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    Hi I wanted to help you with your hypothyroidism
    My husband was diagnosed with the same disease. He took synthroid for years and never felt better, he gained weight and was not himself.
    Then I researched for a natural drug and found Armour thyroid, it is a Rx and your doctor has to prescribe it.
    Once he took this everything changed he felt better and lost 20 lbs with diet and exercise.
    What it does is it makes your thyroid work. The other RX just gives you the T4 T3. And flat lines you so you feel better. But you do not.
    Please contact your doctor and discuss. I always go to my Pharmacist first they give you the best advice.
    They only study meds and have a broad rage of information on any drug.
    Please do this! I tell everyone with this disease to ask for it, you will be healthier in the long!
    Good luck!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)