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    You don’t sound pathetic. In fact, he sort of reminds me of … me. I wasn’t totally addicted to pot, but I would always smoke some whenever I had the chance, even if my ex girlfriend didn’t smoke. It was horrible of me to be so dependent..okay maybe I was addicted.

    From what I understand, this was suppose to happen. This guy is causing you endless pain from the sounds of it and he doesn’t sound like he’s going to change anytime soon. HOWEVER, when he does change, if he ever does, he’ll remember the love that you gave him and how great of a partner you were to him. He’s going to have the worst revenge ever..guilt. And trust me, feeling guilty is what he’s going to feel like in the near future. His new girlfriend isn’t any better than anyone else.

    You sound wise, far from pathetic. Allow yourself to have some time to get over this jerk of a stupid. I know how it feels, go through the feelings, don’t hide what you feel. Don’t bottle it up, release it in any way you can, but odn’t hurt anyone. You’re wise to type this out and go to us for advice.

    You sound better than any girl I’ve ever met. I’m not just saying this to make you feel better.

    Exercise, go for a walk, scream in a pillow. Just don’t bottle it up. And when you feel a little better, look at yourself in the mirror and say “you forgive yourself”. And that you deserve better. And smile, I’m sure you have a beautiful smile…

    You can do it 😀

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