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    Jessie Lee

    I have hypothyroidism. For those of you that dont know, hypothyroidism causes your metabolism to slow to a point of almost nonexistence. I am currently on Levothyroxine, but i am still gaining weight at a rate of about 10 pounds per year. I hate my body. I am larger than all of my friends, and i have anxiety attacks just thinking about wearing a bikini on vacation in June. I am 5’6″ and weigh 155 pounds. Now, dont get me wrong, i do not look close to obese or overweight. However, i still cannot help but look in the mirror and hate the way i look. I am looking for advice from anyone who has something POSITIVE to say, or anyone who has hypothyroidism or a similar disease and wants to share their experiences. It would be nice to know that i am not alone.

    Yours truly,


    Hello Jessie – I have hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed when I was in high school. I’ve been taking Levo for over a decade now and am doing absolutely fine. I did gain weight and have also lost it with regular diet and exercise. Your metabolism still exists, fear not. You just need to eat appropriately e.g., four smaller meals with more protein and good fats. Processed stuff is terrible for us though I still have it occasionally. It is all about having a healthy lifestyle, as cliched as it sounds this is completely true. 🙂

    As far as confidence is concerned, it is something that you will get over time. I used to feel awkward about my looks sometimes and I’ve realized that when I choose to love myself just as I am, I make better choices and feel better. The cycle repeats itself. There are always going to be people who seem prettier or smarter but what matters is how you play the cards given to you. I’ve been there so I can say with complete conviction that you can reach a place of genuine confidence.

    I also recommend yoga and some form of regular meditation. Good luck. Keep smiling. 🙂


    I have hyperthyroidism and suffer with emotions often. Just because a medicine or dosage works for one does not mean it will work for another. I suggest you look up Mary Shomon she has some excellent books on hypothyroidism. It may be that you need some supplements or a new nutrition plan. Good luck.


    Hi Jessie,

    I don’t have hypothyroid, but do have other issues. I completely understand your frustration with your weight. Have you talked to your doc about other meds? Also, what’s your diet like? It will *always* be harder for you to lose/maintain weight than others, but there are tricks you can learn with your diet. Eat the right foods, and it shouldn’t be a problem. Also, have you seen a naturopath about this? Some naturopaths are better than docs at teaching you how to manage weight with hypothyroid through diet. This site ( might be of interest to you.

    Best of luck with it. Remember, there will be *someone* out there that knows how to help you in a healthy manner, but you just have to keep searching for that person 🙂

    E. Buddha

    I dont have any advice but just so you dont feel alone: I was diagnosed with hypothyroid 2 years ago and have put on probably 30 pounds. I weighed myself recently and was so shocked- my BMI is now solidly in the obesity category, though if you look at me I am not obese and I don’t wear plus size clothes… I was never thin to begin with, but just this week I joined the gym and am keeping a food diary. I take Levo too and they told me it would help with the weight gain, but it hasnt. So I am going to see a doctor again in the next few weeks.
    I have always felt fairly confident about my looks and body because I get a lot of attention, and I generally eat whatever I want and have a good time, not worrying too much but trying to eat healthy whole foods and have occasional drinks with friends. But this weight gain has me pretty freaked out. So I am aiming for at least 4 hours of cardio a week and a net of 1200 calories to get me back to a healthy Overweight BMI. 🙂

    Dont compare yourself to other girls. You have things that make you uniquely beautiful that they dont have. Plus, look for ugly skinny ppl and feel better.

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    E. Buddha I hope you will not stay on 1200 for more than a week! That is not enough to sustain yourself 🙂

    Try to focus on different types of foods rather than total calorie value. For example, if you ate 1200 of broccoli in a day, your body would process this much differently to if you ate 1200 of chocolate cake in a day. I’m not saying to eat nothing but broccoli! But simply stating you can eat more calories if you choose wisely 🙂

    Meg Hartley

    Funny timing (my favorite!), I just finished a blog post about weight issues. I was a bulimic when I was younger, and was extremely weight focused for most of my twenties, even after I kicked the bulimia. For me it was a process of realizing that my concerns about my weight had nothing to with how I felt. It had to do with what other people thought. The post is here if you’re interested:

    I wish you the best of luck with all of it!


    Hi I wanted to help you with your hypothyroidism
    My husband was diagnosed with the same disease. He took synthroid for years and never felt better, he gained weight and was not himself.
    Then I researched for a natural drug and found Armour thyroid, it is a Rx and your doctor has to prescribe it.
    Once he took this everything changed he felt better and lost 20 lbs with diet and exercise.
    What it does is it makes your thyroid work. The other RX just gives you the T4 T3. And flat lines you so you feel better. But you do not.
    Please contact your doctor and discuss. I always go to my Pharmacist first they give you the best advice.
    They only study meds and have a broad rage of information on any drug.
    Please do this! I tell everyone with this disease to ask for it, you will be healthier in the long!
    Good luck!

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