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    I have a grandson who i adore and is the world to me… his mother (my daughter) has had a volatile relationship… my daughter has a few issues .. but her partner has stood by her with all of them like a rock…. he recently became a bit too friendly with another woman in the same block (shes 50) he would keep dissapearing up to her flat for a ‘chat’ or she would ask him to do ‘odd jobs’ and he would dissapear for a couple of hours… my daughter started to get suspicious, although this woman went out of her way to be a friend to my daughter….. the other day something happened my daughter became quite agitated as he had been goading her and belittling her and my daughters partner left and took my grandchild with him… this woman was in the back ground (trying to keep my daughter ‘occupied’)… my daughter begged him not to take her son but he did and just went and is now staying at his sisters…. he is now refusing to let my daughter see him, or even speak to him on the phone, is telling people she will kidnap him against the child’s will…. he is refusing to communicate and talk about their child other than through facebook… he keeps asking when my daughter is moving out so he can move back in with their son (its her home too, joint tenants) she has no where else to go, he keeps sending her messages saying hes been in touch with children’s services and taling about getting full custody… hes telling her that if she tried to go and see her son he will cal the police… yet when my daughter has called all the authorities she can think of, they all say they are unable to help… apparently as its a non violent domestic case she is not entitled to legal aid… we do not know what he is telling others, this has all come from no where and is so sudden, they were only at my house at the weekend and they were fine… his behavior is bizarre and totally out of character, the other woman is pulling his strings, that much we are certain of as my daughter the next day told this woman what she thought and before we know it, her partner got wind of it and mentioned it to my daughter, via facebook… does anyone know if my daughter has a legal basis… my daughter hasn’t seen or spoken to her son and we are all beside ourselves… does anyone have any advice..



    I’m sorry for your suffering, and your daughter has a lot of rights. His actions are a form of abuse… consider referring her to a local abuse shelter or woman’s organization, they can often help. Also, family lawyers will usually give a consultation, answer questions, and help describe the legal picture. Local lawyers are often best, because they’ll know the landscape of your judicial district. Dont let him bully you.

    *Hugs*, good luck.

    With warmth,


    Hey moonshadow!!!
    Sorry to hear about that man. I can’t give any advice as I too young and am not around with these type of situations.
    Every thing has a end in this world and I hope this pass away soon.
    Till then Be Strong!!!
    With best hopes,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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