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    Woah man Woah!!!
    You are really in need of some advice and there is this person I know whom you can trust whole-heartedly and that person is YOU man YOU!!!
    From your posts I can see that you are way too much thinking about other people opinion.(i know it’s hard with always surrounded by people to not get influenced by their words)
    Ask yourself man :”Were you born this way?”. If yes then go ahead and live your life the way it is right now but if the answer is NO then you got some work to do dude!!!
    And the painful and lonely weekends you mention, yaa i can relate to that and what i have found is that like we are busy in our heads, other people too are busy in their own heads with their own problems. They ain’t got time to think for that.
    Now, people may recommend you meditation and stuff and yaa that really works for them. GREAT!!!but not for me!!!
    So here is the wikipedia page for VICTIM MENTALITY that you are having. Please don’t take it offensely because I myself have that and you can conquer it too!!!Good luck
    And here’s the google search:
    Woah i am really laughing as i can see someone i can really relate to!!!


    Hey moonshadow!!!
    Sorry to hear about that man. I can’t give any advice as I too young and am not around with these type of situations.
    Every thing has a end in this world and I hope this pass away soon.
    Till then Be Strong!!!
    With best hopes,


    Hey Sean May!!!

    I have a similar experience too!!! And that is related to a street dog(a Puppy, exactly).
    So on my way to college and back there were a group a people who not exactly had tamed but used to play with the puppy.
    One day when returning back from the college, I saw that the puppy was cut in halved(Yes, really in two halves) and all the blood was spilled over road. (I was walking in that particular direction) As I was seeing that from the distance, I observed the people who used to play with them and they were like all “I DONT GIVE A DAMN” attitude on their faces. And there were people who were ahead of me and saw the corpse, said”OH MY GOD”, and walked past that scene.

    I mean here How MEAN people really are!!! They dont care. {{{What about the good time you had. What of all those memories}}}, I asked in my head.
    Then, when I reached the scene I put down my bag in the corner of street and yes it was a busy road. I went ahead and picked up one half of his body at a time(that was the first time my hands were fully covered with blood, I was shivering) and all those drivers had the looks on their faces like”Clean up this mess fast”. All the intestines and kidneys and internal body parts were coming out. Damn, I was so touched at the time. Still these drivers were horning out loud and know what I was really about to start a Fight but I didn’t(conscious effort). Then I just took and dug a grave and buried him, All the people were like “what the ####” is he doing?
    Damn would I care!!

    Still now when I remember this scene , I fell proud of myself that “I can take action at the moment and I am not afraid to do in it mass”
    All those beautiful girls, hurried persons. Then I thought to myself that wow people aren’t really what they look on the outside. You people you got to do a lot of inner works i told them in my mind. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    P.S. I have got my finals exam after 1 and a half hour later and here I am writing “HAHAHAHA”. LOL!!! Anyway I have this great quote that says”Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are always right”. I will go with the “I can”. 🙂


    Hey yellow!! Nice to hear from you about your problems!!!
    For me I am just way too younger than you for to give advice on the relationships stuffs but what I can really do is tell you about the things that I consider to be the fog in your mind!!!

    You know what people don’t care AS MUCH AS YOU THINK!! I am not being harsh here. See all these people in tinybuddha and other self-help sites. What do you think are they waiting for?? Yes, wisdom for THEMSELVES. They don’t write about what the bakery person, the neighbour is thinking. THEY WRITE ABOUT THEIR PROBLEMS.

    You don’t even have to go that far!!SEE YOURSELF. You have this problem, right?? And you are seeking advice from people and let me MENTION ONCE AGAIN you are thinking about WAY TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS NOT OTHERS!!! As you were writing this, you obviously were undisturbed and wrote down your feelings here. Don’t you think your family, friend and all the people who you think would care are doing the same thing. Maybe ALL are not but they all are busy with their own lives and struggling to get through their own problems. And why do you think they would spend time thinking about what your relationship. You know you relation will be only a TOPIC IN THEIR TALKS but for you it will your life changer. You don’t spend spend thinking what maybe a day or month before your friends, family had done, do you?? You are on with your own problems and SO ARE THEY!!1

    And, for the relationship advice I hope there are experienced people here who will provide you with great advice.

    P.S. You say you read all the positive books, right? So did I and know what we don’t apply what we read, do we? NOOO!!! So my advice would be you read less and apply it into ACTION. WOW, I would have gotten an A+ if I were to write this much in the essays!!! 🙂

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