out and started to talk about how we both should be careful as we are young and that life is still early. She also mentioned how we can only see each other once a week because we need more “family” time. In my own opinion she has no right to say all that because she is not my mom, she thinks she is but to me she is not my mom in anyway. I feel like this is still control when she denies it and says its for the better. This truly is affecting me because I feel like i am not getting freedom. I believe that any parent should let their son/daughter date if they are 20! I do admit i was coming home late on the week days but I was actually doing homework while my girlfriend did her homework but my dad kept texting and asking where I am at and would ignore him, so it could be kind of my fault as well. I love my dad a lot because it was always just us, he has been a single dad for 13 years until he met his wife. But with all these conditions I do not want them to continue when I move out and start my life, I do not want to cut them off from my life but if they still try to control me then I have no choice. I really do want to move out this summer if i do get the summer job that I have applied for, this job will definitely help support to pay rent and all that.

    Thank you for reading and every opinion on this situation counts, feel free to comment 🙂

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